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Re: The Grove Controversy

Is her show a national audience? I noticed on her Facebook, it hadn't been updated lately.


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Re: The Grove Controversy

It's a private grass-roots show. Owned, produced, broadcast by herself.

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Re: The Grove Controversy

Posting this here because - well, just because.

My disclaimer is that I do not have an immediate family member in the clutches of the CoW. I can only intellectually "understand" what that is like, so I acknowledge much leeway in reactions.

Here's my comment:
Writing posts (seen elsewhere) with 60 + exclamation points doesn't help get your point across. Re-posting the exact same posts repeatedly has a similar problem. These things cause mainstream media and the mainstream audience to discount what you legitimately have to say, and may actually be a hindrance to getting your message out.

Just my thoughts.


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Re: The Grove Controversy

Can I be Honest.
Only if I can be Frank.

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Re: The Grove Controversy

Exchange on The Roth Show Facebook page. March 2, 2014


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Re: The Grove Controversy

Live chat transcript from KLTV. (This is old.)

Wednesday November 20, 2013 

Diane: This is a very disturbing story  
Marshall Stephens (KLTV): Thanks for joining us tonight, everyone. Taylor will be here momentarily. He's just getting off the set 
Taylor Hemness: Good evening everyone! What's your reaction to our special report tonight on "The Church of Wells?" Do you think the church is trying to take over the town? 
Marshall Stephens (KLTV): Alright, Taylor is here. Does anyone have any questions about tonight's report?  
Karen: I am the mother of one of the members of the church. We have had no contact since June 1, 2012.  
Amy Young: Good I have lots of questions  
Kitty: What are your feelings on this group? Do you think they're a cult?  
Margaret Roach: I was wondering, why the question of the church members harboring a known serial killer, whose mother and sister are members of this church, was not asked! It is my understanding he lived with members for at least a month!  
Guest: I hate this is happening to Wells--we live about 10 miles from it in Alto, and I do think this is a cult.
Taylor Hemness: Kitty: Cult is a REALLY strong word. I definitely think this is a religious group with some beliefs that are different than what most people are used to. 
Joe Wells: If there is nothing much going on with this group in Wells as other than the Grove girls the preacher mentioned, why is there such a big deal?  
Karen: Someone needs to bring out more details about the death of the baby. 
Amy Young: My first question is Catherine is there anything new with her  
concerned citizen: Do you think they knew he was a serial killer?  
Taylor Hemness: Karen, why has it been so long since you spoke to your family member?
Guest: they knew allright  
Guest: thank you for the coverage! Trust me, they are watching this chat!
Taylor Hemness: Amy, we know that the sheriff's office just spoke to Catherine again earlier this month. She still says that she's alright, and does NOT want to see her family. 
Amy Young: Who is a serial killer  
Margaret Roach: Gee, Kent Henson knew...he found him and arrested him outside of the Cotton Patch in Lufkin! 
Guest: That is so sad she has been brainwashed by these false prophets
concerned citizen: has anyone meaning townspeople seen catherine in town?
Karen: We were cut off because we called them a cult. The baby was our grand baby. The last time we saw our daughter and other grandchildren was at the memorial service  
Joe Wells: Locals have spread lies about these people since the start of all this. Why has no one looked into the lies the town folk are spreading?  
Guest: If they are a religion, what faith do they claim to be?  
Kitty: In my opinion, CULT is not too strong a word. Boarded up windows, people being kept away from their families, etc!  
Taylor Hemness: Karen: Baby Faith was your grandbaby?  
Margaret Roach: He killed a young girl in Alaska and being looked at for several other murders in various states.  
Taylor Hemness: Joe: what lies are townspeople spreading, in your opinion?  
Guest: Joe Wells: must be a member  
Karen: Yes, Taylor, she was.  
Christina Greenville: yes joe must be  
Ron: is this a group like Waco or Jim Jones??  
Joe Wells: The Groves have not knocked on every door in this town, they shun people who try to help but are not 100% behind them  
Christina Greenville: they are a CULT!  
Guest: Ron: Yes.  
Guest: Has WACO all over it seems to me.  
Taylor Hemness: Karen, I'm so sorry. We know that the investigation into Faith's death is still open in the Cherokee County D.A.'s office.  
Joe Wells: I assure you, I am NOT a member of this church/group/cult  
Christina Greenville: the Groves are WELCOMED at our HOMES ANYTIME  
concerned citizen: yes Karen, we are very sorry for your loss  
Christina Greenville: Hi Ms. Karen!!!  
