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KETK 5/24/2014
Wells community stands together agains the Church of Wells
Saturday, May 24, 2014

 (KETK) - WELLS, TX — Members of the community of Wells gathered together Saturday for the second time to protest against the Church of Wells.

Although the feud between the community and the church started long ago, it was just recently that an event at an annual homecoming parade sent things out of control. As members of the church were preaching during that parade, some say members began to condemn young children to hell. That did not sit well with many of the community members, and eventually a fight broke out. Wells residents tell us, that sort of behavior is unacceptable and until something changes they are going to continue to protest.

Jeffry Brotherton is the organizer of the protests and says his 4-year-old daughter was in the homecoming parade last month and was traumatized by the preaching from the church members. "We were actually ending the parade and several members of the church came out running at the road hollering at our children and several people on the floats," Brotherton said. "Telling them they're a blasphemy and they're going to hell. And my daughter kept asking me, 'Daddy what's hell? Why am I going to hell?"

The first protest included several members of the community along with many members of the church. It was a battle of words as the church members tried to explain their actions. "The point I want to make, sir, is we weren't targeting your child we were speaking to the adults and your child just happened to be there," said one of the Church of Wells members.

Unsatisfied with the results of the first protest the community once again gathered at 2 p.m. ready to march down the street to the Church of Well's convenience store. But, Saturday's protest was much different than the first; peaceful on both ends. "What we had mentioned last time was everything we wanted to say, so today we're just continuing to pray for them," said Eric, a Church of Wells member who only wanted to give his first name.

The community members say even though the protest had fewer numbers than the first, they will continue to protest for the safety of their community. "I'll stand out here once a month, twice a month whatever it takes," said Patricia Brotherton. "They shouldn't be here and what they do to the community here is uncalled for and unneeded. We don't want them here."


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