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11/26/2014 4:24 am  #221

Re: New Recruit

Catching up 

The Boyz
► Kevin's home and Luke got married. He and bride Sophie (a returned prodigal daughter) are off to honeymoon with the folks. Perfect. Go see your family. 
► Two new guys to ultimately find wives for; maybe a third coming soon. Man, just when you get one matched up...
► Troy is still angry. Now spouting Richard Sibbes, a new old English Reformation puritanical preacher. That's some interesting stuff...
► The Bagnalls went back to Australia. Still brethren. Just needed to go, I guess.
► Carmen Keuhlborn is back. Just a visit. The INS doesn't like foreign nationals that over-stay their tourist visas. Unless they've found her a husband, perhaps?

What's up with our regular cast?
• Sean Morris and Preethi celebrated the annual Thanksgiving Celebration with the folks back in Woodbury, at Preethi's old church. You know, the evil satanic folks she wrote about in her blog. Have they settled differences? Did Preethi admit her sin? 
It must be said, the two of them have never looked better. Happy. Clean and scrubbed, well-dressed, clothing clean and pressed. Well-groomed; both of them brushed their hair and teeth. The Seattle-Grunge-hippie-chick-street-person thing seems to have passed. See what happens when you go home and reconnect with people who appreciate you?! Good job, Preethi! You look calmer and more relaxed than you have in several years. They enjoyed cake - and even surrounded by reprobates sitting in folding chairs, in a regular 'false Christian' church building - with genuine lightheartedness (in a really normal way, quite the way one usually is when enjoying cake).

• This time, she wisely left off publicly announcing personal private stuff like being pregnant on Facebook. Well done. Really, it's no one's business when one's periods are irregular. Very likely that she isn't going to have the time to chaperone Catherine anymore. Unless Catherine will be serving as nanny to the royal couple?
Helpful reminder to the expectant parents: prenatal care is a good thing. Please get it that the nutjobs advocating Zion Births and resurrection of dead babies get medical treatment and palliative care for themselves, in the end. They make young mommas and babies suffer, but they don't want to suffer themselves. 
There's no 'do-overs', kids.

• Construction is finished for houses for Sean and Preethi, and Jake and Hannah. Assuming that they've gone with convention-of-the-day, the houses are hopefully on property they own somewhere, say, like at the Alto sawmill and not crowded into the backyard of a rental. There's rumours of a brand new traditional church building, too. Wonder who's running their development department and endowment? Ah, not our business. Anyway, see, they're doing just fine financially - houses and churches are not cheap!

• Salvador Martinez's sister and mother complete the family circle. New recruits Pati and Letty's baptism video production posted to the CoW website shows it to be the usual affair. But sadder than most. Poignant. They've convinced Salvador's mother that she's been wicked her entire life and a bad mother. Something a little different, Ryan was casually disrespectful and asked her how old she is. They definitely have not asked the other baptismal candidates how old they are. In 2012, Hannah (Jake Gardner's wife) told Pati that she was going to hell and it's been wearing her down ever since. Of course, that's certainly not the only scolding she got that lead to her joining the group. But nice of Jake to give credit to his wife.
Kind of kooky, Jake's taking on Ryan's preaching style. The characteristic twitchy bounce that punctuates the end of sentences; the frenetic hand gestures and thigh-slapping; the voice pitch and modulation. Bad move, Jake. Your own smooth controlled speech and calmer body presence is far superiour to Ryan. Why do ya wanna look and sound like that, anyway? 

• Introducing a new couple to our cast - the Brockingtons. Kevin and Ally are newlyweds. Kevin hung out in Wells for a bit before, so he knows what he's getting his new wife into.

...more to look forward to...


12/30/2014 5:44 pm  #222

Re: New Recruit

Look for another Australian soon...Boris...


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