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Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

Excerpts from RR forum: year 2012, and one post from 2011

These are added to this forum to provide ‘newbies’ with real history, as it was shared in a forum thread (the RR forum) that is no longer available to the public.  Much of what was shown at the RR forum (under the ‘YMBBA ministries’ thread) is not included here, due to unavailability. These are some of the firsts posts, but the thread extended over a period of about 16 months. In the latter months of its existence, discussion died down, but in the first months, as shown here, posts were submitted almost daily. In order to be fairly concise for the purposes of this historical review, some posts are not included, even though they are available. Identities are changed (abbreviated, such as with’ W[anon]’), to offer protections deemed prudent.

Notice, the first post (shown below) did not receive a response until about 8 months later.

W[anon] Aug. 2011:   Is anyone familiar with YMBBA Ministries, based in Arlington or Grand Prairie, Texas - Dallas metroplex?

J[anon]  04/12:  Hi yes, unfortunately I am familiar with them. My son entered this cult in July 2011. They are very deceptive. They quote or rather twist scripture to confuse believers. It is always a warning when a group is trying to 'recruit' people who are already believers of the one true God. They cut the members off from any family members that may disagree with their beliefs and as far as my son is concerned he is not allowed to go anywhere alone (except of course to work and then give all his money to the "elders" of the cult, who do not work.) I could go on, but be assured that this is a dangerous cult being led by 'the father of lies". The 'boys' actively recruit where ever there are groups of young people, so watch your kids and tell them that they dont have to listen if approached.
[anon Wells resident] 05/12:   These folks have bought 3 houses in our small town and we are very concerned. Anyone have any additonal information?

J[anon] 05/12:   Hi my son is currently in this group. We are not happy that he is there. This group is very deceitful and tends to prey on people who already have a faith in God. They get them to question their faith and can be very dangerous. Start asking questions, don't let the youth in your town be alone with them. They seem like a benign group but don’t be fooled.

W(anon):    ... what small town are you referring to? I thought they were located in Arlington, TX.

Wells anon 05/12:     Wells, TX. Supposedly they have bought land and have plans to build a church and five houses. I am very concerned. There are large groups of them that live in the three houses they currently own. Lots of kids and none of them go to school. I have instructed my kids not to speak to them at all. One of them approached my husband yesterday but once he mentioned that his father n law was a preacher, they shyed away.


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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

BJ note ..... In early 2012, the elders were Ryan Ringnald, in his twenties, Sean Morris (in late twenties), plus maybe one other, and Chris Faulkner was involved with helping them preach.

Early in 2007, Ryan was in Waco, TX. Ryan married Joy Courville, Dec 5, 2010. Chris’ hometown was proclamed to be Lufkin TX (so said YMBBA on their former website).
Jake and Hannah Gardner married in 2011. It seems Jake became an 'elder' during 2012. Sean is unmarried.

Below, in the testimony of J[anon], words [in brackets like this] are from berryjam, added for the sake of clarity.
November 19, 2012

Well I thought before I go to bed I'll open up with a little bit of my testimony from the start of what brought me to be part of what is now the Church of Wells. I met a certain member through facebook back in 2011 when I was going through a very dark time in my life and I was very vulnerable and depressed and hurting that I was looking for love in what was all the wrong places and well the church failed me so that is what drove me to this "last resort" it seemed in the Church of Arlington.
Little did I know what I was in store for but I thank God now that I have went through it and overcame it all by His grace and mercy because He used it to bring me to where I am with Him now and though the devil meant it for evil in my life, God used it for good and ultimately His glory and honor.
See I started talking to this guy on facebook and I remember one Saturday being really depressed and I just started to pour my heart out to him and well told me that a few of the members of the church and him would love to come up and meet me where I am and pray with me and help me through my struggles.
I was so blown away by the "love" he was showing me (I say love in quotations because that's what it seemed like at the time and I didn't keep my guard up, but thought he had what I wanted) that I remember laughing and thinking this must be of God and that this is what I longed for all along. [I thought this was] what the church failed to give me and others as well. I ended up coming down to TX from OH on the weekend of Thanksgiving of last 2011, and well what unfolded after that was totally the opposite of what I expected this church to be.

I ended up staying with the same guy and his family through the weekend and it all started to unfold from there. That night he did a good job of cornering me and convincing me at the time that I was not saved and well his reasoning was that I had a few habitual sins that I struggled with (I guess these believers don't struggle with some sins like everyone else does), and some other reason I'm unsure of and well that was sufficient enough to show that I was never truly saved. So he ended up calling up two more "brothers" in the Lord who came over and this is where the verbal and mental abuse started for me. They all cornered me the whole night and began quoting random verses of what my job was to do, now that I wasn't saved and well I really do not remember verse by verse what they said because I was quite stunned that I wasn't saved and since 2001 when I gave my life to the Lord that all was a lie, according to them.

Well I ended up going home and coming back three days later to be a part of this church because well they held the "keys" of salvation, I blindly believed, and I had to move about 1000 miles south and sell almost everything I owned and quit my job and close my apt. down just to be where I thought God wanted me to be. I'm sure so far my testimony is a lot like the other survivors and well my intention is to bring to light what happened to me because I can not speak for everyone else but only myself and what I endured in hopes it doesn't happen to anyone else. God Bless and I'll continue tomorrow from here.

