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4/06/2014 8:47 pm  #1

Saturday's ruckus

KETK News (Tyler, Texas) spoke with self-identiffied CoW "Elder" Sean Morris:

"There was no insulting, no threats, no mockery, and absolutely no focus on children. Our preaching focus was on the adults. We were preaching the gospel. This town is steeped in crime, drugs, and religious hypocrisy and we care about their souls..."

"Taylor (Clifton) was pounded in the face without raising a hand in defense, his face bloody and dripping, his heart swelled with forgiveness. I was hit, head butted, and tackled to the ground by a man, and am at present unable to walk."

See the full story here:

WTF?! Let's talk about this. Why is he "presently unable to walk"?

Commenting is enabled. Registration not required. If anyone would care to give eyewitness accounts or post photographs, go right ahead.


4/06/2014 9:14 pm  #2

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Posted on my FB page when I attached the link to this story:

From Ashley McLaughlin:
I don't usually give my input on these kinds of situations online but I was there for this incident (I was getting ready to bring Henry home from his visit with Cory) and though I may not understand why they do all that they do I will not fault them for something honorable... And in this case I will gladly defend them. This had nothing to do with the news broadcast from last night, most of them don't pay any mind to all the news stories about them anymore and I think that's why the refrain from speaking to the news, which I don't necessarily think is in their best interest, but that's just my opinion... But just what I saw in this fight... They weren't in the middle of this event preaching or screaming. It was a loud event to begin with but they were no louder than the crowd and they street preach that's who they are and how they started. They don't carry around signs or call people whores or say things to blatantly offend people but they do preach on sin and hell. Because they feel that urgency to warn people of what's to come... And I do agree with Sean in what he said in this article. The town is filled with mostly drug addicts and alcoholics and people bound by those addictions, and it's heartbreaking to see these people go day in and day out just stuck. So they warn them and they do preach on mercy but to be frank most people don't wait to listen for that they just feel accused. And that's what happened these men felt accused and got so violently angry that they began beating these preachers to a pulp. It was horrific to see, and it  absolutely broke my heart because from where I stood I saw no bibles shoved in peoples faces or them even very close to the crowd initially these men were taunting them that's for sure but there were multiple men on top of Taylor and other preachers beating them bloody in the face head butting them throwing themselves on top of them and being without a doubt relentlessly violent. And the preachers never lifted a hand but to try and shield themselves and when asked to press charges they simply said "no, we love them and we don't blame them, we forgive them." The men had to be maced just to try and control them they were so out of hand...  The church of wells men had to get stitches and Sean possibly broke bones. So as I said before I may not understand all that they do, but they did not warrant this. As much as you and I have a right to say what we think and believe about them or any other matter they do have the right to stand on their property and preach and if it offends you, walk away. But never this. This was very wrong and by the eyes of justice these men should be charged with aggravated assault (they would be in any other situation) so I will defend the Church of Wells on this.

I don't say this to offend you or start some debate or fight but I see so much of what's said and they don't defend themselves even when things are blown way out of proportion... And I'm saying this as someone who was apart of this church for many years has left and witnessed this event first hand... This is the truth... Despite what you or I or anyone else may think of what they do and how they do it. I will not blame the preacher for the violent mans crime. And I only say this with all the love in my heart for you.


4/06/2014 9:16 pm  #3

Re: Saturday's ruckus

If we follow this line of thinking, in the eyes of justice, Faith did not warrant what was done to her either.


4/06/2014 9:53 pm  #4

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Maybe the "preachers" could at least stop cosistently targeting innocent kids and telling them that they are going to hell.  They do not just "tell" them this, they angrily yell it.  Leave kids alone, this is bad behavior.  Very disrespectful.  CoW has been asked not to do this, they have been told not to this.  They are very arrogant, and it seems that they do not believe that the laws, or other people's wishes apply to them.  It is not their job to judge everyone in this town. 


4/06/2014 10:13 pm  #5

Re: Saturday's ruckus

One more quick thought.  I don't consider yelling at kids and telling them that they are going to hell, to be "street preaching."  These kids, that were being told that they were going to hell, were just enjoying the Wells homecoming and being part of the parade.  I see this more as trying to start trouble. 


4/06/2014 11:12 pm  #6

Re: Saturday's ruckus

I can see Ashley's perspective. This has been her philosophy and her life until very recently. Her group. She knows all of them and was married to Cory. She must have been alarmed and concerned for him, as well as their baby. I get it.

Buuut...   Yes. Baby Faith did not warrent her treatment. It wasn't appropriate, kind, loving or righteous. This is not how we treat newborn babies. It is simply unacceptable.
~ Full stop ~
With this business of stirring up anger in the name of God, it's a slippery slope when you start down that road. It screams jihad and martyrdom. Because that's what it is - Christian or not. When you go there, there's no retreat from that position and no crying about it when there's an angry response - righteous or not. There's no picking and choosing how much anger you'll embrace, which kind is acceptable to you, and when you've had enough. 
The Texas Boys have been asking for it. On purpose and with intent. To prove out how sinful the world is and how righteous they are. They WANT this to happen. It validates them and confirms their mission. They are baiting people to act out. Poking bears with a stick.

Frankly, their arrogance is annoying. I think they get what they deserve. It's nothing to do with God and Satan - this is about their crappy behaviour, plain and simple. They are rude, mean, insensitive and unkind. The response the their bad behaviour is all about them. Their own personal glory and vicarious adventure. No different than testing the elements by mountain climbing and base-jumping. Risky behaviour. The people who respond to them with condemnation and violence aren't evil - they are people responding to provocation and negative stimuli with appropriate human emotion.

