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Re: Born in Zion

More than a mere Christian home birth program, Carol Balizet operated Home in Zion Ministries. 

Balizet's book "Egypt or Zion: Exposing the Devil's Counterfeits" explicitly lays out that true believers must withdraw from seven "world" (read Satanic) systems: government, religion, education, science, the arts, medicine and commerce/banking. By interpretations of scripture and anecdotal evidence, Balizet demonizes contact with the world outside of the group of true believers. Revelations are received by God that direct all action.

An example is the Attleboro group, "The Body of Christ." Roland and Georgette Robidoux left Worldwide Church of God (an End Times true church, no use of cosmetics, no celebration of birthdays or holidays, avoidance of medical system, withholding medical treatment from children, radical distrust of the world and withdrawal from all government systems, etc.) to start their own church. For 15 years, aside from some anti-social practices and an intense belief system, it was a harmless benign group that lived semi-communally in a few households. Roland Robidoux was "ordained" a pastor. Four men married into the group and many of the women were having one child after another. Robidoux ran a profitable chimney sweep business and another member had a masonry business that grossed well over $100,000 per year.

Carol Balizet's teachings from "Egypt or Zion" became the catalyst that accelerated a complete break with those seven "evil systems." Jacques Robidoux challenged his father Roland for authority of the group, based on "revelations" from God. They were to be a "special people for God," separate from the world. They created a separate reality, disconnected from the real world around them. The entire spiritual world view of The Body of Christ group had been slowly devolving into a destructive environment where infant deaths could be acceptable. Three key factors contributed to the group's descent spiral out of control.

1. Initially the leader (or Elder) encouraged members to do homework and research to cross-check to see if he was right. This transitioned to unchallenged acceptance of anything the leader declared. Questioning leadership was deemed rebellious and disobedient to the "word of God" through his appointed leaders. The leader was perceived to have a direct "pipeline" to God with no actual accountability.

2. The group began to endow physical existence and ordinary phenomena with spiritual significance. Everything was spiritualized, from backed-up septic systems to the death of a chicken, to weather patterns. Group member Michelle Mingo received a "revelation from God" that an infant's mother had spiritual issues that God wanted to work out. This involved the mother performing various acts of penance that revolved around the feeding of her baby. If she performed well God would "relent his judgement."

3.  Group members' journal entries over two years showed that personal "revelations" from God began to take precedence over the Bible as God's written revelation. Eventually, the Bible became a meaningless book and the group's subjective experiences, dreams and visions became the true locus of authority and guidance. This created an environment where there were no checks and balances. Anything can happen... and then be justified as God's will.

A Body of Christ member wrote:"If anyone here said something, no matter how ridiculous, she [the leader's wife] would follow because she believes that everyone here has the Spirit of God. She would not question it. If a leading someone said was not the word of the Lord or seemed like it wasn't, she has to and does believe that God is behind it. It is not part of her job to understand it, it is to trust in God and obey." August 14, 1999

All "leadings" had to be strictly obeyed because they were from God, even if they were wrong. The reason is that God is ultimately behind everything, thus, even a false leading, like not feeding a baby, has to be obeyed because God is the Author. Obviously, in a context where it does not matter if a "leading" is from God or not, this is not a fit environment for any human being. The subjective ramblings of the most deranged member can become the norm, and in the name of God, people can commit the most heinous crimes against their own kind. 

This was a slow process. Years earlier, none of the people in "The Body of Christ" would ever have dreamed of participating in the death of an infant and then interpreting it as God's will. They would have been horrified at the prospect. However, what was normal for the group five years ago is not what is normal today. And what is normal today will not be normal a few years down the road if the group continues to exist. It most likely will be something far worse. 

From The New England Institute of Religious Research, "'The Body of Christ' - Descent from Benign Bible Study to Destructive Cult"

Where's Carol Balizet now?

Balizet closed up shop sometime after 2002. She stopped writing and began to lose influence. Members of her own family, who had been deeply committed to her beliefs and teachings, began a slow re-entry into the world. Carol suffered chronic pain from hip problems. She regarded the pain as part of God's displeasure and a sign of sin or failure on her part. She lost mobility and began to depend on a walker. She had a stroke while driving.
As her health and self-care declined, her family encouraged her to have hip replacement surgery. In 2007 she underwent surgery and was not "cursed" as a result of "being offered on the altar" (the operating table) as "a sacrifice by Satan's priests" (medical staff) "in their priestly robes" (surgical scrubs and gowns). Instead, she gained relief from pain and improved mobility. Ironically, she developed a severe infection and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
She is living out her end times in a Colorado nursing home. Like other extreme fundamentalists, she accepts the medical and palliative care that she denied babies and children, along with their mothers.


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Re: Born in Zion


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Re: Born in Zion


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Re: Born in Zion


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Re: Born in Zion

Zion Ministries, "Dust" cliff notes. Scripture references removed for clarity of original composition. Ephasis mine.

There are many others [scripture examples], but we have enough here to see that dust does not represent God's highest and best. It is always spoken of in an unfavorable way. It is our source - the material from which we are made - and the physical part of us will return to it, but during our lives it is a negative thing, to be avoided.

"SEPARATION' - in other words, separation from family, cutting ties.

The Lord gave us a number of scriptures about "dust" in the context of separating from others. The following are four very similar but not identical passages on the subject. [Scripture here]

It's customary for Christians to resist any breach with others Christians, and to view any separation among God's people as something He hates. It's almost always seen in the light of: [size=85]"These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him... he that soweth discord among brethren." (Proverbs 6:16).

We tend to forget that the Lord is author of many divisions. He said: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law." (Matthew 10:34,35).