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

November 20, 2012 10:04PM

Hey everyone I'm back, and [explaining more of what happened before I moved from Ohio] I left off from the friday night of Thanksgiving weekend, 2011. After that night on Saturday [when I poured my heart out with that certain member of the group], I got to finally visit the church [the next day] which was in a home in a neighborhood not too far away from the apartment I stayed in for the weekend. Well this is when the verbal and mental abuse really got heated, because now that I was convinced I wasn't saved, I met another few guys who decided to tag team on me, and one of them was so blatant that he kept telling me God was ready to throw me into the pits of hell because I was a wicked and disgusting sinner who was bound of hell. One thing I remember him saying is that he was talking about God's wrath, and well he [God] was an archer with his bow stretched he had the arrow pointed right at me, ready to let go and let it pierce me right through the head. He said this without truly flinching and that is what bothered me most about these people is they would sit there and condemn you to your face without even batting an eye. He also said that there was a time in the past few years that God showed me the truth (whatever that is according to them) and well I wanted nothing to do with it, so he gave me over to a "strong delusion" telling me I wasn't saved and God decided to let them go on believing that "lie".

A lot of what he said still is unclear because well it was him and another guy and the guy I stayed with all decided to drill through my head the sense that I wasn't saved and that if I where to get saved I'd have to move down with them and become part of their church and "seek the Lord” (I heard that phrase so overused and abused while I was there ... they used it for every question I had that they couldn't answer). Also I was told ...  by the same guy who told me God was ready to shoot me with an arrow ... he said that when I go back home, now that I know the truth, the devil would try and tempt me with anything my heart truly desired and well it was up to me to stand firm and not give in to what he wanted because my eternity depended on it. Can you start to see how they use fear to get you to go along with their plans?
Since they aren't operating in the Holy Spirit and clearly don't evidence the fruits in their life, they keep you in fear so you'll obey them (one of the devil's oldest tricks in the book). Just remember, everyone, if your afraid, it's because that is from the enemy (satan) and God hasn't given you a "spirit of fear but of love,peace and a sound mind" so take authority over that spirit in Jesus’ name!
Well after the mental abuse stopped for one night, I remember going back to the apt. just emotionally and mentally floored because for several hours straight I was mentally beaten to a pulp, and well I remember literally zoning out during that whole meeting because I couldn't believe half the stuff they where trying to pass off to me as being "divinely spoken" and well I was still floored that I wasn't saved, so I'm sure you could imagine how emotionally numbing it all was.

Well the next few days after that weekend, I went home back to Ohio and gathered up all my belongings that I could fit into my small car and got rid of the rest and quit my job and moved out of my apt. because I was afraid and convinced that I wasn't saved, so I did just as they said and that next Wednesday, if I remember correctly, I took the 1000 mile trip south again to be a part of the church and hopefully get saved. The next few weeks are probably some of the most tramuatizing weeks I've ever lived, and I know it was God who brought me out of it and brought me back to being at peace with my life and with what happened.

I remember living in the same apt. for the first week and well getting preached at here and there by the same guy, saying I wasn't serious enough about "seeking the Lord" and I didn't seek him long enough because I was distracted or too lazy or some [line] like that (which I kept hearing throughout the time I was there). So the elders, I believe, decided to move me into one of the other apts. with six other single guys and this is where it really starts to get intense.

I remember going for like four days without food, water and a shower because well I had to "fast" and seek the Lord to get saved and also one guy told me a couple of times that well I didn't have the "fear of the Lord" because I was so relaxed and not paranoid, and I kid you not, he said that I could very well slip and fall in the bathroom and bust my head open and die and then I'd go straight to hell.
They kept telling me the wrath of God loomed over my head and that I needed to seek the Lord till he would decide to save me. See their god (notice the lower case g because it's not Jehovah of the bible) was this bloodthirsty, sadistic god who delighted in my screams for mercy and that he was happy to throw me into the pits of hell. He also was this kind of god that well, no matter how hard I sought him and pleaded with him to save me, he didn't have to and would have been justified in throwing me into the lake of fire. Their god was worthy of me suffering and not eating or drinking anything to "seek him" to save me and eventually seek him my whole life and die and go to hell as well.  That's another lie they tried to drill in my head ... that I had to seek the Lord my whole life because like I said he is worthy of it and well he still would have been justified and worthy to throw me into the pits of hell if he decided to not save me.

I'm sorry but where in scripture does God almighty revel in throwing lost sinners into hell and listening to them agonize for mercy?!?!?! That is so disgusting ...

Well it all eventually came down to I guess "God spoke to them" and the elders concluded that I wasn't serious about seeking the Lord, and I guess I didn't want to get saved, so after about a month of being emotionally, mentally, and verbally tortured, I left to come back to Ohio. I had no where else to go and well I was already emotionally spent and destroyed, so that if you saw me you would have thought I had just witnessed a gruesome murder or something like that.

I remember one night during one of the times that they would all gather around me and start quoting random verses out of context, driving it in me that I need to get saved and that I was headed to hell and any moment god could have taken me out of this world.  I broke down and practically soaked my face in tears. This was the time I hadn't taken a shower for about four days, and well my face and hair were soaked and after I cried enough and was tired from it, they told me to go to my usual "prayer closet" (which was the closet where they hung all their clothes and stuff) and get on my knees and cry out to God like I tried to do before and ask him to save me. I remember being so physically and emotionally drained, that my I remember trying to muster up strength just to cry out to God because I was so spent. Eventually after about six or so hours of that (which they weren't happy I stopped, of course, because you know, I wasn't serious enough about getting saved, but I was concerned more for my safety rather than getting saved at the time being) ...  I pulled myself together and climbed into bed with what strength I had left, and I slept till like 10 am or so the next day, and one guy by the name of Eric (I'm not afraid to use names so I'm going to do so) came in and  told me to go seek the Lord again, even though I was physically exhausted and well I remember him as being one of the coldest and nastiest out of the whole group. I have to wonder to this day what he's been through and what he went through to get where he was then.

