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1/21/2014 3:16 pm  #11

Re: Add soda to the list of sin and idols.

Absolutely wonderful post Micah.

One of my very last conversations with my friend followed that pattern. They refuse to acknowledge that 
"neutral" area of wisdom.

I remember that our conversation was about my taste in music. My friend suggested that I listen to music "of the world" and was in sin. 

"Well, I agree that there is music that is offensive to God... music that goes agaisnt His commands and values in scripture. I don't listen to those."
"Well, yes, but you listen to other worldly music."
"Like what?"
"....garbled Bible verse...If it is not of God, it is of the world. You can't be friends with the world or you're an enemy of God."
"Well, friend, I believe that the music I listen to can be glorifying to God even if it's not stamped with a seal of approval. Neutral songs can be about things that please God even though the singer does not intend for it to do so."
***He looked at me as if I were Satan.***
"...garbled Bible verse..."
"Okay Friend, you aren't getting it. So, let me give you an example. The band, U2, sings a lot of songs that are about topics that please God. Love, forgiveness, freedom, creation, etc. Are you telling me I am sinning by listening to those songs?"
"Yes. You need to repend."


1/21/2014 3:41 pm  #12

Re: Add soda to the list of sin and idols.

Nice, Micah. Sounds a little Buddhist to me...


1/22/2014 7:58 pm  #13

Re: Add soda to the list of sin and idols.

Aegonis3 wrote:

Wellsian wrote:

This explains why they got upset at me for giving Bug Juice to my step daughter.. They acted as though I have her poison

Sounds like there is a good story to be told? Please? :D

This was me, I was on another computer that didnt have my username on it. 

Before the hub bub about going to their store, Im a transplant here (not even a year), and I was stopping to get a drink because my stepdaughter said she was thirsty, so I picked up a bug juice and a dr. pepper for me and a soda for my friend, when the guy stopped me and said i take it you are travelling with a kid and I was like well yeah (derr) and he said well you shouldnt give that to them, its just colored sugar and its not natural, I said back "Whats a little sugar to them, you can only give them milk and water for so long." and he kind of scoffed and I said  "I'll give my kid what I give my kid, worry about your own." It had me thinking  WHY DO YOU EVEN SELL THIS STUFF THEN!? It was stupid.


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