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9/18/2013 12:35 am  #11

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

...or something like that, huh? I think they were gauging reaction. Seeing if a "conversation" might happen over there? <smiling cheerfully, eyebrows raised>


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9/18/2013 6:48 pm  #12

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

jakes blog has been updated..


9/18/2013 7:20 pm  #13

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

I thought we could start an official thread for all comments related to the content on their website: blogs, updates, poetry, pics, etc.

Did anyone notice the "I'm lost, how do I get saved?" link on the top of their page? Is it new? I check their page often and this is the first time I've noticed it.

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9/18/2013 7:21 pm  #14

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

i noticed it a couple of days ago.. it is the same link found under another header... resources maybe?


9/18/2013 9:36 pm  #15

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

Did you see the new video on the home page? It is a rebuttal of the media coverage. Everyone is lying...


9/18/2013 9:44 pm  #16

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

13:00 - Jordan and Randall asked for a moment to go pray and cry out to God "just to see if that would be right in the sight of God" for them to "call her" and "get ahold of Catherine" and "put her on speaker phone." They then "had faith that this was God's will, a solution."

13:36 - "So we decided that and we had called Catherine..."  
13:49 - "...even as we were speaking to her..."

So she had use of a phone at that moment.

Jordan Fraker. From the 20:04 mark:

It was at this point, that desiring in my own heart just to help Catherine's friend understand, why, Catherine would be so set in her heart just to seek God and not necessarily meet with her, though she had come so far. And it was just in my heart to help her understand biblically what was going on and I just looked at her and I pled with her, I said, I said, if you like, I would be more than happy to sit down and go through the word of God with you about why Catherine is desiring to seek God so steadfastly, uh, because Catherine's friend had asked, just why, why don't you want to meet with me and Catherine had tried multiple times to really express it that...and really she ended up not being able to say all of why, but she just said that I can't say all of why, but I just don't believe that God wants me to right now. And, so I was just desiring to give more clarity on that situation, but to the grief of my heart, Catherine's friend and this fireman both just said, no thank you and walked off. 
It was a great grief to both of our hearts, Randall and I, uh, we just desire that they would be willing, just reasonable, just to sit down and hear the scriptures and to understand; it would be very clear, it wouldn't be unusual. It would be only reasonable if you saw that you were under the wrath of your own Creator, set to destroy you, that you had been provoking him by hypocrisy and been a Pharisee your whole life, and now God was giving you light, that you would wanna take heed. To the light that God was giving you and not harden your heart and not just pretend like everything's alright, but to believe God and to live in light of what God is saying!
And so I hope these things have cleared up just these accusations, just cleared up this matter and what happened and what was said by the Groves on the Evening Express and we do desire that those of you hearing our voice, that you would be helped and not led astray by these slanders.


• In normal circumstances, when would two gas station employees (just doin' their jobs) have decision-making authority to interact and deal with family, to 'problem-solve' family conflict (on the job, no less!), of a woman who goes to their church?
• Okay, in what reality does a group of men run interference with a woman's phone calls? 
• Assuming that Catherine and Patty have had a lifetime of normal mother/daughter dynamics, normal family relationship challenges and conflict, why would Catherine NOT call her mom and tell her to leave her alone?  Why not?!

► Catherine. If this is just a normal thing and there is no problem, then you look like the world's biggest drama-queen. If there is no problem and you just want your parents to leave you alone, there's a simple, effective, easy way to get there. You simply take the phone in your hand, with no chaperone and monitoring, and call your mother and tell her to leave you alone. Bam. Done. If everything is perfectly fine and normal, then the only possible explanation is that you are behaving like an outrageous spoiled brat. An over-indulged teenager, worthy of a 'Dr. Phil' intervention. If this persists and you cannot/will not call your family, then everything is not okay. It is that simple.



9/18/2013 10:43 pm  #17

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

Kjdean49 wrote:

Did you see the new video on the home page? It is a rebuttal of the media coverage. Everyone is lying...

Awww, they call it a documentary. Now that's cute.

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9/18/2013 10:45 pm  #18

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

Someone with more guts than me needs to comment on their blog and see if it is removed...first one nice one then one against them ......see which one sticks!


9/18/2013 11:04 pm  #19

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

Dear friends and welldurs of CoW: Let's pull media and scripture out of context. Let's use images and captions created by others and attribute them to the Groves. (I'm referring to the church signs, the headlines, the teaser lines, and the chants of others.) Oh, and for good measure, let's make sure we twist some scripture, appeal to emotion, and appeal to perceived threat (damnation). I have another great idea! Lets not for a minute consider actually appearing on camera... White and red text will do all the talking for us. For extra style and holiness points,  let's make sure we play a nice melodic piano in the background. And, for our grand finale, let's play lyrics that make us seem like righteous pariahs!

Your PR and media relations expert.

PS: The more words we can make up, the better. I swear, it makes us sound more intelligent! Like, my favorite, "threatenings."

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9/18/2013 11:09 pm  #20

Re: Website Commentary/New CoW Website: Put Off Thy Shoes [combined]

Gotta make some fake email accounts first. Oh, and they get to approve all comments.

You know, for all the commentary and perspectives offered by both sides, at least we here at our Boardhost community have the guts to leave the forum open for CoW response (if they dare).

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