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Faces of the fallen - KATU

Faces of the fallen

They were young, and their deaths were often grizzly. Here are some of the autopsy reports from the dead children at Peaceful Valley Cemetery.

Proceed with caution - some of the content is extremely graphic.
Arrian Granden

Cooper Jay Shippy: Died at the age of  1 year, 11 months.

Jackson Scott Porter:  "The cause of death in this case will be listed as extreme prematurity."

Makenna Ryan Milburn: Died at the age of 9 hours, 17 minutes. Cause of death: Sudden unexplained infant death.

Memphis Lee Morris: Died at the age of 1 hour for problems associated with kidneys that failed to develop properly. "She held the child in the oven's doorway to help warm it up."
[Note: the mother was in labor through the night and the baby died in the morning. The Elders called the coroner at 1:30 in the afternoon, who arrived just after 2:00 pm. This sounds similar to baby Faith Pursley. Was this a resurrection attempt?] 

Pamela Jade Eeels: Died at the age of 16 from pneumonia.

Arrian Jade Granden: Died at the age of 15 after developing food poisoning, vomiting excessively and rupturing her esophagus.

Garrett Dean Eells: The 6-day-old infant "had been in respiratory distress since birth."

Micah Taylor Eells: Died of sepsis and a bowel blockage four days after he was born.
[Note: no autopsy was done. The medical examiner was confident about an intestinal blockage because of external symptoms. The baby's scrotum was swollen to four times the normal size.]

Oliver Samuel Shippy: Died after 22 hours of meconium aspiration syndrome - a condition caused when a baby's first stool is present in its lungs before or during delivery.

Preston John Bowers: Died at the age of 22 months from pneumonia.
[Note: the autopsy identifies the baby as having Down Syndrome. Family reports the baby as being "fussy" which they thought was teething.]

Rockwell Alexander Sevy: Died in his mother's lap at the age of 14 from pneumonia.

Teresa May Milburn: Died after a breached birth from a condition known as anoxia - a lack of oxygen.
[Note: the autopsy says "stillborn." The mother experienced hard and difficult labor for several days and reports that the baby stopped moving during hard labor, about two days before the birth.]



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