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9/16/2013 8:20 am  #11

Re: Loved ones left behind

anon wrote:

... Did you see the latest testimony on the website? More I-hate-my-mother garbage.

Yeah. Everything goes back to that, doesn't it?

(To use a very over-used word) Sad, isn't it?


9/16/2013 9:11 am  #12

Re: Loved ones left behind

Christ is glorified by trashing one's family online HOW?? The scriptures call for it HOW?


9/16/2013 9:25 am  #13

Re: Loved ones left behind

Oh no. Another one. (

A Response to Lorraine Taddy
By Her Daughter, Miranda Corriz

I'm just not understanding this at all. Sounds to me like some mothers did some mothering stuff - helped their baby girls develop into women. Took them to church; taught them to dress and groom themselves; attended to their health and school and sports; bought them clothes and phones and cars; chaperoned and monitored them. You know, basic involved parenting stuff?

I'm also alarmed. Three young guys are getting these adult women who are now mothers themselves, to write this vitriol.
• What does that say about the young men's views on women? Not good. There's some serious dysfunction about women there.
• These young women should be modeling their mothers with their own babies. If they're being convinced that what their mothers did for them was bad, they won't be providing this care and parenting to their babies. Especially the girl babies. 



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12/14/2013 7:54 pm  #14

Re: Loved ones left behind

Later when Christ had entered into his ministry, an instance occurred where his mother and brethren had come calling to him to come out of the house where he sat preaching to the multitudes, and come to them. Can you imagine this? His family (who just earlier in the chapter said that he was crazy - v. 21, see the margin) interrupting the pure words of God! They knew not what they did. Thus Christ asks, "Who is my mother? or my brethren" (Mark 3:33)? Would not this be dishonoring to the woman who bore you?! And thus was fulfilled the scripture, "Who [Levi] said unto his father and to his mother, I have not seen him; neither did he acknowledge his brethren, nor knew his own children: for they have observed thy word, and kept thy covenant" (Deut. 33:9). This is precisely what Christ did - he did not acknowledge his own mother or brethren, but rather acknowledged those about him who were hearing the word of God and doing his will.

Jake Gardner
"The Claims of Jesus Christ" (on home page of Church of Wells website)

This is so blatantly untrue that it takes my breath away. I genuinely do not understand how they can create such interpretations and still have other pastors and preachers say "sound doctrine." It causes me to begin to question church-affilated pastors' and preachers' training and opinions.

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1/30/2014 10:59 pm  #15

Re: Loved ones left behind

secondmama wrote:

Ronnie...I know u will see this...u recently accused me of being on a slander board...bearing false witness....and questioning my salvation...well this is the board I joined about a year ago...then my dad passed and I needed to take care of things....I couldn't get back on because I forgot my password...this is your supposed slander board...and as it was a year ago when I remains...a board not of slander...not of false witness...but of love and is a board of family...friends...and extreme heartbreak...a person would need to have a heart of stone to not be moved by what is posted I am back...and I pray...and I hope...along with all these other loving concerned...Godly people...u and everyone in CoW is deeply regarded...loved...Ricky met with you in Texas to try to get that through to you..Honey...we feel u r in deep trouble...and fear it will only get worse...please heed that still small voice..leave...we will help you...we can offer u a do not need to live under this oppression...this is time to enbrace the light of grace...time to leave...we will never stop praying...will never stop seeking support...your life...and your future are far too can put me me names..say all manner of vicious things...question my salvation...and I will forgive u 70 x seven for it...because I know it is not you...I know that within you still lies that heart of compassion and love...dig deep Ronnie...step the man that God would have you to not be led astray by every wind and doctrine...deep is time to get out of there...before something happens that irreversibly changes your life forever.....and it is only a matter of time...we r willing to help in any way...leave honey.....


God's Child wrote:

So many of us understand your pain and position secondmama. You are not alone.

concerndcitz wrote:

oh secondmama - how utterly beautiful! you have moved me to tears.  Ronnie was one of the guys that worked on a construction project on our property. I did not meet him - I only saw him from a distance. My son talked with him though. I'm so sorry for all the hurting families!   and all these young lives affected by what CoW has become.  Please send your note as a private message on his FB page.

Kjdean49 wrote:

Secondmama, well said....



1/31/2014 8:06 am  #16

Re: Loved ones left behind

Hythlodaeus wrote:

This is so blatantly untrue that it takes my breath away. I genuinely do not understand how they can create such interpretations and still have other pastors and preachers say "sound doctrine." It causes me to begin to question church-affilated pastors' and preachers' training and opinions.

(I self-identify as a Christian). And I am "old". The longer I live, the more I realize that actual discernment (not talking about what the CoW "elders" claim is "discernment") among those calling themselves Christian is rare. Many accept anything anyone says as long as the other person claims to be Christian. As an example - just about any meme that anyone puts on FB claiming it is a "Christian" belief, thought, example, process, etc.


2/02/2014 1:27 pm  #17

Re: Loved ones left behind

Tom Kiser wrote:

Since my name has appeared in this thread I thought I would let you know that I am Anna Trudeau's father and Rick Trudeau's father-in-law.  I am not interested in being a part of any miss information about the Church of Wells but please know that I have been cut off from talking to my daughter or her family. I hope to make a trip to Wells soon and discuss with the elders my concerns. I have not been allowed to speak to my daughter for over 2 years.

God bless, 
Keep praying for these dear young people.

Yours for Christ,  Tom Kiser

aries wrote:

Welcome Tom! Speaking for myself, and just as a person who lives in the area with no family involved I am happy to offer any assistance you may need in your travels to the area. I have found the forum has a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more. As with any social media forum you have to be the judge of what is valuable to you and what is not. I am sure you have researched the group at length and know of the concerns. I wish you good luck in connecting with your daughter. I know there are many parents and loved ones on this forum that you could connect with who share your same fate of being shut out.

Thank you, Mr. Kiser. Good thoughts, hopes and prayers that your daughter will find her way back. 

And that you might be effective with this group's leadership and these young men come to their senses. 


2/09/2014 7:40 pm  #18

Re: Loved ones left behind

A couple of comments from family/loved ones on the KLTV Facebook.

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