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9/22/2013 12:43 am  #1

CoW Political Positions?

In three years looking at CoW, I have rarely seen or heard what their stances are on a majority of contemporary social issues. I'm wondering if we could compile a list of them.

The rules: You must CITE where you got your answer - either from their website, doctnal statements, a sermon they gave, or a direct conversation with a member. Let's keep as much hearsay out of this thread as possible.

I'll start with an initial list. Feel free to add.

Gay marriage (not the sin of homosexuality)
US Military
Abortion - vehemently against. See Jake's poem on their site.
General contraceptive use - See same poem. Is there a hint that they're against it?
Gun control
American financial system of borrowing and lending
Education - we know they are against worldly education, but can we expand on this? Higher education? Trade school?
General political party alignment
Health care reform
The Occupy movement
Special needs/mentally disabled. Personal commentary coming soon.
Communion: wine or grape juice?
If wine, perspectives on alcohol?

I'm sure there are many more...

Now, I know for a lot these issues they would probably give the answer of "our kingdom is not of this world" kinda thing... But, deep down there MUST be a belief and/or stance.

Radh. Set. Go.


9/22/2013 12:46 am  #2

Re: CoW Political Positions?

Special needs/mental health - I'm epileptic (controlled now). My friend in the group told me that it's possible that it was from God to humble me and show me I needed salvation. Now, I know seizures get their own shout-out in scripture, but do you think they would apply the same logic to other forms of mental health issues?

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9/22/2013 5:32 pm  #3

Re: CoW Political Positions?

ive wondered abou the downs syndrom keyes girl.. is she considered saved? 
i can personally say that every downs person i have ever met.. child or adult.. they are the happiest people ever; as long as they don't have other disorders.. i have encountered one at a special needs day camp i used to volunteer at that was the exception.. however.. all of the others were genuinely happy.  what do they do about that genuine excitement that comes so naturally?  i so hope they havent figured out a way to break it..
but would they consider her saved?  or does she live among them.. damned to hell because she is unable to be down and heavy?


9/22/2013 5:48 pm  #4

Re: CoW Political Positions?

A very good question. I suppose it would depend on her level of cognition and ability to process. She can probably repeat back what she's told very easily. Which might be enough for the elders to decide to approve her salvation.
Chronologically she's an adult. Older than the elders. In fact, older than most of the women.


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