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2/15/2014 12:20 am  #11

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure
A picture says a thousand words.


2/15/2014 12:53 am  #12

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

By the way, Texas requires plumbing and electrical licensing for remodel contractors. The Trudeaus aren't licensed nor are there licenses in the various business names.


4/14/2014 12:26 am  #13

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Cory McLaughlin signed the most recent filing.


4/14/2014 12:29 am  #14

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Can't believe this kid blew off Villanova. Heartbreaking.


8/16/2014 7:29 pm  #15

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Lucrative financial corporate and government relationships for the folks who reject all things "of this world." 

Chevron and Texaco affiliation

Food stamps (SNAP) registered vendor
There are just three locations in Wells. The next closest location is miles away, not walking distance for someone without transportation.

Texas utilities official payment franchise - the only place to make a payment in person, for miles.

We could be charitable and view this as Church of Wells providing necessary "services" to the community. Or we can see it as a monopolistic financial racket that not only puts them in control, but puts the community in a bit of a stranglehold. They're the only game in town that provides these services. People kinda have to go to that store, if they need that.
They get to know all kinds of stuff about their neighbors - where they bank and what their finances are, who's on public assistance, how they pay their bills, who has cars. Even who has a washing machine at home.

And they get a limitless parade of people to preach to and potentially recruit.


8/16/2014 8:30 pm  #16

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Cory James Art Market

Wow. Nice. This guy certainly does have a lot of good-quality stuff. Expensive. How does this guy support his lifestyle and pay for all this? No visible means of support. Does the Church of Wells support him? Do they buy him his equipment, paints and brushes, computer equipment, software, cameras and lenses? Pay his rent?
He's like a classic Rennaissance artiste with a wealthy patron invisible in the background somewhere. Beautiful. Hmmm...maybe I'm just jealous...

Nice videography and production, but he delivers his script a bit stiff. He studied "for a time as well in Florence, Italy, with Saucci..." 
What does that mean? Clearly it's supposed to be significant (and self-explanatory) to an audience. Or he wouldn't toss it out like name-dropping. Who's Saucci? Never heard of 'em. Or does he mean the village of Saucci?

Naw, that ain't it.

Ah, here we go. Maybe he means the acronym S-A-C-I? Studio Art Centers InternationalTM. A study-abroad program.

Yeah, I think that's it. Nothing about Cory McLauglin as an alum, but they have some serious exhibiting artists. Impressive.

It really doesn't seem like a program a Christian evangelist preacher-type would choose. (Neither is Florence, Italy
)  How does Cory McLaughlin rationalize promoting this as consistent with Church of Wells dogma and the rulebook Condescension of God?


8/31/2014 9:21 pm  #17

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

A new website in the Resolved Graphic Design portfolio:

Company owner: Damien Gloury

Yes, that Damien Gloury...the Australian CoW partners.
Responsible for the Westboro-Baptist-Church-style messages of hatred [yes yes, we know, God hates everyone, fine] to the Australian community, the way Sean Morris and Ryan Ringnald do in Texas.
"Battle at Wollongong"

"A small number of right-wing Christians came out and started waving their flags and getting in people's faces, yelling quite loudly, some of them got in a bit of a fight."

"We would never go to their church and disrupt things the way they did today.

Damien Gloury: "...we do love everybody, it might sound like we're condemning people but we're not, we're just preaching the Bible."

Sydney Morning Herald

But a little strange, the business address is interesting. First, two different towns, but the same street address. Now, that would be a remarkable coincidence!  Is the company in Bomaderry or in Gerringong, 18 miles away? Second, one address is a big empty chunk of land that's for sale. The other is a camper/caravan sales lot:

Kids, your ad copy is terrible! Ya gotta do better than that! It's professionally embarrassing. Poor reflection on the company you're advertising. It tells customers that it's probably second-rate. Clean that up!
...I'm not criticizing or condemning - I'm loving you...

Oh, lookit here. It's been an exceptional "highest quality" business service for ten years, but the only reviews are Church of Wells buddies? The people who did their web design and advertisement? What? 
Do you really think reviews from Texas - the other side of the planet, the northern hemisphere - is good advertising for an Australian cleaning business? Better rethink that...

And who are all the "likes" and "Fans of the Week"?
They don't seem to be Australian. Or Texan. Are they customers? How strange...
Medo Ali and Arda Gomes don't even seem to be real people. Huh. Oh wait. I got it. They're phonied up for advertising and marketing purposes! To show traffic when there really isn't any. I get it now! It's a professional marketing strategy. Okay.

But isn't that kind of deceptive and dishonest?  


9/15/2014 12:18 pm  #18

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Rumor has it that the group's grocery and gas station, R & R Mercantile, is temporarily closed. Anyone want to weigh in on that? Confirm, deny, comment.

By the way, Custom Cut Lumber claims this:
"Our rough cut lumber is about 10 % cheaper, 25 % stronger, and often of better quality."

10% cheaper than who?
25% stronger then what? How do you know?
Often better quality. Better quality than what? How do you know?

It's logs. Clear-cutting. Lumbering. How do these young men justify saying this and back it up? Have they actually paid for market studies or do they just say that as an advertising line?


9/15/2014 12:22 pm  #19

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

The store is "temporarily closed." Zaki & Sons still owns it.
The sawmill, Trudeau Tree Service and Custom Cut Lumber went here:

"Deacon" Rick Trudeau bought Church of Wells himself a 17-acre spread in Alto. 15,000 square feet of commercial space. A house. Plenty of outbuildings and prayer sheds for guest space and women's quarters.


9/18/2014 1:19 am  #20

Re: CoW/Charity Enterprises, Inc. corporate structure

Honesty, Integrity and Excellence  

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sawmill Manager - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
= Rick, cell (518) 524-631nine (leave a voice mail, text, call or email) 
= (Note, leaving a detailed VOICE MAIL message is generally your best chance at getting a hold of
= him as he is often very busy when calls come in.)
= ( 8 + years of experience in mill business )

 - - - - - - - - - - - Tree Service Manager - - - - - - - - -
= Tanner cell (518) 524-489four ( text, call, voice message or email= (10 years experience tree cutting)= Connected with 
= See our Log buying, Logging & Land Clearing Craigslist post
= (search CL services for "Log buyer Custom Cut Lumber" )
= Note, we are NOT really interested in cutting trees that are further than about 1 hour from the
= town of Alto, TX ( with the exception of big quality walnut, sycamore or cedar and cypress which
= do not require hazardous removal - in which case we are willing to travel further.)  

-- We have experienced carpenters who work in carpentry nearly full time. They
* can build, perform demolition, and repair what you desire out of the lumber you get from us.
* (Search for "Charity Construction" under Craigslist services) or (" Rough
*Sawn Sheds " under Craigslist for sale or services) 

-- We are connected closely with an insured tree service company
* (Trudeau Tree Service), so we can cut down even dangerous
* hazardous trees and haul your logs to the mill
* (search under Craigslist services)

And of course, the ubiquitous "satisfied customer reviews" by CoW members.

None of this says 'honesty' and 'integrity'. Those are real qualities; words that mean something. You can't make up your own interpretation of honesty.
To say "associated with" or "closely connected to" is very simply deceptive. To create phony reviews pretending to be customers - when you're aren't - and give the impression of a customer service experience - that you didn't have - is dishonest. It's gimmicky. It doesn't inspire confidence in the services. In fact, the opposite is true - it makes one wonder.
Fix the ad copy in all of your ads. Use grammar check as well as spell check. Use a dictionary and thesaurus. Be sure words mean what you think they mean. 

You can't just say you're honest; you have to be honest.


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