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KTRE 9 5/24/2014
Wells residents protest against the Church of Wells
May 24, 2014
By Maleeha Kamal
Jeff Brotherton Photo: KTRE

Saturday several Wells residents stood along Highway 69 with sign in their hands. Residents were once again protesting the Church of Wells.  Protest organizer, Jeff Brotherton said they are trying to send a clear message. "We are out here today because it's been a while since our first protest and several people have actually called us and said have you stop? Have y'all given up on the citizens? So we are here to show them that we haven't given up on them," Brotherton said. 

The two groups have been at odds for the last year and a half. According to Brotherton, things seemed to have escalated just last month at their annual homecoming parade.  After several church members starting condemning people on floats including Brotherton own daughter. For Brotherton, this incident was the last straw. Just a week later, he organized the first protest.

At Aprils protest the church elder Sean Morris gave the church's side of the story. "What ended up happening eventually when they were preaching on the corner there were two young children on a float and one of those children was troubled by the things that she heard. They are making it appear that we went up to young children and pointed in their face and said you're going to hell but that never happened," Morris said. 

However, Morris and church members was not present at Saturdays protest. Brotherton said he invited the church to the protest but his invitation was turned down. Eric with the Church of Wells said the line of communication is open but they stated their point at Aprils protest. "Well we have spoken with them several times. It's really a hard issue and it really comes down to their disagreements are their beliefs and what we agree with in the scriptures. " Eric said.

"Everytime we try to tell the group that you know it isn't about religion it's about our citizens and children they keep referring back to scripture," Brotherton said. Brotherton said they don't feel safe with the church in town and they want something done. Eric said there are no hard feelings and they are praying for the residents. Brotherton further explained until a common ground is found between the two groups, they will continue to protest.

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