No doubt the Church of Wells is satisfied and gleeful right now. They wanted exactly this reaction from someone.

"If we lived in old testament days the majority of pastors from the modern "church" would be put to death."
-- Troy Dannenberger, Church of Wells

Hythlodaeus wrote:


In short, the Apostles’ strategy in Acts seems to be:
   1.  Pull into town and say something controversial and offensive.
   2.  Wait for a crowd to show up.
   3.  Preach the gospel and call people to repent of sin and trust in Jesus.
   4.  Get out of town before being murdered.
   5.  Send in people like Timothy and Titus to straighten things out and establish a local church by gathering the converts.
   6. Repeat the process.

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4/06/2014 11:28 pm  #7

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Copied from another source

This is what I was told happened yesterday at the Wells 50th Annual Parade. Members of the COW group located in Wells Texas decided to bust up the Wells 50th Anniversary Homecoming Annual Parade by throwing insults after insults at the community during their 50th annual parade. The COW men were from the beginning of the parade screaming and yelling at people in the parade including a float with children on it which was the headstart float for 3 and 4 and 5 year old children on a nursery childrens float. Several fathers of the children asked the yelling men to stop their frightening abusive threatening insults to their children and the communitys children and the men would not stop their yelling and screaming but only got louder. It was so bad the screaming and yelling from the Cow men at the children that a Pastor of one of the local churches reportedly got a firetruck and placed it between the children and the COW men and turned the siren on so that the crying children could not hear or see the insane maniac screaming men of the cow. The COW men would not stop terrorizing the children so some fathers of the children decided to make them stop. I have personally spoken to someone who went and got their crying child off of the float and the child was traumatized by the screaming men. This is what I was told happened. Hopefully a news station will be fully covering this incident. How many children witnessed these screaming yelling men threatening their happiness and emotional safety. Doesn't a parent have a right and responsibility to protect their child emotionally psychologically and physically ??? Does not law enforcement have a responsibility to prevent the abuse of children ????? Yelling Screaming Threats and Terrors at Children is abusive and potentially psychologically damaging.


4/07/2014 12:44 am  #8

Re: Saturday's ruckus

This bothers me a lot.

"The town is filled with mostly drug addicts and alcoholics and people bound by those addictions, and it's heartbreaking to see these people go day in and day out just stuck. So they warn them and they do preach on mercy but to be frank most people don't wait to listen for that they just feel accused. And that's what happened these men felt accused and got so violently angry that they began beating these preachers to a pulp."

"The town is filled with mostly drug addicts and alcoholics" - How does this young woman know? Is this true? If it is, then they need accessible affordable treatment programs, rehab facilities, a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter, a clean needle program, an emergency receiving home for children, and a police force. They need resources. Not screaming angry evangelists.
If this is true, I suggest the Church of Wells set aside their bibles and roll up sleeves. Volunteerism, community service and civic duty. Help build the community; not burn it down. Real work: Meals-On-Wheels delivering hot meals to the elderly and shut-ins. Lap-sit story time at the library for toddlers (regular secular children's books, of course). After-school programs. Plant flowers. Do yard work for senior citizens and enlist teenagers to help. CoW members have college degrees and web-building experience. Do something with this. Be a resource. Write a grant for a town project. But all of this without scriptures and lectures.

I don't know how Ashley could know this. Speech 101/Fundamentals of Written/Oral Communication. You never say something is, as a definitive fact, when you can't know it. That's making assumptions and generalizing. You have to qualify it as opinion. Like this:
    "It seems to me..."     "I think..."       "My opinion is..."      "I believe that..."

"So they warn them and they do preach on mercy but...most people don't wait to listen for that they just feel accused." -  Why is anyone obliged to listen? Who said Wells citizens had to take advice and warnings from these young men who moved to their town? Yes. People probably do feel accused. Because they are.

"And that's what happened..." - Gosh darn it. 
This is about society and culture and relationships. This is about accepted behaviour and interaction. People have the right to think what they want about anything. The right to accept or reject religious doctrine, as they see fit. To discard any teachings of any kind. To decide what they do and who they do it with. To manage the environment their children are in and to restrict access and interaction by others. We all have those rights and freedoms. That's what 'religious freedom' is. That's why we have home-schooling and laws that require your boss to give you Sunday off even if it's your shift.
• Tragically ironic, this is also the sole reason these people were not charged with a crime and prosecuted for their treatment of Baby Faith.
Because of religious freedom and the inherent right to one's beliefs. Sean Morris, Jake Gardner, Ryan Ringnald: that means all of us. Not just you. This Westboro-Baptist-Church-style of inflammatory insults and provocation is ridiculous. No one is under any obligation to listen to or obey. You need to learn some manners and some boundaries.

"...they simply said 'no, we love them and we don't blame them...'" - This "I love you" thing has to stop. It's overly familiar and redefines what love is. Devalues a meaningful human emotion. Love is intimacy. Relationship between human beings. Interaction. The Texas Boys have none of this with anyone.

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4/07/2014 1:37 am  #9

Re: Saturday's ruckus

I don't consider yelling at kids and telling them that they are going to hell, to be "street preaching." I see this more as trying to start trouble.

Agree with you.

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4/07/2014 6:38 am  #10

Re: Saturday's ruckus

"If we lived in old testament days the majority of pastors from the modern "church" would be put to death."
-- Troy Dannenberger, Church of Wells

If we lived in OT days, children were stoned for dishonoring parents.


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