Amy Young: I'm sure they are watching so them I say Heavenly Father touch these people touch their hearts and minds make them be all consumed by you and you alone I pray for the girls in there that they would hold onto you and I pray for the children in their that they are safe and lord watch over and protect ten amen  
Kitty: We should have learned from the kidnappings in Cleveland boarded up windows and secrecy behind doors are not good things.  
Joe Wells: I am a resident that has lived here many many years and knows most every one here and am ashamed at how the towns people as well as the pastors are behaving 
Guest: Those guys have tried to recruit a lot of people at SFA, Angelina College, Lufkin schools, and even at the Lufkin Mall. They're nuts.
Guest: who is a serial killer? 
Guest: Does no one know what Faith they claim to be?  
Karen: Taylor, you say cult is a strong word. Have you read the book about the doctrine of judgement? 
concerned citizen: i agree with the statement in your story about the church being referred to as "the church of wells"...  
Guest: The Church of Wells is on a Cult Watch List.  
Taylor Hemness: Again Joe, what's upsetting you about people in town? Can you offer more specifics?  
Guest: Sounds like you should join Joe  
Joe Wells: The Groves have never been to my home nor have they spoken to me. They claim they have, but they have not.  
Ron sure sounds like it to me... People held against their will in the name of religion....  
Taylor Hemness: Guest: they say that they are Christians.  
Jeff: Cult Watch List? Who has a cult watch list? 
Guest: Why are so many people moving to ONE specific town to join this "church?" 
Taylor Hemness: Karen, I have not read that.  
Guest: I am thinking its another Waco situation in the works, but thats my opinion...  
Guest: To anyone in Wells, TX: What was Wells like prior to their arrival? 
Christina Greenville: hahaha! M Granny has been here for more than 40 years ol' Joe and she is not for them 
Guest: I would not want to speak to you Joe with your attitude  
Christina Greenville: it was a hole in the wall  
Jeff: Is this church arming themselves? Do they have a lot of guns or something? If not, why compare it to Waco?  
concerned citizen: i refer to them as extremist  
Christina Greenville: a ghost town.  
Karen: Hi Christina! 
Amy Young: Great job on covering the story I've been researching this story for a while so I'm just waiting on everything to be brought to light and great job again  
Taylor Hemness: Thank you Amy, and thank you all for watching tonight. 
Guest: Go to Cults in Texas. 
Karen: Taylor, keep digging.  
Guest: I agree with Amy you have done a great job...  
Joe Wells: I do not agree with their beliefs, however, I do not believe they should be condemned for practicing what they believe to be right. How would it be looked upon if everyone was behaving the same way against the Baptist or Methodist church here. The Pentecost don't believe the same as the others but we are not trying to destroy them.  
AmenaW_: Enjoyed it very much, Taylor. 
Christina Greenville: Yes, Taylor you did an awesome job  
Guest: I've heard they bought property in Pollock, Central, and Lufkin. Is this true?  
concerned citizen: Do you think that the church members will try to purchase the house when the Dr. puts it up for sale?  
Guest: All religions claim to be Christian; but what religion do they claim? Any certain religion and if they are Christian, why so many secrets? 
Amy Young: Yes please don't stop  
Kitty: The problem is too many people are politically correct to call a cult a cult. Or else they don't know enough to recognize one right in front of them!  
Margaret Roach: This summer I was going to the Polk's in Wells, and one of the female members of the church was walking down 1819 with her arms in the air and looked like she was praying, it was over a 100 degrees outside, it may no sense to me!  
Christina Greenville: So, Joe did they tell your loved one they were going to hell and they were going to die?
Christina Greenville: who are they to JUDGE? 
Margaret Roach: I feel this story needs to go national......  
Taylor Hemness: Concerned citizen: that's a very good question, and one that we intend to keep track of. Dr. Williams told us that it will probably be put up for sale after the first of the year.  
AmenaW_: The story was well done, Taylor. Thank you!  
Joe Wells: Taylor, There are many things the people including the Groves do not share with the news. They only want to give the details that help them regardless of the truth. 
Christina Greenville: DO TELL Joe  
Guest: No--Joe has no idea what these people are doing. Loved the report taylor  
Guest: The story has gone national: It was on CNN.  
Taylor Hemness: Thank YOU Amena!  
Jeff Mcknight: Taylor Great Job. 
Margaret Roach: Did you asked where Catherine was?  
Guest: Wells has never been a attractive place. Dee's cafe is good though  
Christina Greenville: Obviously, the town except for Joe wants them to leave! WOW!  
Christina Greenville: do they invade your home? come on your property and pick fruits, berries without your permission? 
