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9/20/2013 5:30 pm  #11

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

Link please.

And he is partially true: upon listening to their sermons, they could be considered a radical puritanical/reform expression of Christianity. However, it's not one's theology ALONE that brings about the label of "cult." One has to consider how that theology works itself out in practice. In the case of our friends at CoW, their theology has worked itself out in such a way that they behave like a cult.

I would urge that author to see things through the eyes of loved ones on this site and then reasses his or her judgement.

Does the author of that post provide any credentials other than "I read it all?" Are you a theologian? A pastor? Educated in the social sciences?


9/20/2013 6:52 pm  #12

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

The requested link:,104016


9/21/2013 3:05 am  #13

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

Oh good lord. That's on RR forums. I'm perma-Troll. Maybe you can post my reply or contact that person directly and invite them over?

I CHALLENGE HIM TO A DUEL!!! Hytho, you've got my back, right?


9/21/2013 9:35 am  #14

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]


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10/11/2013 10:22 pm  #15

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

I am thinking of a guy on the Rick Ross forum who went to Wells and told of his experience. It was a long post and I think a double post. He told of his experience trying to be saved. Does anyone know what his name was or any contact information? He ended up leaving before he was "saved" Thanks!


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