For the next month or so after I got home, I literally had no job and like no money to my name because I didn't work when I was there, and I had several bills that where overdue and I thank God He had mercy on me [concerning my unpaid phone bill]. I remember while I was [among them, in Texas] well they told me, like they have everyone else, to cut ties with my family and I'm sure they are using the same verse as they did me ... it is where Jesus told his disciples that whomever loves father and mother,etc. more than me is not worthy of me.   

I remember my mom calling me, at times. She called me one night worried about me not paying my bills, and well, this was one night I was crying my eyes out to God and it really shook her. None of my family is saved, by the way, and so I really didn't consult with them on this and I haven't had much of any relationship with them, leading up to being in TX, so it was more of a burden on my mom than anyone else, because no one else really cared enough to ask why I went to TX, and well since I am a believer, my family has turned their back on me because they don't love Jesus Christ. It's obvious they don't respect my faith, but I love them anyway, and I will not forsake my Lord Jesus to go back and have a superficial relationship with them when they cannot and do not respect and love me for who I really am.

So all in all, God had His hand on me the whole time I was there, and He was the one who led me out of that God-forsaken place, and no elder or man had a part in God's plan, because God is sovereign and He'll use the works of the devil to bring His children into a right relationship with Him.

 I know that's not a popular view today, but it is scriptural, and God oversaw everything that happened to me and He knew that it would break me of my pride and my wicked ways to where I would remain humble and broken or finally headed towards a right relationship with Him.

....... God Bless and I hope that something I've said will resonate with those who are suffering in the church there [in TX] and wondering if this is really of God and those who are family to those still bound in deception by the devil. May the love and light of the Lord Jesus Christ open your eyes to the truth where ever it may be and may He lead you out of the clutches of the enemy and into His loving arms where you as a child of God belong. The Lord Jesus loves you and I believe His heart breaks knowing your current situation, and there are many people praying that the grip of the enemy will be broken from you and you'll be bound no more in the lies of the enemy, and that you will come to know God as a loving God, and not some tyrant that all those around you call him to be.

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

 K[anon]     June 2012:    When someone wants to join the group, they send members to live with them until they move to join the 'big group'--wherever it is at the time. They say they are "helping" the new recruits...I am convinced they want to make sure they sell everything and give the money to the church.

We were at the memorial service for the grand baby yesterday and noticed how YOUNG some of the girls looked and they had babies. They actually admitted to praying over the lifeless body of the baby trying to resurrect it. We are still trying to wrap our brains around the fact that our daughter stood by and watched her baby die. It made us sick. Praise God, we had put on "the full armor of God" before going inside. The entire service was spent condemning us and basically telling us they weren't a cult, that we are sinners and going to hell and they cannot fellowship with those that do not believe the way they do. They ended the service by saying that some in the room would see Faith again in heaven and then, looking straight at us, some would not because we would not have access to heaven. They truly believe they are the only ones going! It was like being in the twilight zone. Look at the newscast on and type "baby's death draws attention". It will bring up the article and news report.

s[anon]      :     Will definitely say a prayer for you guys.

I am still just astounded by the whole situation. One of the reporters from KTRE contacted me and [I am] hesitant to get involved but want the group to be seen for what it is. I did send the reporter the link to this website so she can see what other people have to say.

One group lives next door to some friends of ours and there was a large uhaul there but couldn't tell if they were moving more in or out.

June 03, 2012 12:14PM     B[anon]:              I am glad I found this forum! There isnt much information about this group on the internet. .... I havent had much interaction with them, except they came by and asked my wife if the house next to us was for sale. I have heard that they have told some local kids that they "have guns, and can get more in 2 hours, and arent afraid to use them". One of their vans has a Wisconsin license plate, and have heard that some are from New York. Also I have heard that the FBI has taken 2 of them back to Wisconsin. Also I have heard that they are somehow connected with a kidnapping that happend in Alaska (the story made local news, I dunno how its connected to East Texas, but it was in the news). I haven’t really seen them much out and about town; I guess they keep to themselves. I drove past one of their houses earlier and noticed that they have bought a big dump truck-type vehicle, and have heard that they plan to start a business removing trees. I have a few questions, though, for those that know some about them:

-Why do some of the women dress like FLDS members [mormons], and others don’t?
-What are their core beliefs? I looked on the website, and looked at their doctrine, but I think its just a front for what they really believe
-Have they moved into any other small towns the same as they have here?
-Any idea of their membership total?

... I know of 4 places they currently reside, and one of the places they have pup-tents you can get at walmart in the backyard.

Thanks for any info you guys can help me with.

June 03, 2012 07:49PM                J[anon]   

Hi, your experience at the memorial service sounds just like what we encounted when we made a surprise visit there last year. We were verbally attacked by the 'leaders', just children really. One of the boys told me that I was living an unholy life, I just patted him on the shoulder and reminded him that he didn't even know me. I am glad to hear that you understand the importance of being covered in the armor of God. We found the place to be very disturbing, the evil was obvious. When we started praying for the presence of the Holy Spirit, things got weird and they wanted us out as quick as possible. Again I am so sorry about Faith; what a horrible experience. I will keep the other two children and your daughter and son-in-law in prayer. If you don’t mind me asking, how did they come to be in this group?
June 04, 2012 12:18PM     K[anon]    
the the memorial service. Listen and you will hear them admit to trying to resurrect the baby. Listen to the condemnation to those who do not believe the way they do. Have your pastors listen...they will be appalled. Let them critique the sermons. Scary stuff.

...... The girls we saw at the memorial were all dressed in the long dresses and they all looked very young. And there were a LOT of brand new babies. Were they born at home? Just kind of curious. If no one knew where they were born, are there records? Birth certificates? Just curious.

Thank you for the prayers. This is a difficult season of life for us.
June 04, 2012 06:30PM      s[anon]    
The only places I know they are living is behind the school, the apartments, on Booker street and Forest rd.