Douglass resident: I will start paying more attention to this news story, but at first glance my first thought was WACO all over again  
Taylor Hemness: No I did not Margaret. Again, our story was targeted toward the civic/economic impact of the church, not on the other reasons that they've been in the news. We know that she was still in Wells as of the first week of this month.  
Christina Greenville: not really on Dee's  
Guest: where do they get their money from. I can't believe a retail buisness in  
Guest: Why is this church different than all religion?  
Joe Wells: I know for fact several people have claimed things were said to them when they were not. I was there and heard what happened. They lied and made the story bigger.  
Christina Greenville: it's not a church.. it's group of controlling men!  
Mutant Bob: All religion teaches hate.  
TD: Last time I looked at their website I don't think there is hardly anyone over 30 years old in their front page photo. Who do they look to for spiritual guidance? Most churches have a lineage of older people of faith.  
concerned citizen: all I know is that if my daughter was "missing" and then found and refused to see me, I would search high and low and do anything just as the groves have done.  
Nana: What story? 
Christina Greenville: You wee in my Grandmother's MOE? 
Christina Greenville: were  
Mutant Bob: The Holy Bible teaches men to be controlling. 
Joe Wells: Bob is correct.  
Guest: Mutant: I may not be the most religious person on the planet, but you can't say that. I know it ain't true.  
Taylor Hemness: We heard several stories in the course of investigating this story of church members speaking in not so gentle tones to townspeople. But without speaking to the members accused of doing it, we felt it was unfair to report those stories.  
Guest: Joe: I am convinced you are a member or an idiot.  
Kitty: Yeah, where do they get all this money to operate and buy and rent property all over town and elsewhere? Is it like some of the other cults where they have to turn it all over to the "church"?!  
Amy Young: I don't know any religion that teaches hate your wrong!!!!  
Joe Wells: The Bookers are in their group, they have been here for quite some time, Why is no one trying to save them from the demons? 
Margaret Roach: If they have nothing to hide, then they need to let Catherine see her family, without any church members present.  
Mutant Bob: I refused to see my parents for years not because I was in a cult, because they were being idiots 
TD: Why is there no one over 30 in the church?  
Christina Greenville: hahahah!!! I would love for someone "man" to try and control me.  
Guest: I wonder where they get their money? I assume these guys came from wealthy families. 
Taylor Hemness: TD:--that's an interesting point to. And we had more than one person insinuate that they don't believe the church is looking for older members. But again, we couldn't confirm that with the church. 
Guest: His name is Jesus, Christina.  
Mutant Bob: All religions teach hate. Christianity tells us to kill women if they try to teach a man anything  
Christina Greenville: They cut themselves away from their family! 
Guest: TD: A lot of high schoolers and college students get recruited. Plus young adults who shop a lot in malls are a big targets. 
Christina Greenville: Yes, JESUS can control ME! But, not an EARTHLY man  
Guest: Sounds like Christianity.  
Joe Wells: There are many families of members who do have contact, another lie.  
concerned citizen: yes there are older members 
AmenaW_: Correct assumption as far as the elders are concerned, Guest:. 
Guest: Jesus was a man.  
Taylor Hemness: Margaret--again, according to Catherine, she does NOT WANT to see her family.  
Mutant Bob: Christianity lead directly to the crusades, the spanish inquisition and so much torture it isn't funny  
Amy Young: Taylor will they let you see Catherine 
Guest: I came here to try to learn something about the church,but................. 
Mutant Bob: Even G.W. Bush said his war in Iraq was ordained by god  
Christina Greenville: it's not a church  
AmenaW_: That is not a lie, Joe. I've spoken to some of them. 
Taylor Hemness: Amy, without talking to more members, I don't know if that's possible. We only had an extended conversation with a couple of members, and we did not discuss Catherine, or her whereabouts.  
Margaret Roach: Before I knew that they owned the R&R my daughter and I went in the store to look for a missing ingredient, they made us very uncomfortable and we left, not making a, I didn't like the way these young men were looking at my daughter.  
Jeff: Taylor: How long has the church been in Wells? Do they have connections to other towns in our area?  
TD: The 30 and under thing is scary to me - are they using their influence to have sex with the female members - think of almost all cults - Waco / is the other Warren Jeffs? For some reason the head male leaders always seem to sleep with all female members. 
Kay Dubya: What makes it "not" a "church"?  
Guest: Taylor, did they try to protelyze you as you were interviewing them?  
Mutant Bob: It is a group of like minded individuals practicing their beliefs. That is a church 
