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Bellingham couple fighting to regain custody of children

December 4, 2014BELLINGHAM — A couple whose three young children were taken from their Bellingham home a month ago said they’re being bullied by Child Protective Services for refusing to treat their oldest son’s eczema with a steroid cream, which they believed would harm him, and for deciding to give birth to their twins at home.

A CPS representative said home-birth wasn’t the issue in the case involving parents Cleave Rengo, 23, and Erica May Carey, 29, which has gone viral on social media.

“No policy of the Children’s Administration would allow a child to be taken from his or her parents because he or she was born at home. Home birth is not in any way a child safety risk factor,” said Laurie Alexander, area administrator for Children’s Administration, to which CPS belongs.

In a hearing before Whatcom County Superior Court Commissioner Thomas Verge this week, the state attempted to show an unstable household marked by numerous contacts with law enforcement — 14 in Whatcom County and seven in Vancouver, Wash., when the couple lived there — within the past two years and refusal to provide medical treatment to the children.The case has generated an immense amount of attention, after their story was posted on the website Medical Kidnap, where it received more than a million page views, and was widely circulated on social media. It sparked outrage among readers with its account of breastfed babies being taken away from parents who had a home-birth and refused to go to the hospital.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s Office has received 8,000 inquiries, many from out of state, from people demanding that he intervene. State Rep. Jason Overstreet, R-Lynden, asked Everett attorney Stephen Pidgeon to help the couple as they try to regain custody of their children Levi, who just had his first birthday, and twins Daniel and Morna Kai, who are two months old.

The couple, who plan to marry soon, said their children were healthy when they were at home but that Levi has developed pneumonia and infections in both ears and Daniel has reflux since in state custody.

“There was no abuse, no neglect,” Rengo said in an interview in the one-bedroom apartment the family shared with his father. “This is a misunderstanding. We just miss them dearly and want them back.”

Pidgeon, meanwhile, is asking the Court of Appeals to order that the children, who were taken from their home in November, be returned to their parents. He’s turning to that court after Whatcom County Superior Court judges declined to consider his petition. The attorney argued that there was no indication the children were neglected or abused.

“CPS is somehow imposing its medical judgment over the judgment of the parents,” Pidgeon explained in an interview. “Apparently, if you don’t see it the way CPS sees it, then you’re abusing your children.”

Known as a shelter care hearing, the civil process will continue Friday, Dec. 5, before Verge.

The couple said they live a holistic lifestyle based on their Christian belief. So when Carey became pregnant a second time and the midwife they wanted to work with didn’t have an opening, she decided to give birth at home unassisted. She said she believed that “was the direction God was showing us for the birth” and was confident about the decision because she had been born at home herself and her mother was a home-birth educator and leader in La Leche League, a breastfeeding support organization.

Carey said she did the research and prepared for the birth, as well as the post-birth treatment. The twins were born Oct. 2 without no complications, the couple said.That same day, someone called paramedics and the couple allowed them into their home. The paramedics said everyone was healthy, the couple said, and recommended they go to the hospital for evaluation. The couple declined at that time, saying they didn’t want to expose the newborns to viruses and infections found in hospitals.

CPS showed up at their home Oct. 6, supervisor Julie Turner testified earlier this week before Verne.

Under questioning from Assistant Attorney General Rob Olson, she summarized the police reports involving the couple and the concerns that those contacts with law enforcement indicated a pattern of domestic problems and mental health issues in the home. She also said that in the course of working with the couple, social workers worried that they weren’t following recommended medical care for their children — specifically not treating Levi’s eczema, which had become infected, with a steroid cream as recommended by medical providers — and that the twins were underweight to the extent that they were below 1 percentile for their age."

Carey had been breastfeeding all three children, and CPS recommended that she supplement their feeding with formula. In an interview, the couple said they had been treating Levi by using calendula salve, probiotics and comfrey tea.

“We were treating him holistically. We were treating him with the best methods, and steroids are not the best method for treating him,” Carey said in an interview. As for their contacts with law enforcement, the couple attributed that to the stress of being poor, pregnant, and thinking the police were there to help.

Under cross-examination from the couple’s attorneys, Turner acknowledged that the oldest of the police contacts occurred well before the first child was born and that there was no indication that Rengo had ever been violent with Carey. Turner also told the court the twins were cleared as being healthy several times, and Levi’s eczema was getting better because the couple had been applying an antibacterial cream.


