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Letter: Church of Wells elder speaks to residents

LETTER: Church of Wells elder speaks to residents

By SEAN WELLS of Wells
Friday, April 11, 2014

Editor's note: We got this letter from Sean Morris, one of the elders of the Church of Wells, too late to get a condensed version of this letter to the editor on our Opinion page Friday. Here it is in its entirety.

Dear Townspeople of Wells,

From the beginning of our move here to Wells, the slander, gossip, and hear-say was incessant. There was talk of us burning down the town, stock-piling weapons, and taking over the town from the get-go, with many other conspiracies. As we walked the streets for personal prayer, as we sang songs and hymns for personal edification, suddenly we were seen as madmen from the start … but why?

Our focus has not been, nor ever will be young children. We will preach to those who will hear us, this is true. Often times young adults (older children) are spoken to because young adults are the ones who will hear us. Do you remember how Jesus said to the 1st century Jews that their children shall be their judges (Matt. 12:27)? Do you know what He meant by this?

As for our time in Wells, young adults are often the ones who are out of their homes and in the streets, and most residents will not allow us to approach them on their properties. As for Saturday, we could not help that there was a 4 year old child in the crowd of people at the parade … what else are we to do? God is sending us to speak to you because He does not want you to perish!

Would you meet with and hear us while leaving your children at home? If so, we would be glad for it! What else are we to do for a town which is perishing? Hear me, we desire the adults, not the children! And we have pursued you all as our primary focus and desire. We desire whole households saved for the glory of God, not families divided!

This issue in Wells is not about the children. Oh that you would hear it! Making this an issue about the children is a Satan-inspired front to deceive you to make it easier for you to escape accountability to the message we are seeking to communicate, a message which you have heretofore denied the allowance of space to simply hear it … and what if God sent us to Wells?

Think of it, my dear people. What else do you have to do with your lives? Children are exposed to and taught violence, murder, selfishness, jealousy, anger, vengeance, covetousness, and more just from what is commonly allowed to be seen through the television, what is commonly communicated through peers, and often times, what is commonly seen in the lives of their parents themselves. How is it that this lifestyle is so acceptable, this exposure is so flagrant, and personal prayer, songs sung for purposes of worship, and a zeal to spread the word of God is so condemned?

Oh that the sleeping and seared conscience would awake! Oh that we could meet one another face-to-face in peaceable, God-fearing dialogue over the truth of scripture, salvation, and eternal Judgment! Dear people of Wells, our desire is for your salvation! It is with this heartbeat we have prayed, fasted, and wept for you all for years. It is for this reason that we have, up to this time, sought to win you all through a mild expression of evangelism which is below the standard rule of boldness which is seen in the scripture.

Have you read the scripture lately? God was burdened for souls and He sent bold men. Urgent situations demand urgent and uplifted cries, and so men lifted up their voice in proclamation. It is urgent that men are converted before they die! And how suddenly does death surprise men? We have refrained from open air preaching in the town of Wells for nearly two years because of the intensity of misconceptions in the town and the possible violence which would ensue. We have preached all over this country without restraint, but here we have exercised so much restraint hoping to win you in other ways … but Satan has successfully caused you to flee and treat us like the Black Plague.

I wish it were not so, dear people. How can we stop the rampant slanders and lies? Will you talk to us? In the face of all this, we can just stand before you with immovable conviction concerning the message that we preach, come what may, but will you rather meet with us? Can we have a town meeting in which we are invited? Can you give us a fair hearing so as to express the message of biblical Christianity?

Concerning the threatened persecutions, we can only affirm the promise that blessed are those who suffer it. We can just stand before you and plead the claims of the gospel of Christ whether you will hear it or not. We can just stand before you, denying the lies. We entrust ourselves and long after the arrival of our final boulevard — the Great White Throne Judgment — for there we will be happily received into the company of men who suffered like things as we from their countrymen, as we do from you (1 Thess. 2:14-16).

Oh that you would not fill up the cup of the wrath of God ordained for yourselves by forbidding us to speak the scriptural gospel of Jesus Christ! We do not wish this eternal fate upon you or any man! No! We would rather have a peaceable conversation over the truth, and those of the town who know us can attest that we are peaceable with those who are peaceable.

We are earnest, hopeful, zealous, and unwavering … yes, but it is for the love of your souls. “For whether we be beside ourselves, it is to God: or whether we be sober, it is for your cause” (2 Cor. 5:13). How many people have died these past years? How many have been struck with diseases? It's time to turn to Him that binds up the wounds! God knows, The Church of Wells has been yelled at far more than we have ever lifted up our voices to preach, but their voices were raised in hate and ours in love. Alas, what is the volume of our proclamation if it is not heard?! At least God will be able to say that He sent you a messenger. “Give them warning from Me”, God said (Ezek. 3).

And if it comes to it that some of us must die, if it is appointed to us by God’s sovereignty that the wrath of Wells Texas cannot be abated until some from the Church of Wells do suffer martyrdom, then so be it. What a privilege it would be to lay down our lives for the elect’s sake! God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, yes, and He will give more of His sons for you, dear people of Wells! God willing some of our number!Our martyrdom may not be meritorious — NO! — but it is a testimony that the biblical Jesus Christ who died for you lives in us (2 Cor. 5:18-21), and He loves you enough to send you such men who are willing to tell you the hard truths of scripture, truths that men need to hear to be saved, and they are willing to seal it with their blood to testify of a God of LOVE! This is not because we are anything, but that Christ is in us, and loves you!

Oh that God would confirm my words before the nation, then would you hear (Rom. 8:36)? What will it take that men will hear us and give us a fair space to speak? Nothing is too precious of a cost only that some of you might hear and be saved, dear people of Wells. Before God, I state these things as one that will give an account. Do your pastors love you so? If there was a public square, God willing we would preach there every day! Every day we love you, people of Wells, and we know that there is a truth that you need to hear even if you deny it: “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Prov. 1:7).

We are praying about if the Lord would send us to meet you there at Dairy Queen at 1:30 on Saturday, dear people of Wells. Will you speak to us peaceably? Can we bring our wives? Would you like to meet them and speak to them? We love you.

My sincere love and affection,

Sean Morris, on behalf of The Church of Wells


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