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What they said...

Keeping track of what was said.


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Re: What they said...

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Re: What they said...


"KTRE talked with Sean Morris Monday, who said no one from the Church of Wells went to Arkansas over the weekend..."

FACT: Church of Wells men were in Arkansas that weekend.


"The difference between a church that is cult and church that is a true biblical church, is one that they are not leading according to their own means; they are not leading according to their own like power. The spirit of God is with them and they are leading according to what the word of God dictates.
If you go into any church nowadays, there's going to be pastors, elders, deacons; there's going to be a format of authority established in that church because God is not a God of confusion." -- Jake Gardner

"Professing Christianity today, overwhelming is a cult, because a cult is that which is not found in the written word of God, which is born by the thoughts of human beings." -- Sean Morris

 "...the reason why there is so much ignominy and reproach cast upon us is because we're merely endeavoring to get back to what the bible says and in a generation that is so far departed from the plain understanding and interpretation of the scriptures, that is a cult. Someone who is trying to return to simply what the bible is, is labeled a cult and that shows the degeneracy of our age." -- Jake Gardner

New female recruits being married within weeks.

"We have not in the past or ever intend to arrange marriages. We do not marry off our children. The oldest of the children I believe is 13 all the rest for the most part are under 10. We have no plans or arrangements regarding our children. We believe that God arranges marriages and as he does that, he changes the heart of an individual and makes them fall in love essentially, is what the world would call that. They fall in love.
I just want to make it clear that...there is not force, there is no pressure that we would use to coerce people to marry in the church. I can't arrange it where both parties hearts are changed and are actually in love with one another; 2 men, 3 elders can't do that, preachers in a church can't do that. That's a work of God." -- Jake Gardner

Financial dependence on the church. Contributing individual personal resources to the church to be used to finance the collective.

"Everyone in the church has their own possessions, their own homes, has their own bank accounts, the ones that do. So, no, we don't have all the money and we don't give allowances; that is not how this church operates. That's absolutely unbiblical and absurd." -- Sean Morris

"When we preach that a man must forsake all that he has - just simply quoting the scripture - people will immediately if they're not…if they're not keeping a judicious heart and mind. 
Many in the church have been saved and have their same care. Many in the church have been saved and have their same house, you know, they have the same family, all these kinds of things..." -- Jake Gardner

Preethi David Morris: "The brethren have all things common, parting their possessions to all men, as every man has need. They break bread from house to house...It has been remarkable to see how the LORD does provide financially for these brethren...Many of these brethren have at some point given up large amounts of financial assets on behalf of the church, and thus all are, in the end, eased by an equality..."

"Eased by an equality" = shared resources. Split amongst them. From the New Testament.

A good read on the subject of Jake Gardner's "love offerings" and gifts - Does the New Testament support Elders or Pastors receiving a salary from the Church?

KTRE/Leigha Hughes interview.  'Church of Wells' elders speak out and answer questions about their practices.=10px September 9, 2013. Punctuation edited for clarity.

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Re: What they said...


Eric Corriz, CoW leftenant, talking about the Wells community:

"We have spoken with them several times. It's really a hard issue and it really comes down to their disagreements are their beliefs and what we agree with in the scriptures. "

Wells citizen Jeffry Brotherton: 

"Every time we try to tell the group that you know it isn't about religion -  it's about our citizens and children -  they keep referring back to scripture."

Moses David, Church of Wells supporter:
"The R&R Mercantile Store and Gas Station which served as the main business for the Church of Wells members was closed through the boycott of the local people, triggered by the unrighteous slander of a few unhappy parents." 

"The church has many enemies, instigated by a handful of parents."

"Many parents are disappointed with the present lives of their children because they have forsaken the pleasures and riches of this world, and therefore are unable to reconcile with the changed lives of the family members, who are simply following God’s will in their lives. This creates conflict for some parents because it is not aligned with their expectations for their children."

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Re: What they said...

Here is my personal experience with this group--if you don't agree with them 100%, then you are wrong and obviously living in a damnable state. If you voice your disagreement, then you are persecuting them, railing against them, slandering them, etc. They no longer have individual thoughts or opinions--it is all about what they have been taught (conditioned) to say. There have been a few videos where you could close your eyes and listen and not be able to tell who is speaking because they now all sound the same!


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Re: What they said...

HLN: [On "Doctrine of Judgement"] basically says you have to be born again and you have to hate your past life. In order to truly find God you have to actually cut ties with your family and all earthly possessions. So can you understand why this would be devastating to these families who have their children completely cut off from them and not allowed to talk to them?

Jake: Well, that's not true. Um, we do talk in the book "Doctrine of Judgement" about cutting ties. Um, that is when that tie holds your allegiance, so if it's your job, if it's your car, if it's your money, if it's your house, if it's your family, if those things are the things you first of all have your allegiance to, then yes, Jesus Christ says you must cut those things off.

Referring to the Sunday prior to this interview (Sept. 8, 2013)
Jake Gardner: I gave her [Catherine] my own phone, personal phone. She went in the room and talked to them. ...We can clear out my house...Y'all can have the house to yourselves.

We each have our own... bank accounts. Nothing is reckoned all together among us.

HLN: How are you being funded?

Jake: Everything that we have, we have earned by the work of our own hands. We have multiple businesses in the church. ...and God provides very faithfully. God's work done in God's way shall never lack God's provision.

Jake does an interesting thing. He's got a little involuntary twitch he does, when he's slightly annoyed, maybe feeling that he doesn't have the upper hand or is put on the spot. There's an element of clever amusement; gamesmenship. He does it when he's thinking hard how to say something. He reaches up and pinches his nose.



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Re: What they said...

Just because you do not understand the Scripture as they do...and have come to conclusions about them based on internet slander, it does not give you a right to slander them additionally without first hand experience concerning baby Faith, or the experiences of other parents. The truth is that church members have the freedom to maintain relationships with their parents, and the reason why there are broken relationships is because a few parents have chosen to cut off any ties with their children because they do not want to hear their children preach to them that they are either not saved or in a back-slidden state.
                                                                                                                     -- Moses David, 5/14/14


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Re: What they said...


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Re: What they said...

Looks like the Church of Wells was "preaching hate" again....this time at the Greg Laurie event in Dallas, Oct 5th as per twitter.."BenZ@Acts1042....So proud of our two sons who confronted #Hate from #ChurchofWells members with #Love & #Prayer at #HarvestDFW event last night!"  So sad...


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Re: What they said...

where would I find this info?


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