I'm curious how that "sermon" was a memorial service for the baby?

 June 05, 2012 01:36AM       B[anon]  
I have discovered another news article about the incident with Faith, this time its from Jacksonville and has a lot more info about the situation than what KTRE and KYTX had.

Link to Jacksonville Daily Progress article     []

New report from KTRE and KYTX also (new videos as well)   KTRE []

KYTX  []

They have also referred to themselves as the Church Of Wells (via their website)


June 05, 2012 12:53PM      J[anon]    
Hi , everyone. I am so glad to see everyones concern about this group. My son has been down there since last year and as you can imagine the fact that he is part of any of this makes me very sad. Apparently this Texas group has broken away from the original church because of the group’s radical beliefs. They are no longer associated with or supported by them [the parent church]. We have been praying that their finances would run out and that the members would 'see the truth' and break away from this rogue group. That has started to happen (praise God). Please keep pressure on them and expose them whenever possible.

P.S.- they always refer to themselves as "the church of (name of city)”. They truly beleive that they are the only real church, so they call themselves "the" church of whatever city they are currently in.
June 05, 2012 08:54PM        C[anon]    

I am very concerned about the intentions of this group. I am having a hard time believing that this group will be leaving our community. They have purchased too many properties to just up and go. A relative of mine has seen them carrying a green box/trunk item into one of their properties; it is all they can do to get the trunk/box into the home. I have met one of the ladies; never been introduced/approached by the men.

I believe in Jesus! And, I believe in the Power of Prayer. ..... For their own sake I pray they are being true to the Lord.

June 06, 2012 09:52AM     K[anon]       
..... I DO want justice for my granddaughter that I never had the opportunity to hold. I want my other 3 grandkids to be safe and experience stability again. I pray for a complete restoration of our relationship with my daughter and son-in-law.

Please continue to pray for this group. God loves them...went to the cross for them. The 'scales' need to be removed and these people need to be reunited with their families. We need to model forgiveness, mercy and grace and not just point fingers. Use this as a lesson that satan is truly out to destroy. And he uses Scripture to deceive. I am struggling with this but the God I serve is bigger than any of this and He WILL BE victorious! Stand firm. Be strong and courageous.

Okay, I'm through preaching. Forgive me. All of this is directed at myself as well.
June 06, 2012 01:15PM      C[anon]    
.... I do not like leaving my relative alone especially @ night. I know this group has told my relative she is not saved, and she is not going to live much longer. It really outrages me as they do not know what is in her heart and soul. She does try to be civil towards them. Last night, we were on the porch and one of the ladies brought a few the little ones over to visit. One of the men joined with a song book in hand. He and his wife sang a song, another lady from across the street was asked to come over; the three sang a song. The man asked my relative if it would be ok to sing another, then turned to me and asked if I minded. How do you tell someone they cannot sing.

There are so many vehicles in and out at the "headquarters". I know they have purchased some property in another county, which is not far from Wells. It is more secluded. I have driven by the property: there is a pretty good size building which is unfinished. I noticed a garden, and several travel trailers. An older lady came yesterday to the "headquarters" with some green beans out of their garden. A younger lady brought a mess to my grandmother.

Should I be writing down license plate numbers? My g-ma overheard them saying there will be more coming in this weekend. I know a few of their names, but have not met any of them. I am pretty sure I have seen Jake several times out across the street. But, it appears to me that there is another man in the group that may be a leader here.

My heart goes out to all that have family involved in this group.
June 06, 2012 02:19PM            K[anon]    

C[anon]             .... I have noticed that since the spotlight is on them, the women are not walking to & fro. They seem to be staying close to each other.
I also have noticed that the Ladies do all the work! The men do nothing! Can't even help the ladies unload the SUV when they go get supplies/groceries - just sit and watch them to all the work.

  June 06, 2012 08:57PM       J[anon]    
I think I missed something. The original story was that baby Faith had been left in the car but now it seems as if she suffered distress during her birth. Can someone please clarify?
June 06, 2012 09:15PM            K[anon]

J[anon], not sure where you heard that story but it was never mentioned by me. In fact, when we were informed, we were told she just stopped breathing and that it was SIDS. I didn't find out about them praying over the body until 4 days later when a co-worker was googling for an obituary and called me from my office to see what she had discovered. I was devastated! She lived for 3 days before she was killed by neglect. The arrogance of these young men putting themselves on the same level as God and attempting to resurrect her! I am praying for justice to be served...
 June 07, 2012 02:29PM           J[anon]

Hi, there is also a man around named William; he seems to be treated by the group as an 'elder' but he had some trouble a while back and his name was removed from the website (not sure what happened) ....
June 07, 2012 05:59PM             C[anon]
Usually, groups like these stay together on one property. Do you think they want to buy the 100 acres to build a compound on so, that they can all be together?

I just dont understand why they chose a town the size of Wells. It is a very small town, where everybody knows everybody and everybody's business. There is no kind of industry here. .... Just good ol' country folks - and this group has every one talking.


C[anon], we asked the same thing about them moving to Wells. Perhaps it's because you don't have a police force? A compound would not surprise me, since they say they don't associate with non-believers. You mentioned that they had come to a relative's house to sing. This is not their typical behavior...they were aggressive and confrontational. Loved getting in your face and telling you you were going to hell. Now, since the eye of the public is on them, they are attempting to look innocent and ingratiate themselves into normal activity. DO NOT BE FOOLED!! Warn your friends and family to be very careful. They chose to allow an infant to die rather than seek medical care! They seem to prey on younger people who are uncertain about their faith. In my eyes, they are no different from predators! Kind of like a gang, this group makes our children feel like they belong to something with eternal value. Stand firm on the Truth.

