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4/04/2014 11:10 pm  #1

ABC World News Tonight, April 4, 2014

Church of Wells Has Parents Asking Questions
The new religious group is causing controversy.

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Transcript for Church of Wells Has Parents Asking Questions

And next here tonight, ABC news started to hear stories from some families in in Texas, parents asking questions about a new religious group, saying their families were shattered. So, ABC's Dan Harris decided to help the families follow the trail.

Reporter: So when you drive around here, what is it that you're looking for?

"I'm looking for Catherine."

Reporter: Andy and patty grove are searching for their 27-year-old daughter Catherine.

"There she is, Patty. Is that Catherine? I can't -- no, that's not her."

Reporter: Last year, she left home in Arkansas and joined a group called the church of wells. Her parents say the soft-spoken woman here in a church video is a far cry from the Catherine they remember. 

"Hello. Can we speak to Catherine please? We just want to say 'Hi'."

Reporter: The church is made up mostly young, affluent and devout Christians. They're aggressive street preachers.
"You're not welcome here."

Reporter: After repeatedly and unsuccessfully requesting interviews with church leaders, we drive deep into east Texas.

"Are you guys with the church? You look like you're getting ready to say something..."

And, not a word.

On their website, church leaders argue members join of their own free will. The groves who have managed to see their daughter a few times since she joined the church are unsatisfied.

"Will you please tell me about Catherine?"

Reporter: In the end, we don't find Catherine. But unwittingly we may have been a few feet away from her. At this shot, is a woman, this woman who appears to be Catherine grove.

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