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Table of Contents/FAQ

The idea is rolling dynamic dialogue. You'll notice the board is divided into main headings in dark blue. Under each of those main headings is a forum containing topics. Each thread is specific to title.
It doesn't matter where you comment -- it's easier to find if it's somewhere that makes sense.


   ♦ Discussion - Part 2     The junk drawer. Random thoughts, announcements, etc. Don't forget to check out Discussion - Part 1.
   ♦ What's a cult?            Definitions, information, professional links and more.
   ♦ Food for thought        Related articles and links on New Religious Groups, coercive tactics, behavior modification. Substantive opinions and writings.   

Media         Self-explanatory. Tracking news pieces and broadcasts.


Who are they again?     Deconstructing the Church of Wells.
   ♦ ...the early days...      Where they came from and how they got started.
   ♦ Current existence      Current events. What they're doing now.

Other Stuff

Cases         Similar groups and controversial faith-healing cases around the country.

​Stuff           Anything that doesn't fit somewhere else. Interesting tidbits.
   ♦ Personal messages - a space for reaching out to individuals in the group.

Contact - Register and send a private message to Admin. Delete your registration at any time.

Membership - Registration is quick and painless. We don't care who you are or where you're from. Nothing about you is tracked or stored. We care what you think and have to say. Comments here are evaluated by content, not by identity. Anonymous comments are fine.

→  A speaker and a voice is legitimate, whether you know who they are or not.
→  If it bothers you not to have an on-line "handle" and profile to identify, remember that on the internet everyone is anonymous. Don't fool yourself.

All content is intellectual property of the owner of this board, copyright-protected, and cannot be used without permission. This includes but not limited to original research, materials, links, photographic reproductions, charts, graphs, emails, and text-based conversation. All rights reserved. © 2012. 


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