Christina Greenville: 2 years Jeff  
Taylor Hemness: Jeff: as best we can tell, they've been there for about two years. 
concerned citizen: i have not been approached by any of the members,in fact they almost avoid me..not too sure what that means lol  
Guest: No that isn't what the Bible teaches! Men are to be leaders but not controlling!  
Mutant Bob: 30 and under is smart. Fresh thought leads to fresh ideas  
Joe Wells: They believe you must live your every moment for Christ, the local churches preach this but do not live it as these folks do.  
Guest: They are probably using women for sex  
Taylor Hemness: Guest: no they did not.  
Jeff Mcknight: Taylor was there any older people in the Church?  
Joe Wells: Leave them alone and worry about real issues that affect you.  
Kay Dubya: It says you can take slaves and beat them near death, but not kill them.  
Christina Greenville: When, they live across the street from you - you get a front row seat of these folks are about  
Taylor Hemness: Jeff: there are a few "over 30" members pictured on the church's website, but not many.  
Mutant Bob: Joe welsh if you don't live every moment for christ you are blasphemous by your own book  
Guest: you don't live there do you?? How do we know they are not??  
Guest: That's surprising. Considering they never seem to talk to other people unless they protelyze. 
Mutant Bob: So the Church of Wells seems to be as smart as any other church  
Guest: Have they done anything illegal?  
Taylor Hemness: Guest: they knew I was a member of the media. 
Joe Wells: Our churches are full of people who do not live the word as they claim. All prettied up for service then act like fools the rest of the time. Always forgetting that God sees ALL! 
Mutant Bob: No, nothing illegal 
Taylor Hemness: Guest: not that we know of. Again, members have been given criminal trespass warnings by the sheriff's office, but we don't know of any instances of laws being broken. 
Jeff: I've hear they proselytize in town. Isn't that how they got nailed on criminal trespassing charges? 
Guest: i i am assuming most of you are from wells??? 
Mutant Bob: I am more scared of the jehovah witnesses that come to my door every other week  
Guest: A Why did one elder's wife leave the COW? 
Margaret Roach: Why did they not seek medical attention for the baby? 
Mutant Bob: and the mormons with their magic underwear  
Guest: Joe Wells: you probably have no friends. I really do feel sorry for you. Bitter old man.  
Guest: Mutant Bob: seems to have a personal problem. I'm not sure his parents were the idiots!  
Taylor Hemness: Guest: A: the woman who left that we know of, WAS NOT one of the elder's wives. 
Christina Greenville: If I moved to Tyler with a group of people and claimed to be a church.. and starting taking over.. what would one think?  
Mutant Bob: I do have personal problems with hate filled religions. 
Christina Greenville: I kept all my seeds in a wad.. barefoot and pregnat  
Guest: what did they do to warrant criminal trespass  
Kay Dubya: That you were in a church.  
Taylor Hemness: Jeff, again, no criminal trespassing CHARGES, just written warnings.  
TD: I have a feeling that Christina is caught up - we all know the story of an innocent young girl who is lonely, someone shows that they are interested, and unfortunately, sometimes those people take advantage of them. In a way, the story of Christina is sorta similar to the parents not approving of their daughter's male suitor, but this has the added church element.
Mutant Bob: kltv supports many churches on their website while slandering the church of wells  
Guest: Mutant Bob:, why do you have to be so intolerant. At least the Mormons and Jehovas Witnesses talk and interact with other people normally. The COW can't even do that.  
Jeff: But where were they when they got the WARNINGS?  
Joe Wells: Wells is the most blissful place on earth, remember the old saying? It fits here, full of ignorance.  
Guest: Mutant Bob: really needs to read the Bible! He is wrong!!! 
Guest: what didthey do to warrant criminal trespass warnings  
Kay Dubya: Why must you be intolerant to the CoW? 
Margaret Roach: I do not live in Wells, but, live close! I grew up in Dallas, Texas.....Taylor were those for trespassing at Lufkin High School?    
Guest: Mutant Bob:--MEMBER 
Taylor Hemness: Mutant Bob: I don't believe that we're slandering the church of wells. Trust we, we made every effort to let members respond to these allegations, and the comment you saw from Jake was all we could get. We're talking about the church's presence...not it's doctrine. 
Guest: FYI a person cannot be charged with Criminal Trepass until they have received an official warning to stay off a property 
Mutant Bob: I have read the bib le front to back 7 times. new and old testament.  
Guest: A Oh, that's right. Not an elder. But, why did she leave and her husband not? 
Mutant Bob: read your own book 
Guest: CoW keeps people from families and friends. They drop everything in their lives as a way to join. I can't tolerate that, whether religious or not. Plus I don't think religions teach that  
