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KYTX 19 - Two cited for assault
Two cited for assaulting Church of Wells members
Apr 07, 2014
By Courtney Friedman

WELLS (KYTX) - Two Wells community members are cited with disorderly conduct after the Cherokee County Sheriff says they got into a fight with members from the controversial Church of Wells. A sheriff's office report released Monday says church elder Sean Morris and two other church members were preaching in the streets during a parade this weekend.

Sheriff's deputies say community members Dantrell Casel and Kenneth Hunt then approached the church members. The report shows that both groups of men were yelling at each other and eventually Casel and Hunt beat the church members up.

Community members claim it was because the church members were yelling at and preaching at a young child.

The Sheriff says the two men were handcuffed, but the church members did not press charges.  In a statement Morris says, "There was no insulting, no threats, no mockery, and absolutely no focus on children. Our preaching was focused on the adults. This town is steeped in drugs and religious hypocrisy and we care about their souls."


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