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 Stress is an unavoidable fact that has to be dealt with. As long as there is life , work, families, or just people, there will be stress. It is one of those things that you have to confront… or it grows. Stress is like a rotten piece of meat that draws flies. The longer it lays there, the more flies it draws and the worse it smells. Fortunately, more people are recognizing that stress is inevitable and are willing to find ways to combat it, or at least, make it manageable. Conquer Your Stress The first step towards conquering stress is to recognize that it exists and that it will not go away on its own. Of course , they pretty much had to because stress is making us sick. As a nation, as Americans, as individuals, it is a common problem. The more we face it, the more solutions that will come about from this confrontation. Some of the steps involved in recognizing and dealing with stress include the following. REST = Recognize what it is that triggers stress–Engage in relaxation techniques– Start Stress Relieving Activities– Try to Qualify and indemnify your stress by compensation or a reward to yourself by taking back your permission. – Recognize triggers
– Engage in relaxation techniques
– Stress relieving activities
– Try to Qualify, Identify, and indemnify. Triggers What sets you off? What is it that happens in your life that causes your individual, personal stress? The sooner we begin to recognize what it is that stresses us , the quicker we can also identify ways to avoid it. For instance, a woman in our stress management group tells us that her stress is not a what; it is a who. Whenever her husband\s brother would come over to the house, her stress level would skyrocket. Realizing this, she decided to keep a small notebook on her person whenever he was around so that she could write down all the things about him that caused her stress. Recognizing Once they realized that it was his condescending attitude towards her and coupled it with her husband unwillingness to defend her to him, she was able to get everyone together for a long talk. Does he still annoy her and cause her stress? The answer is a resounding yes, however, she has now learned to overlook many of the smaller things her brother-in-law does to stress her out and he no longer berates her. When he slips up and does, hubby is right there to the rescue. Release-Relax-And Let Go Relaxation techniques have been around for a while now and are just starting to become refined into something that works. The fact is that meditation is not for everyone. Deep breathing exercises , taking walks, small bouts of self-hypnosis through powerful positive affirmations, all of these seemingly small things that work okay individually but work wonders when they are all put together and utilized as a daily weapon in the war against stress. Many of us have learned that if something stresses us, we eliminate it from our presence. Stress Relieving Activities Stress relaxation techniques are swell, there is no denying that. Activities that relieve stress are even better. Some forms of stress cannot be eliminated and there are cases where it must be allowed to grow. A good for instance of this is work related stress that we sometimes have to carry for several days to get to a weekend. We utilize our relaxation and stress fighting techniques but some stress just will not respond, especially when we know it is waiting for us at work the next day. However, when that weekend rolls along, it is time to break out our stress relieving activities and have some fun. Activities Work To Relieve Stress The trick to stress relieving activities is in recognizing them for why we do it , which is stress relief. We assign it that role. I know a guy who plays pool on the weekends to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate his stress. He plays a few games alone first thing Saturday morning. With each ball that he sinks, he envisions his stress level dropping. Complex bank shots relieve more stress than a straight gimmie shot. It was difficult at first, he admits, but after a few games, he feels like a new man. Now, not only does his stress practically fly away the moment he picks up his cue stick, he is also a crack pool shooter and dominates the Friday and Saturday night tournaments he enters. Try To Qualify-Identify-And Indemnify Once you have qualified your stress by identifying it, and indemnifying it by rewarding yourself , take away your permission to allow it to interfere in your life. When you realize no-thing or no one can make you continue to feel stress without your permission-that is the moment that you regain control. That is when you become empowered to deny your stress. Get a massage, soak in a hot bubble bath, play a game of tennis, or walk on the beach barefoot if that is what it takes to relieve illness-bringing stress. Rebuke its right to own any part of your world, find your stress relieving activity, and have some fun! Author Bio: For more information please visit our Bloodborne Pathogens Training website. Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet
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