In many separations among God's people, He is the one doing the dividing. When the rich young ruler walked away from Jesus in Matthew 19, Mark 10 and Luke 18, Jesus let him go. The differences between them were too great for a common walk, but of course not too great for love.

We consider it almost always to be a virtue to stay "in fellowship" with other Christians, and that is not ALWAYS God's will. For example: “A man who is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.” (Titus 3:10).

And in situations not quite so serious, we have been given Scriptureal [sic] routes to attempt rstoration [sic]. When we go with truth, in love, in the will of the Father, and we are not received, then we leave. We leave the people, and we get rid of the "dust" which clings to our feet.[/size]


Of course the concept of dust makes us think of Satan's realm; he crawls on his belly in dust; he eats dust. It also speaks of "the flesh", the part of the world which remains on us from our daily walk, our contact with this present society. It is associated with mourning, plagues, curses, dirt and the residue of carnality.

And it CLINGS to us, specifically to our feet, as we are rejected, ousted, removed from fellowship. God tells us four different times to get rid of it. This should be as much a part of our reaction to rejection as is forgiveness. They reject us? We forgive. They cast us out, won't receive us? We get rid of the dust.
Here are a few of the things which might possibly make up the dust that clings. Of course, the specifics will vary with each person and each incident, but here are some possibilities.

1. Soul ties, especially if there was a more or less formal union with the rejecting group, or if authority has been surrendered.

2. Artifacts or gifts which have been exchanged. These are often benign and harbor no danger, but sometimes they can represent a risk. If we're the target of serious malice, we need to ask God about keeping anything given us by that rejecting group.

3. Memories of shared experiences.

4. A "common purse" as in Proverbs 1:11,14,15:[size=85] "If they say, Come with us... Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse... My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path."

If we have supported the rejecting group, or if we have been supported by it, those financial ties need to be broken. The money over which we have been made stewards is one of the four things the Bible says we shall stand accountable for - along with our children, our words and the grace (and its duty) which God has given to us. We need to seek God about any misuse of it by supporting - or by failing to support - the source of our present "dust".

5. Broken promises, or even more importantly, broken covenants. God required the Israelites to honor their agreement with the Gibeonites in Joshua 9, despite the Gibeonites' deceit; the dilemma lasted until the time of David; and the cost for righting this wrong in II Samuel 21 was heavy - seven sons of Saul died.
We must seek release from any obligations we have made and forgive others for what they have done - or failed to do. If this means we endure an injustice, so be it. The object is a clean, complete separation which will free BOTH sides to go on with God, and which will align with what God has told us to do. And this may not necessarily mean justice is accomplished. 

6. Our reaction to rejection is usually (it is always HUMANLY) to justify ourselves and assign blame to the rejecters. We need to guard against this kind of thing, because it keeps us bound to the ones who have rejected us. The route to freedom is to forgive freely, and to seek God for any sin we may have to repent.
The self-justifying, the replay over and over of the wrongs committed against us, is real serious dust. It clings to us in a blanket of pain and resentment, and keeps the wounds open.

7. It's also common for rejected people - those who are constantly swimming upstream, offending and threatening folks and as a result being "not received" over and over - to harden their hearts. If we keep ourselves from caring about others, then it doesn't hurt so bad if they cast us out. But this is not aligned with the nature of Jesus - the most rejected being who ever walked this planet, and the least deserving of it - and we need to stay open and tender to others. Not easy, but then who ever said it would be easy?

8. Curses and judgments spoken by the rejecting group. We need to deal with any negative words spoken against us at the break-up, and any words which may continue. Two Scriptures which apply here are: 
" Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue..." (Proverbs 18:21).
" No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn." (Isaiah 54:17).

What they have said, and often what they continue to say, has the potential to empower an enemy against us, and we must deal with the creative power of the spoken word.

9. Deal with any offspring of this broken relationship. What has been produced between us and the rejecting group? Is there ministry? Are there babes in Christ who may be damaged by this break-up? Is there common property; are there common responsibilities? God has very high standards for our behavior, and His requirements don't diminish just because we're being treated unfairly.
It is absolutely essential for our eventual victory to be obedient to God in every single detail. Our obedience is vastly, INFINITELY, more important than any effort to receive justice.

10. Wounds need to be healed. So many of us have been conditioned by the world to adopt its "coping mechanisms", but God's recommendations for healing are far superior. We forgive any sin against us, repent of our own sins, and then admit to God that we are HURT. We have been insulted, offended, wounded, misunderstood, slandered, possibly betrayed, and all of this HURTS! And He has comfort for hurting children; He will not leave us comfortless; we have the Holy Spirit to comfort
The Beatitudes contain that remarkable statement: "Blessed are they that mourn..." He doesn't look on a cast out, rejected, despised child as pitiful and abused, or as mistreated and shameful, but as blessed! What a remarkable God we have!
The trick to receiving comfort is to keep the emotion of pain, and don't allow it to become anger. God doesn't comfort the angry; He comforts the mourner. It's so natural to become angry when we're mistreated, but that stops the flow of comfort. If we can keep the "list of offenses" out of it; if we can keep our thoughts away from a focus of what THEY did wrong; if we can just come to God and say, "I thought he was my friend and I really miss him", then God is free to bless us.[/size]

What do we read here? A couple of things:

 •  There were some other teachings partnered with this. Defining "Dust" serves to clarify a concept already introduced of "separating from others," isolating and cutting relationships with family. 

 •  The bottom line: can't accept gifts or money, need to eliminate "shared memories."

 •  All of this clarifying and refining and laying out of terms is specifically about isolating with the group.  

 •  Where'd Balizet get this idea in the first place? It wasn't an orginal thought. Someone else led the way before her. 

 •  Nut job.  But at least it's in understandable common English and not Elizabethan prose.


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