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11/11/2013 3:18 am  #1

Condescension of God

Commentary in New Recruit


11/12/2013 7:19 pm  #2

Re: Condescension of God

Now you can own this book for just $14.98!!   


11/12/2013 9:42 pm  #3

Re: Condescension of God

Will it be part of Oprah's book club?


11/14/2013 8:50 pm  #4

Re: Condescension of God

1) Holy cow, it's over 700 pages! 

2) I was actually considering buying it, but then noticed that you can get the entire thing for free on their website as a PDF. What's the point of selling a print version then? I'm confused. 

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11/14/2013 9:09 pm  #5

Re: Condescension of God

700 pages. Wonder how long that took to write?


11/14/2013 9:09 pm  #6

Re: Condescension of God

Some fun (quick) facts:

I enjoy textual analysis to discover themes. So, I downloaded the PDF version of the text and did some fun searches. This is in no way comprehensive, and unfortunately ignores context. But hey, what the heck? It still can shine some light on CoW and this book. Remember, there are 718 pages. 

Did you know that...

These words, all relating to "bad" stuff appear quite a bit. The number following the word is the number of PAGES the word is on, not the total number of times.

Sin: 494
Fear: 424
Death/Hell/Damnation/Kill: 359
Repent: 229
Evil: 186
World: 201
Destroy: 149
Fire: 120
Separate: 43
Drunk: 42

Ok - so what about the "good" stuff, you know, the fruirts of the spirit and all. Let's take a look at some of the following words and how many PAGES they appear one...

Love: 275
Heaven: 236
Peace: 87
Sacrifice: 53
Joy: 49
Goodness: 47
Kindness: 45
Forgive/Forgiveness: 31
Happy/Happiness: 20
Purity: 18
Patience: 15

Quite a disparity, huh? Now just wait until I get my "actual" textual analysis software so that I can examine context. ;-)


11/14/2013 9:19 pm  #7

Re: Condescension of God

I kind of figured that joy, kindness and patience would be at the bottom of the list. That fruit is not evident in their lives.


11/14/2013 11:50 pm  #8

Re: Condescension of God

It amazes me how preoccupied with sin they are. What happened to the part of the gospel where we were redeemed from sin by Christ and the cross? It's like reading a book about typewriters while we all own computers. That might be a good analogy...


11/17/2013 7:54 pm  #9

Re: Condescension of God

Here is the book description from Amazon:

John Knox was derided in his day for being too much of an Old Testament prophet. The caricature drawn may have been correct had it not been for the overwhelming idolatry and superstition that then pervaded the professing church of the 16th century. But so it was that darkness covered with its veil the eyes of the ignorant, that their eyes should be holden from steadfastly looking upon Jesus Christ the Righteous. Thus these poor souls beheld only the forms and traditions of the ecclesiastical body in which Satan then reigned as usurper; and, in consequence, they were shut up to the gospel promises by this works-righteousness offered them. It was into this scene which the character Knox appeared - with all his thundering judgments. Knox, filled with the Spirit, came convinced of the evil disease that had taken fast hold upon his nation of Scotland and of the prescription needed to see an end of the darkness. Thus he was not too much an Old testament prophet. He came amourning because there was something to be lamented in the church of the day. Carnal men, who are at all times at home and happy in this world, will never understand the likes of Knox.

My question to the reader is: how shall the church today arise from the ashes in which she lies? We who have drunk the moral anesthetic called, in our day, the gospel – how shall we awake? Declension has brought us back to another dark age, where the prophet and priest are just as profane as they were in Knox's day and the people are as ignorant as they were then too; thus we need another reformation. Not a return to the doctrine of Calvin or Arminius, but to the apostles' doctrine!

When immersed in the darkness of sleep, it never feels pleasant to at once be aroused by the blazing shock of harsh white lights. And so, it is rarely pleasing to be so awakened from such sinful slumber by the call of fiery preaching. We have, ad infinitum, sermons, books, classes, and whole conferences devoted to the fear of God – and yet we have not employed the knowledge we’ve acquired. The very thing we need most is the very thing we cannot acquire! How shall we attain unto the fear of God, that we may “serve him acceptably” (Heb. 12:28)? It’s time we stop giving assignments to our keynote speakers, and wait upon God! Surely if God assigned a man to the task, we would learn our lesson aright! We need a man who has been taken down to the third hell – a man who has ascended up the burning mount! How could the Ninevites resist such irresistible preaching from a man who came fresh from hell (see, Jon. 2:2)?

I believe God's found a man.

Reader, will you hear?

- Jake Gardner

Just who would this man be that God has found!? <trumpets sounding> Sean?


11/21/2013 8:32 am  #10

Re: Condescension of God

Does anyone else see a similarity in these writings to Shakespearean tragedy?

I do not see/hear any references to the atonement of Jesus's sacrifice or any buy in to the work of the Holy Spirit.  All the writings are very hard to read and takes time to re-read to figure out what is being said.  It is almost like a high school creative writing class assignment how to use the most adjectives with fewest nouns and verbs.  Some of the writers are really convuluted, like throwing together a mixed word salad from the thesarus and old testament and early preacher sermons.   The reader is left confused trying to follow the context to get to the kernal of truth supposedly being discussed.  I am a reader, and this is tougher than alligator jerky to chew on.

Heb 4:12

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