Mutant Bob: People have the choice to do what the church says 
Mutant Bob: or not  
Taylor Hemness: Jeff:--important to remember, a person can call law enforcement and ask that someone on their property be given a criminal trespass warning. It's not a charge. It's a warning. That's what happened in the cases that we know about.
Mutant Bob: just like any blind faith  
Christina Greenville: I love our amendments.. Freedom of speech and Right to bear arms..  
Guest: Taylor, did you get info about them buying property in Central, Lufkin, and Pollock? 
Kitty: Guest:, that's a definition of a CULT!  
AmenaW_: No, Mutant, they don't. They are coerced.  
Jeff: Taylor: Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed they were charges.  
Douglass resident: is the R&R Mercantile the story that used to have a meat market in it 
Mutant Bob: Prove it Amena 
Christina Greenville: I am not caught up.. just FED up  
Joe Wells: Freedom of Religion too Christina, don't just use the rights you want to fit your needs my dear. 
Christina Greenville: yes, Douglass  
Taylor Hemness: Guest: we heard from people that members are in the Pollok area as well, but were not able to confirm that. 
Mutant Bob: You are just being slanderous unless there is proof  
Taylor Hemness: Douglass: according to the store's website, they still have a meat market. 
cmc country: im from wells and do not nor will i ever support them. my family goes to first baptist church up the road and i just dont understand, if the people of wells didnt want these people there, should have stopped them.  
TD: Weird thing - they supposedly want to spread the Gospel, so why don't they let the parents/families of people in the church talk to them? Wouldn't they at least meet them - to seem friendly and inviting - and go over their doctrine? It makes me think they are targeting younger women mostly.  
Douglass resident: well I have not been there in awhile and will not be going back now  
Mutant Bob: the whole story is just hearsay  
AmenaW_:Bob is definitely a CoW sympathizer.  
Guest: Taylor any information about them trespassing at the Lufkin Mall?
Christina Greenville: Joe, I not your dear or anything else  
Mutant Bob: because it doesn't fit into one groups cookie cutter religious views they must be a cult 
Christina Greenville: At least, I am woman enough to use my real name hun. 
concerned citizen: sympathy,empathy....a person right 
Joe Wells: The Groves are liars and only wanting to drag people into their problems. I feel for them as a parent but they play up on 99% of this mess. 
Mutant Bob: Christianity was originally considered a cult and blasphemous. 
Taylor Hemness: Mutant Bob: again, the story is not hearsay. We only presented facts. We were given LOTS of stories from people we interviewed, but if they did not relate to property ownership, or they weren't able to be confirmed, they were not in the story.  
Guest: Douglass resident: I am from Alto, but I love Douglass.  
AmenaW_:Bob, you have no clue what you're talking about. Period. 
Guest: Taylor: any idea where the members lived before they moved to Wells?
Jeff: Why wasn't there more of an investigation into the baby death? Was there an autopsy? Do they really know what the baby died of? 
Guest: A Taylor, why did she leave the COW and her husband didn't, and does Dr. Williams have any concerns about the COW? 
Taylor Hemness: Guest: according to Jake Gardner, their members are moving from Arlington.
Christina Greenville: So, it's okay to bring a Serial Killer in to town, across the street and put all at risk! Now, I know my next new hobby 
Margaret Roach: Taylor, I think you did a good job on the story, but, there are so many unanswered questions that need to be ask. 
Mutant Bob: ok sorry for that then Taylor. But I do believe the story was slanted on purpose due to beliefs of the majority 
Douglass resident: Alto is a nice little town also  
Guest: Some lived in Arlington 
AmenaW_: I know where some are from, Guest. 
Joe Wells: There was NO illegal activity in the babies death.  
TD: If they supposedly want to spread the Gospel, why don't they let the parents/families of people in the church talk to them? Wouldn't they at least meet them - to seem friendly and inviting - and go over their doctrine? It makes me think they are targeting younger women mostly. 
Guest: Arlington. 
cmc country: Jeff: are in houston co. 
Alto, TX resident: Thanks Douglass resident:. Love that cafe 
Guest: I assume they moved from Arlington to get away from the urban life which I assume counteracted the simple life the group wanted to live in. 
Christina Greenville: Why not, if they are missionaries.. why don't they join our churches and get involved that way...  
Jeff: I must have missed it. What did the baby die of?  
Douglass resident: I think if all the people that do not support this group stop shopping in well's hopefully they will not have any income and move on back to arlington 
Taylor Hemness: Bob, I can only give you my word that I did my ABSOLUTE BEST not to make the story feel slanted.  
Joe Wells: Any of us have a legal right to not call the authorities after a loved one passes away. You may have closer time and spend it praying, crying or whatever.  