June 07, 2012 10:35PM      C[anon]    

We do have county officials that patrol this area. We do have a city hall and a city council. One of the preachers here in town; who is a former police officer took a lot of interest in this group. I know he spoke w/ authorities when they first came here. But, unless they are "breaking the law" there isn't much that can be done. I spoke w/ a neighbor today and he agrees something can be done.

One of the ladies in particular visits quite regularly. Most of the time, she is not accompanied by her husband. Again, I think her husband is in charge here.  [BJ note ... Possibly, this was Ashley McLaughlin, wife of Cory. Cory is declared to be one of their pastors].

There are no cars currently across the street. They all appeared to be going somewhere this evening. Loading ice coolers in the back of the SUV's.
June 07, 2012 11:39PM         B[anon]

They were moving furniture and what not to the apartments, I have heard from one of my sources of info that they have 6 apartments now, with roughly 16 people in each one.... I dunno how true it is, but you never know.

As far as where their money comes from, I have heard around town there was a guy from Dallas that was well established in the oil and gas industry. from what I have heard, he sold everything to take part in this. I dunno how true that is, but again, you never know.

Chris Faulkner is his name. I did a google search and found a Linkedin page with a guy from Dallas with the same name, I dunno if its him, but if it is there is a good chance thats where the money is coming from. you should see his credentials:

[]    company website:    []

Maybe someone can recognize him from the picture?

This is all just speculation that I have heard around town, I dunno if this really is him, I just came to the conclusion by using the name and the story in my search.
            [Below, B[anon] ditches his theory about Chris providing funds].
June 08, 2012 12:00AM             J[anon]
Its interesting that he was the man you identified. Chris Faulkner is one of the few names that I know, and I believe he recently left the group. Hopefully that is true and not that he is supporting them any longer.

June 08, 2012 12:20AM          B[anon]  
The lady that told me about him says he lives here in town....... so I guess he still does, BUT I doubt its the same guy as the one I posted the links about because the lady that told me says he has tattoos and white/gray hair. Until I actually see him, I wont know. I try to make it out and around town for about 30 mins a day trying to secretly see as much as I can lol. The same lady and her boyfriend/husband own a store here in town, and told me today that an investigtor came by and took some of her surveilence footage, then told her he had to cancel it, or something like that. She also told me that they pass the store every morning at around 3 or 4 am. Today I saw alot more activity from them then what I have in the past week or so. I dunno whats going on but they have a van with scripture written on the side of it, and it was making the rounds to all the houses and apartments today.
June 08, 2012 12:43AM         S[anon]   
The mini van with the scripture on it is the one that lives by me in Jim's old house. I'm afraid a lot of what we hear is simply gossip. I could be wrong tho. The whole group creeps me out.
June 08, 2012 01:23AM           C[anon]
Maybe some beds were moved in across the street today. I know they cut on a door and went inside with it today. I am sure it went for a bedroom door or possibly to the kitchen to help keep the house cooled.

There are suppose to be more coming; they may be moving things around to make room until they find housing for them. But, they have been rearranging ever since this unfortunate incident happened at the apartments.

We can only pray the D.A. does not make light of this situation.

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June 08, 2012 03:28AM        B[anon]

After digging deeper into some of the links on their website, I have discovered something that has been told to me by a few people, but never could get any proof/confirmation...... until now. They are Calvinists. How do I know? Well, on their youtube channel they have a playlist titled "good biblical doctrine" and it has one video. The video is titled "A defense of Calvinism". I had been told by a few people on the VFD with me that they were indeed Calvinists, I just didn’t know for sure.

If you don’t know what the Calvinist doctrine is then it can be summarized by the acronym TULIP

Total Depravity
Unconditional Election
Limited Atonement
Irresistible Grace
Perseverance of the Saints

Total Depravity - As a result of Adam’s fall, the entire human race is affected; all humanity is dead in trespasses and sins. Man is unable to save himself

Unconditional Election - Because man is dead in sin, he is unable to initiate response to God; therefore, in eternity past God elected certain people to salvation. Election and predestination are unconditional; they are not based on man’s response because man is unable to respond, nor does he want to.

Limited Atonement - Because God determined that certain ones should be saved as a result of God’s unconditional election, He determined that Christ should die for the elect alone. All whom God has elected and Christ died for will be saved

Irresistible Grace - Those whom God elected and Christ died for, God draws to Himself through irresistible grace. God makes man willing to come to Him. When God calls, man responds

Perseverance of the Saints - The precise ones God has elected and drawn to Himself through the Holy Spirit will persevere in faith. None whom God has elected will be lost; they are eternally secure

It makes sense now. I have heard that they have been very hostile to certain people, and very nice to others. Maybe they view some as being the elect and others the doomed?

I’m no ideal vision of a christian, but I do remember John 3:16 ...
P.S. I’m 99.9999% sure they are Calvinists, but this conclusion is based soley upon the discovery of the youtube video and what I have heard.       TULIP explanation provided by
June 08, 2012 08:45AM

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Re: YMBBA Ministries

C[anon], I agree that I hope the DA does not allow this to go unpunished. The difficult thing for us is knowing our daughter and son-in-law actively participated in the death of their baby girl. And knowing that CPS put the other three kids with another couple from the group.

One of the kids that came and lived with my daughter and family when they wanted to join the group was a Chris Faulkner and Kevin something, I think Feesler. His testimony is on their website. My husband and I spent an hour on the website looking at sermons from the beginning of the group, 2009. You can see, as the months and years progress, how they became more emboldened and more radical. They truly believe they are the "chosen" and the only ones that will be in heaven. I am so blessed to know that there are no hoops I have to jump through to receive salvation--only just repent and believe. That my salvation is between me and God, and does not have to be approved by three young men who have only been saved since 2004 (1984 for me!). What a comfort to know that God loves me just the way I am and can use the trash from my past to glorify that all can see He can forgive anything if they only ask.

