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11/05/2014 5:39 pm  #21

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

This is now Custom Cut Lumber


11/11/2014 5:49 pm  #22

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Shop here:
[Get a free lip balm with purchase of any other product...]

Or here:

The Keyes women had a cottage-industry "homestead arts" goat milk soap business before they took up with the Welldurs. This is probably their recipe and product. Jesse and Lindsay hardly seem the type and really, why would they bother when they've already got the talent in the house?

Kind of cute, about their rejection of worldly stuff. They pirate the name L'Occitane, a very high-end French brand. That's about as "worldly" as it comes. Right up there with Swiss chocolate, Omega watches and $2,000 dollar Montblanc pens. Talk about "counterfeit" morality and hypocrisy!
But I'm pretty sure L'Occitane wouldn't allow commercial appropriation of their product name...
The real deal

But hey. We won't begrudge them a few bucks in the name of the Lord...


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