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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A


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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

   •   Who the heck is Israel Keyes?

Israel Keyes was a serial killer from Alaska. On February 1st, 2012, he kidnapped and murdered 18-year-old Samantha Koenig in Anchorage, Alaska.

Based on the investigation following his arrest in March 2012, Israel Keyes is believed to have committed multiple kidnappings and murders across the country between 2001 and March 2012. Keyes lived in Washington state from 2001 to March 2007, at which time he moved to Alaska. Keyes traveled extensively while working as a general contractor. Keyes described significant planning and preparation for his murders, reflecting a meticulous and organized approach to his crimes. According to the FBI, his killings may date back a decade or longer. His victims all appeared to be strangers to him, prey from random encounters. And investigators suspect he killed more than the eight they've zeroed in on. He'd fly someplace, rent a car, then drive hundreds of miles away. While he stole from Koenig using her ATM card, and confessed to bank robberies in Texas and New York, his motive did not appear to be financial.

Keyes told investigators he killed Koenig, a Vermont couple and five others (Karen Loeffler, U.S. attorney for Alaska). Investigators were able to corroborate enough of what he said about the deaths of William and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vt., to be convinced he was responsible, though they were not able to find the couple's bodies, Loeffler said. 

A "kill kit" was found in Essex - a five gallon bucket filled with ammunition, a silencer, gun scope, wires, a flashlight and other supplies. He buried the bucket the year before and then in June -- dug up the bucket -- and used those supplies when he kidnapped and killed the Curriers. The weapon used to shoot Bill Currier was found in Blake Falls Reservoir in New York. Investigators believe Keyes is responsible for 11 homicides.

APRIL 10, 2009: Keyes robbed Community Bank in Tupper Lake, New York. 

JUNE 9, 2011: William and Lorraine Currier disappear from their home in Essex, Vt.

FEB. 1, 8 pm: Samantha Koenig disappears from Common Grounds Espresso coffee stand on Tudor Road near the end of her shift. Her boyfriend was supposed to pick her up and drove around the coffee stand, calling on his cell phone, peering in the window, trying to figure out what happened to her while Keyes huddled inside.

FEB. 2, about 3 am: Keyes steals a debit card from a vehicle that Koenig shared and gets PIN number from her.

FEB 3: Police say they are investigating Koenig's disappearance as a kidnapping. Surveillance video shows armed man wearing a dark hoodie walk up to the coffee shack and force her to leave with him, police said. Police won't release video.

( Courtesy National Bank of Texas / December 3, 2012 )
These images from a National Bank of Texas branch in Azle, Texas show a man resembling Keyes robbing the bank in less than two minutes on Feb. 16. Keyes was never charged in relation to the robbery. It is believed that he set fire to a home in Aledo, Texas, on the same trip.

FEB. 24: A man later identified as Israel Keyes uses Koenig's cellphone to send a text message demanding ransom money.

MARCH 8: Police suggest that Koenig is still alive. "I'm privy to the details of the investigation, and I believe that she's alive," homicide Sgt. Slawomir Markiewicz said. But he doesn't provide any of those details.

MARCH 13: Israel Keyes is arrested in Lufkin, Texas, on a financial fraud charge. Police say he's connected to Koenig's disappearance.

APRIL 2: FBI divers recover Koenig's body from underneath the ice at Matanuska Lake.

DEC. 2: Keyes is found dead in the Anchorage Jail, an apparent suicide. According to the Department of Corrections, Keyes slit his wrist with a sliver of a razor embedded in a pencil and used a bed sheet to choke himself late Dec. 1 or early Dec. 2. A corrections officer found Keyes dead in a pool of blood the morning of Dec. 2. The FBI later revealed a bloody note -- a poem of no investigative value -- had been found under Keyes.
(Anchorage Daily News)
FBI file photo. Other pages here:

A complete collection -,0,4150231.special

Peninsula Daily News - SERIAL KILLER I: Israel Keyes history a shock to those who knew him in Neah Bay

Acting At Random - A study of Israel Keyes

   •   Was he in the Church of Wells?

