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1/19/2015 12:30 pm  #1

The Church of Wells Responds

A series of videos in response to questions from Matt Slick, Tony Miano, Andrew Rappaport, CARM (Christian Apologetics & Resource Ministry). 

They begin with a deconstruction of Caleb and Samuel Corneloup. [Go here for the video "Church of Wells Elders Deny Salvation By Faith Alone" in "Australian Connections."] They were slandered, framed and smeared. Of course they were.


1/19/2015 12:33 pm  #2

Re: The Church of Wells Responds

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Re: The Church of Wells Responds

These men cannot answer simple questions about what they believe.

They were asked what their doctrine is. They now say they were unprepared. Couldn't address it because it's too "deep." They didn't have scripture in front of them. They didn't have a script to follow. It wasn't fair. Questions were "sprung upon them."

"Terribly venomous..." "A complete production..." Not like the Church of Wells staged-filmed-edited-produced baptisms and testimonies uploaded to the internet, right?

Jake "took the pulpit" of the Australians' church. What does that mean?

Ryan Ringnald scolds Marc Glass, Paul Washer, the Corneloup brothers. Marc Glass "devoured" them. These men have treated them "less than human," they have been "assaulted." Dear sirs.

There is no church that cannot say what the core beliefs are - simply, clearly, easily - in a few sentences.

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1/21/2015 2:58 pm  #4

Re: The Church of Wells Responds

More. Now Jake Gardner on persecution.

Okay. It's about how all Christians are wrong. No one is behaving like real Christians except them. Rephrasing - more of the same, we're good, you're bad, blah blah blah. Doesn't address how it is that Church of Wells believes this. Nothing about how they arrived at this position. No explanation for how exactly the Texas Boys are being persecuted. It's a 16-minute monologue on how everyone else is fake Christian and mean, and they are noble sinless Christians walking with Jesus.

"It wasn't the more dignified and noble I became, but the more undignified and ignoble I became, the more trouble I got in..."

Ignoble. Wrong word there, Jake. 'Ignoble' doesn't mean what you think it means.

• After he "got right with God (in 2007)," God warned him that he was going to be "purged."

"He was gonna take me to the point of death but He wouldn't deliver me over unto death."
"I was going to be cast out of modern Christianity; I was going to make an exit from modern contemporary American mega-church Christianity. At the time, I was a leader in this church...and had been for years at that point."

When you were 15, Jake?

He says that was one of the "first great persecutions" he had endured. Apparently the Church of Wells considers the concept of established church discipline policy to be persecution

"We don't have to go looking for trouble; we don't have to go looking for persecution. God will see to it."

Uh, that's a contradiction. Then why are you?

• Conclusion: Jake Gardner is Sean, Ryan and Cory's very first cult recruit. They completely reprogrammed this young teenager, then rewarded him by making him "Elder."

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1/22/2015 5:53 pm  #5

Re: The Church of Wells Responds

Here's an illustration of how this all plays out.

So, dude in Church of Wells exchanges Facebook messages back and forth with a friend from the "outside." Probably somebody he used to know.

So back in December, 'Z' took the trouble to read Sean Morris' stuff at his friend's request. Church of Wells guy is going to pray about two requests. What that means is that these guys are supposed to be prayerful, think hard, talk it over with the elders, get feedback on how to make simple communication with other humans.
Apparently he blew him off. Z tries again.

Oh, must not have been too prayerful. He forgot about it.
So Z posts Preacher Ravenhill's family's public statements about Sean Morris and Ryan Ringnald using Leonard Ravenhill sermons and images in Church of Wells' materials and videos. His friend responds by directing him to the "Church of Wells Responds" website. Okay, that's an interesting response. What's the deal? Why does he direct him back to the same stuff as an answer?

Well, let's see what it says. Maybe there really is an answer there somewhere...
So we click on the link. This is what we see. Great! It's an Answer!

Uh oh. "...have we really heard what he said?"  This doesn't sound good. Yeah, probably not, right? Multitudes, but only Church of Wells reeaaally heard him, right?
We click on it to see what didn't we hear, and this is what we get.

Okay, where're we going with this? Underneath is a numbered list of Ravenhill one-liner quotes, cherry-picked from various sermons and historic audio recordings. And that's what the 17-minute video is - an edited production of graphics of the quotes with a Ravenhill voice-over.

We keep going. What does this mean? How is this relevant to the premise that decades of people didn't really hear Ravenhill? What exactly is Leonard Ravenhill's "Burden" ?

Yeah. I get it. Dude is showing his friend 'Z' that Ravenhill himself anointed them. Ravenhill was talking about them.
Leonard Ravenhill is secretly channeling Church of Wells prophecies? What?

And that's why they can use Ravenhill stuff. That's the Answer. Because Church of Wells believes Leonard Ravenhill was talking about them. So whatever anyone else thinks doesn't matter. 

God wants people crazier than him. Why not Westboro Baptist Church? Maybe the hidden message is meant for them?

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1/22/2015 6:23 pm  #6

Re: The Church of Wells Responds


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1/22/2015 7:52 pm  #7

Re: The Church of Wells Responds

I only wish Leonard Ravenhill was here to speak for himself. God rest his soul.

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