I can only stress again that, if they are being nice, it is to try and reverse people's earlier opinions. Had they not killed a baby and been forced into the spotlight, I doubt they would have changed from the screaming, aggressive and confrontational group they were. The sermon they posted in Feb, 2012, even explains how they are not to associate with non-believers--to be "unequally yoked." Did they move to a small town thinking they could 'take over' and control the minds of a whole town? Be careful, my new friends. If you get a chance, speak truth to them. John 3:16-18, Romans 8:1, Galatians 1:6-9. Shine the Light into their darkness.

Hi everyone, unfortunately I have been dealing with this group for almost a year now . The original three boys were sent to Texas from a baptist church in Missouri (possibly with Calvinistic roots) however, over time the Texas group has become extremely radical. They have taken the depravity part to a whole new level and if someone outside the church does not 'act' as they do then they take that to mean that that person is not saved. They do not watch TV or listen to radio, they do not participate in activities purely for enjoyment, ie sports (either watching or participating) they do not see a value in 'worldly" knowledge (education) so they wont be sending their children to school or encouraging any college etc for the older members, they use the King James version of the bible only and sing old style hymns only. Unfortunately I know this because of conversations I have had with my son over the past year. These beliefs in themselves are not wrong per say, its just they take them to the extreme. I have quoted many scriptures to Justin about the joys and blessings of the Lord, how HE has made each of us unique, with specials gifts to be shared and used to show others how much our God loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with each of us. It is like talking to a brick wall, the veil over these kids is strong and evil. I don’t know where each of you stand with spiritual warfare, but it has come to your town and it would be a good idea if you each did some reading on it so that you understand where the battle truly is. The "father of lies" is out to steal, kill and destroy, don't be deceived. If anyone has any questions or specific concerns you can certainly ask me here or if you want you can send me a private message. I do not pretend to have all of the answers, but God has shown me a lot over the past year, especially the importance of unity and strength among Christians. Stay strong and pray.
June 08, 2012 01:46PM           C[anon]

They allow the little ones to watch videos of the animal planet, which I thought was a little strange. Isolating themselves and their chidren from the world as we know it is rather disturbing. I have 2 nieces and could not not imagine them being denied an education, or not being allowed to have communication with me or the rest of our family.

Think about the effect it will have on these babies as they get older; they will be lost in the real world. And, what would happen if they reached a certain age and decided they did not want to be a part of this lifestyle. Will they be strong/wise enough to stray away from this group.
June 08, 2012 03:03PM      K[anon]
J[anon], I remember the first time my son-in-law condemned us for our family gatherings, when we would sit and watch football or just have fun being together. That caught us completely off-guard! The next thing we were condemned on was our enjoyment of husband and I go once a year. We were told we had set it up as an idol in our lives and we were worshipping magic and sorcery. Wow...really!? Then we were told the kids could no longer watch Veggie Tales because it presented the Gospel in silliness. By that point, nothing we did was good enough. We were no longer allowed to spend time with the kids without supervision. It spiraled downward from there. He quit his job at our church and has not had one since then...he is actually a very talented musician.

We miss the kids so much. If any of you see them, hug them for us!
June 08, 2012 09:11PM    C[anon]
It is true about them having 6 apts.  They are not connected w/ the people in Gum Springs.

June 09, 2012 02:57AM          B[anon]

Oh the power of the internet. I found their Facebook pages

Ryan Ringnald    

Sean Morris ;        Jake Gardner      [these pages no longer available, it seems]

And here is the Chris Faulkner guy. It seems we have a mutual friend....]

Also my brother found this, It was a good read, I recommend it
June 10, 2012 04:33PM        J[anon]

HI guys, I need to add some info that I was given concerning the leaders of this group.

First of all the three leaders Sean, Jake and Ryan were NOT sent out by the Courvilles in MO. The guys did ministry all over the country traveling around and preaching. They met the Courvilles at a conservative family camp, and at the time they were pretty sound in doctrine and not radical like they are now. After some travel they decided they wanted to plant a church in Dallas after several people had gotten saved. They needed a home base, they asked Don Courville to be their covering. For some time they were somewhat normal until the end of 2010; they started to believe that you can lose your salvation and that is when things started to get out of hand. After they took up that doctrine, they started separating themselves from everyone. Eventually, shortly after Ryan and Joy got married, they cut off the Courvilles, who have never even had a chance to meet their baby granddaughter. Jake is married to Hannah, and her family goes to the Courville's church as well. She also wrote a letter to her parents, hatefully condemning them and cut them off as well. They too have never met their granddaughter.

The Chris Faulkner that is a CEO of an oil/gas company is NOT the same Chris Faulkner that was part of the YMMBA ministries. As far as I know he has left the group and they have condemned him. I have no idea where they are getting money right now because all of their supporters have cut them off. However, many have sold everything they have, including homes, farms etc, and given the money to the church. Both Ryan and Sean have wealthy parents. Ryan's might be some of the wealthiest in Dallas, but they don't take anything from them, as far as I know, because they aren't "saved".

We need to be careful about posting info that isn't correct.
June 10, 2012 07:44PM        B[anon]
Yes, I was mistaken when I said Chris Faulkner was the CEO of a gas company, it was just something I had heard from someone and then googled. As far as him not being a part of the group anymore, I really don’t know, I haven’t seen him around town before, but the lady at the local store told me his name and that he lives behind the school. I know they have a house behind the school that has the RV that they originally came in; it’s parked in the yard. There is also a "Ricky" that she told me has asked about buying the store.

Sorry if I have posted some information that was incorrect. Just trying to get confirmation on somethings that I had heard around town.
June 10, 2012 10:08PM           B[anon]

If you ever do take a road trip [to Wells], I can almost guarantee you 100% the whole town would be willing to help.