No. He had a modest construction contracting company in Alaska and lived there from 2007 to 2012.
Keyes lived and worked as a carpenter and handyman on the Makah Indian Reservation in Neah Bay from 2001-2007. He was not a tribal member.

He was raised in Colville Washington. Keyes attended a Colville church called The Ark, along with two childhood friends and neighbors - Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe - who are domestic terrorists and white supremacists and now in prison for murder and attempted murder.
According to Bill Morlin of Montgomery, Alabama's Southern Poverty Law Center, the Kehoes and Keyeses were members of The Ark, which preached white supremacy. Pastor Dan Henry confirms the three attended the church (now called Our Place Fellowship) in the 1990s, before the Kehoes turned into terrorists. Chevie, who in 1996 murdered Arkansas gun dealer William Mueller and his wife and small daughter in an attempt to help cover up Timothy McVeigh's role in the Oklahoma City bombing, was on the run when he was memorably caught on videotape attempting to kill an Ohio state trooper and a sheriff's deputy in a wild shootout.

His father moved the family to Maine in the late 1990s. John Keyes died in 2002, from complications of a heart condition that he refused medical care for (unconfirmed).

In July 1998, he joined the Army, inducted in New Jersey. He was at Fort Hood, Texas, then was stationed at Fort Lewis until July 2001. He did a brief tour in Egypt.

   •   What does he have to do with Church of Wells?

Well, not much. Israel was one of nine siblings. His mother and four sisters met Jake Gardner or William Pearce in Indiana and moved to Texas to join the Church of Wells in 2011. Israel was in Texas to attend the first of two sisters' weddings after Samantha's murder. If he hadn't been arrested in Lufkin, it's likely that he would have gone back for the second wedding a few weeks later.  

Jake Gardner: "It was 11:51 am, December 2, 2012 this past Sunday a week from today that I got the call. Tanner Trudeau, son-in-law to Ms. Heidi Keyes, the mother of Israel Keys telling me the news...that Israel had died. He committed suicide."

The Welldurs (Jake, Ryan and Sean) didn't know Israel Keyes. Jake Gardner had never met him. Which means Jake was not there for the sister's wedding.
But the Welldurs took over when Israel died in prison. Obviously, because they control the Keyes women. Jake Gardner represented the family and presided over the funeral. Arrangements were made in Deer Park, Washington. Regional rumor has it that it was the only funeral home with an attached chapel (a requirement of Jake's) that would take Israel Keyes. Other siblings didn't attend the service.

We don't often see media coverage of serial killers' funerals, staged with all the trappings of Christian burial and religious services in a chapel. Most of the time, a killer's passing is ignored, reserved for those who may have memories of a better time.
This was a publicity moment for Church of Wells; just another "social media" promotion. A nauseating version of painful street-preaching through technology. A 21st-century gospel outreach maximized to reach the greatest number of people through news coverage of the horrific drama of the kidnap and murder of a teenager on an average snowy Wednesday night in Alaska. 

► The Welldurs have squeezed every ounce of media attention they could, out of the Israel Keyes story and the tragedy of Samantha Koenig's murder. And still are.

                    These young men should be deeply ashamed of themselves.



Samantha Koenig and her daddy

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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

What channel and time is the Israel Keyes thing tonight?


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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

I saw it.  Hy hit the nail on the head, as usual.  Jake the Snake even shared the url for the CoW.


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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

Ok, we just watched the interview with Jake concerning Israel Keyes. How many times can you use the word "saved" in a run on sentence?


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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

Kjdean49 wrote:

Ok, we just watched the interview with Jake concerning Israel Keyes. How many times can you use the word "saved" in a run on sentence?

I haven't seen any of that stuff. I can't seem to get it. I quit trying yesterday.


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Re: Serial killer Israel Keyes/Q&A

Please post a link if anyone can.


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