Guest: Joe, that remains to be seen  
Douglass resident: yes the cafe is wonderful, family orientated atmosphere  
AmenaW_: There are members from NY, NM, CA, WI and more. The newest member is from MN. She arrived yesterday, against her parents' will. 
Guest: Christina: I think its because most churches would ban them. Like that Methodist pastor in that story. 
Guest: Taylor this was the best news coverage about what is actually going on here thus far. Please keep investigating.
Guest: Taylor I am interested in hearing more about this story - good reporting 
concerned citizen: you did a great job taylor  
Taylor Hemness: Thank you Guest:. We're going to go for about five more minutes. Other questions? 
Christina Greenville: but, they didn't call Joe, for hours.. they looked at that baby  
Guest: How did they recruit people from as far as Minnesota?  
Alto, TX resident: I bet Alto would have sent them packing....some nut in Wells sold them a place to stay.  
Joe Wells: Too many of the same people who shop at R&R are the ones fighting against them. They have nothing to say when you see them shopping there LOL  
Douglass resident: Yes Taylor, great job, please stay on top of this  
concerned citizen: im really torn...i understand the groves concerns,i understand the townspeople concerned. I have concerns but i also believe they have their right to believe in any god,church or what have you  
Kitty: Against her parent's will seems to be a common theme there! 
Guest A: Taylor, why did the woman living in the house leave the COW and her husband didn't? Also, does Dr. Williams have any concerns about the COW?     Guest: Taylor: Do you know anything about the history of the group?
Christina Greenville: Why Wells? why didn't they settle in alto? or at ol' Joe's? 
Mutant Bob: I have been threatened with hell if I don't join the church of christ, the catholic church, and most others. Really this is NO different. A group of like minded individuals worshipping their imaginary freind. Call it a god and go to church. talk to any other imaginary freind and I would be in a hospital  
Alto, TX resident: Taylor you did a great job reporting  
TD: I have a feeling that Christina is caught up - we all know the story of an innocent young girl who is lonely, someone shows that they are interested, and unfortunately, sometimes those people take advantage of them. In a way, the story of Christina is sorta similar to the parents not approving of their daughter's male suitor, but this has the added church element. 
Marshall Stephens (KLTV): Just a few more minutes, everyone. I know Taylor's had a long day preparing this report. 
Guest: The fact is they are targeting young, single female, Christians 
Joe Wells: Christina, the baby was dead, there was no law broken by them praying for however many hours. 
AmenaW_: THey recruit via the internet and on college campuses and at seminars.  
Jeff: Taylor: Do you know who started the "Church of Wells"  
Taylor Hemness: For those of you, like Jeff, interested in the death of baby Faith, here's some more on that story: 
Margaret Roach: Is there any way, this story could be given to ABC national news, for further investigation? 
Guest: I know they recruit at college campuses. They also recruit in shopping malls too. 
Guest: Great reporting Taylor  
Christina Greenville: Thank you Taylor!!! Please people.. pray that these people are returned to their families and that Joe Wells: wakes up and smells the coffee 
Joe Wells: They never bothered me. Maybe if they were an all female group Christina would not have such an issue with them. 
concerned citizen: i hate that that the church members say that the groves are evil and demonic...two wrongs do not make a right 
Guest: The history of dangerous cults have many things in common: Isolation is one of the signs of abusive behavior 
Guest: Taylor, I hope to be a great reporter like you.
Guest: Taylor, I have an audio of one of the elders describing. Faith's death. They were praying over her WHEN she died 
Taylor Hemness: Guest: A: Dr. Williams told us that she never intended for the building to be a church, and wants NO ASSOCIATION with it. Not sure why her daughter is leaving, and her son-in-law is not. 
AmenaW_: I'm going to head out. If you have other questions I'll try to help. You can ask via the boycott page.
Mutant Bob: I hope someday we can see unbiased reporting in this nation. Have a great night, and thank you Taylor for thinking you are neutral.  
Christina Greenville: I don't like them telling my 84 yr old grandmother she is going to die and go to hell.. I hope to meet you Joe.. maybe we could go to my Dad's and hash this out..  
Christina Greenville: He's a Vietnam Vet... 
Guest: Thanks Taylor! I hope you one day make it big, like national TV news! 
Guest: A Has the media made an attempt to speak with Dr. Williams' daughter who left?  
Alto, TX resident: Mutant Bob: probably likes Obama to...sad 
Taylor Hemness: Thank you all folks for joining the chat tonight, and for watching the story. I'm sure we will be offering more on The Church of Wells, in the days, weeks, and months to come. Good night.  


