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Re: A baby dies - what happened?

she said the grand jury closed the case and there was no further investigation


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Re: A baby dies - what happened?

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Re: A baby dies - what happened?


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Re: A baby dies - what happened?

Here's the Born in Zion thread:

Dec 2013

Hythlodaeus wrote:

It's time to revisit 'Born in Zion'. There's been a number of babies born to the Church of Wells in the past 6 to 8 weeks. Where were these new babies born? Did the mothers get appropriate prenatal care? Did these adult women receive adequate 20th-century modern medical attention? Were preventable birth defects and avoidable congential conditions identified and treated? How are the mamas and babies doing? Are they well? 

Here's Carol Balizet's granddaughter, Angie Jackson:

Jackson is writing a book about her childhood in Balizet's household, Birth and Death: Life of a Newborn Cult.
"I like to say I'm allergic to secrets. I grew up in an abusive and fundamentalist childhood, so secrets and lies were par for the course. I've made the conscious decision in the last two years to be open about that. So it flowed for me; I write about everything."

Jackson was born at home in what her grandmother, a fringe Christian leader named Carol Balizet, called a "Zion home birth," conducted without doctor, nurse, or midwife; without any medicine or medical intervention of any sort; and relying only on prayer and faith in God to get through a safe delivery. Balizet is a Christian author of apocalyptic thrillers who came into her life's work when she started attending the home births of women in her Tampa community as a "spiritual midwife."  
This practice, which Balizet tried out first on a young woman in her church and subsequently on Jackson's mother, became what she called her "baby ministry." In time, a handbook of assorted papers directing expecting parents how to prepare themselves spiritually for a Zion home birth—through purging the house of demonic energy and equipping themselves with faith-healing prayers—became a self-published book, Born in Zion, that Jackson estimates has sold 400,000 mimeographed and bound copies, often distributed at churches and home-schooling conferences where Balizet would lecture.


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Re: A baby dies - what happened?

amanjenn1213 wrote:

A new article has been published on the rag blog. Wow.

Wow, what? This board is the source. Lot'sa good stuff here.



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Re: A baby dies - what happened?


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