I have noticed today that they were more active than they have been the past few weeks. I have noticed them 4 times now walking around today, even 1 just a few minutes ago.


... The other day my mother was at my g-ma's and one of the ladies came over. Mother asked how she liked living in Wells. She said it was ok considering. The whole town hated them.... I had to bite my tongue. Started to ask if I could help them pack - but decided that wasn't very nice.

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

June 11, 2012 02:20AM        churchpartner    
YMBBA Ministries is The Evangelists. the born again!
June 11, 2012 09:50AM          K[anon]    
churchpartner, how do you know this?
 June 11, 2012 12:32PM            CG[anon]    
Wondering the same thing, K[anon]. Not my definition of Evangelists.
    June 11, 2012 04:35PM           LibertyforCaptives   

Hi all,       I have read the whole discussion thread about YMBBA. It sounds so similar to the cult that I used to be a part of in Maine. God did a miraculous work and broke that cult up after 25 years of error and pain. He can open the eyes of the blind. My wife and I are praying for everyone affected by this group, as well as for the YMBBA folks themselves. As a former cult-member, I understand how sincerely deceived someone can be by charismatic leaders who quote lots of scripture.

This group is in error and has twisted the scriptures. We are praying that Faith's death would serve as a wake-up call that God could use to free many members from the control of these leaders. Our hearts go out to each family member who has been cut off from loved ones. May you stay in healthy community and never lose sight of the fact that God is a miracle-working God who can deliver captives.
June 11, 2012 05:58PM        J[anon]

... so I suspect churchpartner is a group member. I wondered how long it would take before one of them found this site.
June 11, 2012 07:29PM             K[anon]
Amen, Liberty. Very well spoken! I have shared your article that you wrote for my granddaughter with many people. Thank you for your understanding and boldness to speak truth.

June 12, 2012 10:04AM           K[anon]   

............. I began to wonder why we feel the need to hide what we feel/think from 'churchpartner'. I know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior..."Yet I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him for that day."(2 Tim 1:12) Friends, it is only by much prayer and supplication that we can call down this stronghold that satan has over these people--our sons and daughters, friends, neighbors. We should be thankful for this trial because He is using it to test us and build perseverance so that we might be 'mature and complete.' I am not saying anything that is not truth about what we have experienced. Am I angry that this group allowed my granddaughter to die just so they could attempt to feed their delusions? You better believe it! I hope they can live with the fact that this death is on their hands and they will stand in judgement someday. They are all about rules and jumping through hoops--you know, being known by their fruits--I guess infanticide is one of them. My Bible tells me the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The only fruit I've experienced through this group is anger, strife, division, dissension and arrogance. Oh, and let's not forget isolation, hate and prejudice. I am so glad Jesus did not isolate Himself but hung out with sinners like myself and showed me by example what mercy and grace is. How to love unconditionally and forgive without exception. I love my daughter and son-in-law and would take them into our home in a heartbeat just to have them back in our family. I miss the fellowship we had and the opportunity to love on my grandchildren.

Enough said. Thanks for listening!
June 12, 2012 11:12AM          CG[anon]

K[anon], you have just spoken my heart to a tee! Everything I have felt, you have just written. Christians are bound together by the Holy Spirit! The proof to me is that we share the same feelings and the same love!
My Lord and Savior has gotten me through all of this heart ache and I can't imagine how the unsaved families are surviving losing their children to this group. I pray for them! This forum is also a huge blessing to me, just knowing we are not alone in this! Thank you to all of you that have been on this site. May the peace of Christ be with you!
June 13, 2012 07:50PM       SH[anon]    

A little insider's information: My son is currently involved with YMBBA, there in Wells. We have communications with him. Therefore, I can share some real facts. We call to speak with him, from time-to-time. ......

So, when we call and talk with him, someone else is listening in, almost every time, it seems. Either he has his phone on speaker-phone (likely) or they have some other system for listening in. At one point in our conversation, our connection was cut off after we approached a subject that involved some doctrinal wrangling. In another conversation, one of their members came on the line, to quote scripture and communicate some of their desires regarding an event involving police authority.

God has His hands in every situation, world-wide, and so we know our son is in God's hands. We wish for him to leave their group, but our son is on a philosophical journey to discover sincere christianity. Currently, he is willingly submitted to 'elders' in that group (the oldest seems to be in his late twenties). They convinced our son he is not saved, even though our son's recent confession while he was here living with us (only a few months back) was that he was saved.

Hey, you know, I must be careful what I say. Very likely, one of them is following the posts on this forum.

The truth is, I want my son to leave their group, immediately. If you are from that group, and if you are reading this, then please urge my curly-haired son, age 24, to return to Oregon.
June 14, 2012 12:45AM          CG[anon]

SH[anon], Welcome to the group. My daughter is in this "church" and communication got less and less as we didn't agree with their theology. They convinced my daughter she wasn't saved, and then they tried to convince me I wasn't saved, when I didn't agree with them, they sent back her and her husband's cell phones, that I had been paying on my family plan, and then the church supplied them with one phone that they share.

I can't tell you how many times we were "cut off" mysteriously and then she wouldn't call me back. So it is very hard for me to talk to my daughter anymore, she doesn't call me back or text me for weeks sometimes. I would like to tell you this won't happen with your son, but I believe it probably will, so be prepared. It is very hard to lose your child, and for it to be for belief in the same Jesus that we both believe in, is just heartbreaking! I just pray that these kids wake up and the Lord shows them that they are not winning souls for Jesus, but are probably losing souls. My daughter has walked away from every friend and family member that loves her and we just want her back!
But, we serve a Big God! He will work all this for his glory in the end! We just keep praying!!

