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10/21/2013 6:11 am  #21

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

If you aren't "like-minded" with them, you cannot attend their secret services.


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Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology


I think the holiness = strangeness thing is but another justifaction to their persecution complex. With that construct in place:
Born again = Holy.
Holy = Strange & Unholy =/= Unstrange.
Therefore, when people call me strange, I am holy. When people say they are normal, they are the unholy ones.

And Anon, yes, like KJ said, their services (at least some) are closed. We will have to confirm their vernacular, but I know they have "solemn assembly" - their version of what contemporary Christianity sees as Sunday morning church. Maybe "official church meeting" are more business-like? Money, tasks, etc. I kind of see a good reason to keep that for "members only," but at the same time it would be nice to see some transparency.

Speaking of transparency, I know my Church sends out yearly reports and budget statements to all of the members on the mailing list (2,000+). I wonder how transparent CoW is with their members.


10/21/2013 2:07 pm  #23

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

This stuff is much more sophisticated and deeper than that. Core tenants to their philosophy. A mysticism; ritualistic. You're taking it at face value and how they apply, not what the idea really means to them.

Verily, the world is not for the church and the church is not for the world.

This business about strangness equates to holiness is critical to their dogma. 

Compare the two versions of bible quote:

John 1:13 -  "Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."
Sean Morris: "They are natural men, born “of blood”, and they need to be born into a family of lineage that is 'of God' (1 John 1:13)."

They want all child-bearing couples. Single women. Babies. That's what this is about. They are the "family of lineage." But what's the lineage? Does Sean Morris or one of the others believe themselves to be a descendent of Jesus himself? Or something else? Allegory? Allegorical to what?

This is about understanding their goals and plans. How it fits together for a purpose.


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10/21/2013 3:02 pm  #24

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

.... Yes..something like that.. According to this   one group leader (name not mentioned) believes himself a prophet.... (if you can trust wikinews)

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10/21/2013 7:32 pm  #25

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

love n forgiveness wrote:

According to this one group leader (name not mentioned) believes himself a prophet

Yes. The leader seems to believe he is a prophet. And that others in the group have "prophetic gifts."

"As for your question on if one of us considers our self a prophet...I can say that the Spirit of prophesy is certainly working in our midst by God's grace (1 Cor. 14:23-25), and, I can say that, according to Numbers 12:6, there are many revelations of the Spirit to us by vision and dream. We believe that God is teaching us about prophesy, but we would fear to take such a title upon ourselves (privately or publicly), for in many ways we fall underneath the NT standard and testimony of what the Church normally was in the Gospel accounts and the book of Acts. Who are we to take such a title, until we are worthy of it? But by God's grace, God certainly does speak to us."


We already knew that from their writings and sermons, but it's a great brief article. 


10/22/2013 3:21 pm  #26

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

Sean Morris: "They are natural men, born “of blood”, and they need to be born into a family of lineage that is 'of God' (1 John 1:13)."

The "family of lineage" that is 'of God'? Themselves. The Church of Wells couples.
The Church of Wells new babies? Descendants of God. Conceived and born under the "direct sovereignty of God" and free from Original Sin. 

→  Strangeness = sanctified special people = a unique generation of humans that are something different than human, not descendent from Adam, human hybrids with God-like attributes, qualities, characteristics = Divine Principle

Why does it take weeks and months for conversion or regeneration?

► They are petitioning God to accept them. Begging, pleading, crying out, pounding on the door, etc.
► The petitioner is proving himself. Being tested. Being initiated.
► They can't be interrupted; hear or speak with anyone, because it screws up the process.
► They believe themselves to literally die. In human form. And be reborn as something else. Mutated. Removed from the mammal section of the planetary bioorganism list. "You Must Be Born Again."


Adam could not become the True Parent, but rather established the coming of very sinful parents. The Messiah's doctrine, Christ's doctrine, teaches how to engraft history in front of God by the process of restoration through indemnity. This is necessary because of the fall.

We must overcome self-centered attachment to our satanic parents and make the final victory centering on true love. Only through God sending the Messiah can we surrender the satanic lineage.

If there is one who does the work of removing the satanic lineage from the generations of humankind, that one is the Messiah. 

                                                                                        THE TRUE MEANING OF REBIRTH

Rebirth does not come through fallen people who are the fallen descendants of Adam and Eve; it must come through the blood and flesh of sinless parents. Unless you go through this, you cannot go back to God. The original root of sin began with Adam and Eve. This must be indemnified and overcome. You cannot go back to God's side unless you are reborn, having no original sin and having nothing to do with sin.**What is God's method for saving us? Salvation cannot come within the fallen sovereignty, no matter how much effort God makes. That is why God must send the model of unfallen Adam and Eve, the True Parents, to this earth. Through these parents, humankind goes through the course of birthing pain, separating eternally from the satanic dominion. Then no matter what, Satan cannot invade; only God can dominate and subjugate us. People with original sin cannot go back to the original sinless position without being born again.

You may say you need to be born again, but in order for you to be born again you need to love Jesus more than anyone. Satan's dominion is based on satanic love, so you must realize that unless your work of God-centered love is on a higher level than that of satanic love, there is no way for you to connect to God.

Maybe the work of changing the blood lineage is done by the Messiah, but the art of changing yourself is the work of no one other than yourself. Unless this is accomplished, you cannot advance on the road to salvation. It does not happen easily; you must face and overcome life and death situations. Unless you do forty days' prayer, fast, or face the near-fatal situation in which you are vomiting blood, the change of blood lineage might not be possible.

Since your given position has nothing to do with the True Parents, and instead you were born with the blood of false parents who were chased out of heaven, you must deny and transcend yourself in order to get rid of your blood lineage. Basically, without changing the blood lineage, you cannot go to heaven.

We must overcome self-centered attachment to our satanic parents and make the final victory centering on true love. Only through God sending the Messiah can we surrender the satanic lineage.

Source: The Master Plan - Changing The Lineage, The Second Coming


10/30/2013 8:20 pm  #27

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

Here you go bud; I found you a friend. If you come to California and take my public speaking classes, I'll pay your tuition and buy your books; you can be my project. 

Love, A3



10/31/2013 8:46 pm  #28

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

Wow. That was one of the funniset things I've ever seen. The video description is great...
In Ohio US, Candidate Phil Davison delivers his cadidate speach in his own "unique" way! He does however appear to be having some kind of mental breakdown. Oh, and he lost his nomination.

And this comment is great....
Thank god he has a masters in communication, what would this speech be like with out it.

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11/25/2013 8:03 pm  #29

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

2 Peter wrote:

Question for Anon (Angie the Anti-Theist)

Anon, are you Angie or just referencing her vids?  Can you share more of what led her away from her upbringing and how that took place? 

Do you have thoughts about other religious faiths besides Christianity? 



11/25/2013 8:05 pm  #30

Re: What they believe/doctrine/theology

2 Peter wrote:

I found this question interesting as it relates to the COW leaders espousing the same principle.  Found it at the bottom of the webpage that Hyth posted above as an additional link. 

"Does 'Touch Not the Lord's Anointed' Mean that Abusive Pastors Can't be Challenged?"



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