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12/10/2014 1:46 am  #1

Cookin' by the numbers...

 Last we met, we deconstructed the number 70 and its significance to Moses David. Go here to read that bit.

With all the talk of Agenda 21, Armageddon, the impending failure of the earth and hiding out in sawmills, I thought of an obvious scriptural application that we missed. David's Mighty Warriors. Ah, yes. The three and thirty that add up to 37.

It's quite a long complicated paper. We'll just look at the pictures.

  So, in a nutshell, there are three leaders, right? Sean, Jake and Ryan. And then there's the lower three - Jesse, Dan and Cory. Or maybe Jesse, Dan and Randall or Eric. Or some combination like that.

But then we've got the chief commander who is higher than those top three. Who the heck is that? Is that Moses David? Somebody else working the strings behind the scenes that we don't yet know about? Or is that Sean? Gosh, maybe it's Cory.


Journal of Hebrew Scriptures. Volume 11, Article 5.       
See also:  ראש שלושים “the head of thirty” (pace N. Na’aman, “The List of David’s Officers (šališim),” VT 38 (1988), 71–79, who reads šališim). 
M. Garsiel, “The Water Retrieval Mission of David’s Three Warriors and its Relationship to the Battle of the Valley of Refaim,” 51–62.
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