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

Berryjam wrote: 
I pulled myself together and climbed into bed with what strength I had left, and I slept till like 10 am or so the next day, and one guy by the name of Eric (I'm not afraid to use names so I'm going to do so) came in and  told me to go seek the Lord again, even though I was physically exhausted and well I remember him as being one of the coldest and nastiest out of the whole group. I have to wonder to this day what he's been through and what he went through to get where he was then.

I'm just curious if this Eric is the one who is about 4 and 1/2' tall, has tattoos on his arms, and has a deep voice.  If so, I've seen the this cat in action, and it's comical, sad, and scary all at once.  Please continue to use names. 

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

They are a mixed up bunch! They put things on Youtube about Calvinism yet they quote Wesley about losing your salvation. My son texted me that I was not able to fear the Lord if I were a Calvinist so apparently they are not Calvinists anymore?


9/01/2013 8:15 pm  #9

Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

4everfaithful wrote:

They are a mixed up bunch! They put things on Youtube about Calvinism yet they quote Wesley about losing your salvation. My son texted me that I was not able to fear the Lord if I were a Calvinist so apparently they are not Calvinists anymore?

I don't think they are that. What they say they believe is an eclectic mish-mash of Biblical interpretation and scriptural direction partially made up themselves and partially under the tutelage of someone else or another source. Hence, the rationale to why they are the only ones saved and no one else is.
There's a simple logic on the face of it - if they have exclusive doctrine that is unique only to them, then no one else could know what they know. So of course, then, it follows that nobody else could be saved, right? Because 'Church of Wells' knows something no one else does, or can. Sure, I get it.

But that's not consistent with what we know about Christian theology and not spiritually sound. I don't see "Church of Wells" as a church or a belief system. I consider it a creative business venture. 

"New Testament" churches and Watchman Nee/Lee advocate this style of do-it-yourself churches. They meet in homes and there can be only one church in each city. They call themselves "church of [insert name of town here]," with a lowercase 'c'. They reject adopting formal titles, call each other "Brother" and "Sister" and have inconsistent pastoral leadership.

Here's some bits from the Watchman group that are consistent with what "Church of Wells" says they believe. 

The crucified, resurrected, and ascended Christ is now indwelling the spirits of His people as the Spirit of life, making Christ real to them. This indwelling Spirit of Christ is both the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God. The main function of the divine Spirit is to impart the divine life into God's people, regenerating them, anointing them, sanctifying and transforming them by saturating them with the very element of God. Watchman Nee ministered on this matter extensively.

Watchman Nee received revelation concerning the calling of the overcomers. Because the whole church has become defeated, failing to meet the Lord's purpose, the Lord has come in to call some of His believers to be overcomers. This is clearly revealed in the seven epistles in Revelation 2 and 3. Because the whole church has missed the mark, the Lord has sounded His call to those who love Him to overcome the degraded church.

By 1925 Watchman Nee had seen the matter of spiritual warfare. He saw that for the accomplishment of God's divine purpose in this universe, there is a consummate battle shaping up between God and His enemy, Satan. This battle involves all of God's children. If they take sides with Satan, they are rebelling against God; if they take sides with God, they are fighting against Satan. All the overcoming believers must realize that they are on the battlefield; they are fighting for God's divine purpose. To fight in this spiritual warfare requires the believer to see his heavenly position. Ephesians 2 makes it clear that we are seated in the heavenly places, and Ephesians 6 indicates that we are fighting against the powers in the heavenlies. The believers must keep their heavenly position so that they can defeat God's enemies in the heavenly places. If the believers' position is on the earth, they are under the enemy, and they lose the position to overcome.

While he was undergoing his longsuffering from 1942 to 1948, Watchman Nee saw the breaking of the outer man and the release of the human spirit. The Spirit of Christ dwells in our spirit. If our outer man is not broken, our spirit with the Spirit of Christ is confined in the shell of our outer man. For this reason, there is a crucial need for our outer man to be broken in order that our spirit with the Spirit of Christ may be released to impart life to others. The discipline of the Holy Spirit is both to tear down some aspects of our natural life and to break our outer man.

In order for the work to accomplish its purpose and for the local churches to be built up practically, Watchman Nee saw the necessity for all the believers in the Lord's recovery to hand over not only themsleves but all their possessions to the work. By this means the believers are delivered from being selfish and individualistic. This also helps believers to submit to the Lord's authority. It even affords the Lord an opportunity to use their possessions for His purpose and to grant them more physical blessings.

Source: Watchman Nee—A Seer of the Divine Revelation in the Present Age, by Witness Lee, pp. 151-167

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Re: Cult Education Forum/Berryjam's RR archive [combined]

Brought this over from Cult Education Forum....anyone want to respond?

Date Added: 09/19/2013
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Re: YMBBA Ministries

As time has permitted me over the spring and summer of this year, I have listened to a number of the sermons that can be found YMBBA's website called the Church of Wells. I have read a few of their writings, and have searched the internet for any information on what these people teach. I have concluded that they are a small group of people with very strong convictions by which they strive to live. And yet are held in vast disfavor by popular opinion. 
What I have found has caused me to conclude that these people are not a cult, but are teaching and preaching according to their own convictions. 
Some of the questions I had toward the beginning of this year have now been answered. Other answers are still being unraveled as I listen to their own sermons which are very telling in what they believe. 
Some of the things I have been told are profoundly untrue. For example, I have been informed that they believe they are the only true church in America and that in order to be saved you must be a part of their group. This is contradictory to what they teach in their own sermons. 
I would encourage the reader to go to their website and read/listen to what they have to say for themselves before passing judgment on this group based upon what others are saying about them. The YMBBA Ministries website can be found by doing a search on the "Church of Wells". 


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