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KYTX 19 - Church of Wells, community come face to face at "protest"
Church of Wells, community come face to face at "protest"
Apr 13, 2014
By Katiera Winfrey

 WELLS (KYTX) - The church of Wells is once again in the spotlight. You may remember a story we did several months ago about a young woman named Catherine Grove -whose parents say church members there brainwashed her. And last week, the church was in the news again- after a physical dispute between church and community members got out of hand. 

Saturday the community held a protest demanding the church leave town. CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey was there as the group faces off. "There's one thing the church of wells and citizens of wells can agree on... 
"Yeah it's intense," said a community member Danny Tate. 
"It's certainly intense," said Church of Wells Elder Sean Morris. 

The on-going clash between bible toting church members and picket holding residents has finally come to a climax as church members are told they need to leave town. 

"We just want people to be saved," Morris said. 

The man behind the protest Jeffry Brotherton says during a town event, church member targeted his four year old daughter. "My daughter is hurt and all yall want to do is go around and say you're preaching the word of god," he said. That's when he said the church went too far. "They can't go around form town to town, telling children...they're going to hell. 

Morris said that's not what happened. "A float came by with two young children, we didn't walk up  to a child and said you are going to happened to be a  float came by and heard what he was preaching, and she got  troubled."

 The protest was supposed to give both sides a chance to talk to one another and lay out their differences but the way things stand right now, nothings changing. Morris said, "There's nothing they can do physically emotionally mentally that would  make us leave unless god told us to leave." 
"It hasn't come to a compromise, they're still trying to force their religion up on us." [Brotherton]

 As the protest continued, some conversations were calm, while others were a lot more intense. By the end of it all, the only thing that was clear...was a reiterated stand on where each group stands. 

"We want people to know what the bible says about salvation," Morris said. 

"We are getting our words out there and letting people know how we feel and we are not gonna back down," Brotherton said.


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