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12/07/2013 2:09 pm  #1

Calvary Chapel Bible College relationship

Aegonis3 wrote:

So, your favorite Sith Overlord has good idea.

The Problem: Mainstream pastors/churches are not commenting on this group and their controversial issues. 

The Solution: We know that some of the CoW(ards) received some form of college education at Calvary Chapel Bible College. Let's compile a list.

Then what? We write a nice synopsis of what the group has done, (Baby Faith, Grove, familial separaion, silly books, trespassing) and which of their alums have been a part of it. Then, they will (hopefully) release some sort of statement.

So, let's get this list started! I can say for sure that the Frakers and Masao G. went to CBCC. Who else?

Hythlodaeus wrote:

All of them have backgrounds and upbringings of varying degrees of churchiness, but mostly moderate to somewhat rigid fundamentalist protestant and/or "Bible" churches. Interestingly, virutally no one is Catholic. If there is, it's just one or two. 
Most curious - the leaders themselves were not raised that way.



12/07/2013 5:27 pm  #2

Re: Calvary Chapel Bible College relationship

Daniel graduated from The College of Biblical Studies in. Houston. Not sure if Chris Smith or Cory attended classes there.


12/15/2013 1:43 am  #3

Re: Calvary Chapel Bible College relationship

4everfaithful wrote:

Aegonis3 wrote:

4everfaithful wrote:

Calvary Chapel Bible College where a few came from and were recruited from 

I can confirm that both Masao G. as well as Jordan and Nickie Fraker went to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Southern California. I know there is at least one or two more, but I forget who. I still have some of Jordan's older papers stored away somewhere form when we lived together.

yep and Brett and Suzie .....snagged

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