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9/20/2013 1:47 pm  #1

Discussion - Part 2

This starts the next thread. Review the first one to get caught up on the gossip. If you want to reference something from the first thread (or anywhere), here are two ways to do that:

• Use the 'quote' button and then copy and paste into a new reply.
• Right-click on the post number in the upper right-hand corner. Copy the "link address." Paste it into a new reply.

Sounds complicated and time-consuming. It's not.


9/20/2013 3:31 pm  #2

Re: Discussion - Part 2

Has anyone watched the latest video? The "Catherine Grove Documentary"?


9/20/2013 3:34 pm  #3

Re: Discussion - Part 2

Catherine probably beleives that God will kill her if she leaves CoW.


9/20/2013 3:35 pm  #4

Re: Discussion - Part 2

Also, people are always putting graffiti on the bathroom walls where I work (guess who gets to fix it) and it is often much worse than these guys got in their R&R.


9/20/2013 5:35 pm  #5

Re: Discussion - Part 2

Oohh a shiny new thread. Let's not graffiti the walls now... We may have guests coming. I've made some finger sandwiches and afternoon tea for all to enjoy.


9/20/2013 5:51 pm  #6

Re: Discussion - Part 2

Aegonis3 wrote:

Oohh a shiny new thread. Let's not graffiti the walls now... We may have guests coming. I've made some finger sandwiches and afternoon tea for all to enjoy.

Cucumber? Vegemite? Bacon?


9/20/2013 5:53 pm  #7

Re: Discussion - Part 2

I'll bring the poutine.

I need a cuppa. It's been a long hard mean day.


9/20/2013 7:07 pm  #8

Re: Discussion - Part 2

It's been a long hard WEEK, anon!


9/21/2013 10:59 am  #9

Re: Discussion - Part 2

brittney wrote:

The Facebook page, "Pray for Catherine Grove," was not set up nor is it managed by ANYONE from the Grove family, especially not Andy or Patty Grove. I'm the page creator and only administrator, Brittney Redd. I have no family relation to the Grove family. I saw them for the first time and heard their story at First Baptist Church on August 25th. I was so saddened and desperately wanted to help Catherine and her parents. If all I could do was tell people to pray, I was certainly going to do so. Obviously the page has grown to a much larger number than I ever anticipated. I am the one who has looked into a donation account for the Grove family. They NEVER asked me to do so. The things written in the newspaper implying that Andy and Patty created this page and are asking for money are both COMPLETELY FALSE. I would just like the record to be set straight regarding both these allegations. 

     Thread Starter

9/21/2013 4:47 pm  #10

Re: Discussion - Part 2

something that just jumped out at me and made me sad.. on the home page..the group pic between first and second pole of the porch.. the young lady that is the only child saved... she looks soo sad and hollow...


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