3/31/2014 1:21 pm  #287

Re: The Grove Controversy

The Australian church's opinion of the situation here:


8/12/2014 2:09 am  #288

Re: The Grove Controversy

Cross-post from "Saturday's ruckus"

ellie wrote:

I did request and received by email a copy of the 911 call slip that was made by a local who made the report that Catherine was walking down Hwy 69 around 1am alone. I wish I still had it to post here but it has been lost when I had to recover my data due to technical problems. Cherokee County Sheriffs office records division will email it free if they receive a written request. It did state she followed the vehicle to the R&R, several men came out of the store, she expressed concern about what she saw, they thanked her and said they had it under control, and then told her to get off the property. I will dig around and see if I can locate the date and call slip number which is what you need to have CC email you the copy if you would like to review it personally.

Tom wrote:

ellie wrote:

"local who made the report"
How do you know?

"Catherine was walking down Hwy 69 around 1am alone"

"she followed the vehicle to the R&R, several men came out of the store, she expressed concern about what she saw, they thanked her and said they had it under control, and then told her to get off the property"
You don't mean Catherine, right? Somebody else. The person who reported seeing Catherine? Followed what vehicle? What did this person see that caused alarm?

What was the basis for calling law enforcement? Seeing someone walking alone late at night, or something else? Generally we don't call police when we see someone walking at night, even when we wonder what the person is doing. Citizens have the right to walk anywhere, anytime they please. Police wouldn't respond or investigate. There has to be some indication of a crime committed.

Not challenging you, Ellie. Looking for clarification. Wondering when this was.


9/21/2014 11:38 pm  #289

Re: The Grove Controversy

From Lamar Hankins, The Rag Blog, "Child murder in Texas"

Moses David says:
September 21, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Dear Just Wondering, I heard that there was a welfare check on Catherine by the police a few days ago. You can check with them on how Catherine is doing, since no one seems to believe the insider reports about Catherine. Love in Christ, Moses.


9/21/2014 11:43 pm  #290

Re: The Grove Controversy


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