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Re: Bellingham,WA

Court: Return Rengo children to parents, with conditions

BY KIE RELYEA The Bellingham Herald December 5, 2014

BELLINGHAM — Saying he was giving a Bellingham couple a “second chance,” a Whatcom County Superior Court commissioner decided Friday, Dec. 5, to return their three young children, who had been taken into protective custody amid the state’s concerns over a chaotic home life.

But Commissioner Thomas Verge told Cleave Rengo, 23, and Erica Carey, 29, that the children would be removed again if they didn’t follow his conditions as well as cooperate with Child Protective Services.

“This is about second chances because you blew the first one,” Verge told the couple, although he said he recognized the “love you both have for your children.”
Cleave Rengo and Erica May Carey in their Bellingham apartment Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014, talk about their custody battle with Child Protective Services over their three young children. PHILIP A. DWYER — THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

“We accept this ruling and will work with the family to provide them with services aimed at helping keep the children safe in their home,” the state Children’s Administration said in a statement. CPS is part of the Children’s Administration.
A court removed their three children — Levi, now 1, and twins Morna Kai and Daniel, now 2 months old — from the one-bedroom apartment they shared with Rengo’s father, Bruce Rengo, on Nov. 5.
 CPS has said the case had nothing to do with home-birth. Carey chose to give birth to the twins at home without medical assistance.

That also wasn’t an issue for Verge, who said home-birth has “no bearing whatsoever on my decision here.”

What did for Verge was essentially the case made by the Attorney General’s Office, which represents the Department of Social and Health Services in such shelter care hearings. Assistant Attorney General Rob Olson this week laid out a case that detailed the family’s numerous contacts with law enforcement since 2013 — 14 in Whatcom County and seven when the couple lived elsewhere in Washington state; refusal or resistance to providing medical care for the children; concern about the twins being underweight; domestic disputes between the couple; Cleave Rengo being controlling of Carey; and Bruce Rengo’s mental health issues, which had included a two-month hospitalization when he stopped taking his medication for bipolar disorder.
Levi Rengo, 1, who was taken from his Bellingham parents Cleave Rengo and Erica Carey by Child Protective Services along with his two younger siblings. CLEVE RENGO

Olson also presented information about Cleave Rengo’s arrest in Battle Ground, when the couple had stayed there and Carey was eight months pregnant with Levi. The original charges included domestic violence and resisting arrest, but the domestic violence charge was dropped in a plea agreement, which included the mandate that Cleave Rengo undergo anger management. But he hadn’t yet completed the anger management requirement and there was a warrant out for his arrest, which concerned the state.

Both parents also testified on Friday as their attorneys sought to show that the parents did provide medical care for their children, including antibiotic ointment to Levi’s leg for his eczema, which had been a matter of contention between both sides, and that they did augment Carey’s breastfeeding with formula to increase the twins’ weight. They said that while there had been numerous contacts with law enforcement, none involved Cleave Rengo physically assaulting Carey.

As for those 21 police calls, Cleave Rengo said that was because they had trusted police and had looked to them to help resolve conflict in the family. The couple’s attorneys also noted that many of the contacts with law enforcement occurred before the children’s birth. “Most of the safety risk is primarily speculative,” said Christina Nelson-King, the attorney for Carey. “Parents have a Constitutional right to parent as they see fit,” Nelson-King said, adding that they also should be able to disagree with CPS.

While Verge was concerned about the children being in what he considered had been an unstable and unsafe household, he said he didn’t see the couple as bad parents and expressed concern there wouldn’t be meaningful bonding between the infants and parents if the children remained in foster care.

In telling the parents about his decision, Verge said to them: “As new parents, you two need help to learn how to parent better.”

He discounted the contention that no domestic violence occurred because there was no physical violence. “You feel you have the right to control your spouse, you do not,” he said to Cleave Rengo. (The couple see themselves as husband and wife even though they haven’t yet married.)

Verge said they could continue to provide homeopathic care for their children but also must consult a pediatrician. And the twins must continue to gain weight, he said, noting they were in the 1 percentile for their age when they were weighed on Nov. 8.

“That is a big deal. That shows the (twins) are not doing well, are not thriving,” he said.

He said the couple also must move into their own place as soon as possible, saying the one-bedroom space was too small for that many people. He also cited concern over Bruce Rengo’s mental illness even as Verge said he was convinced that Bruce Rengo had been aggressively addressing his mental health issues since leaving the hospital.

Verge also chastised the couple for resisting CPS workers and for their hostility toward them. “They did exactly what they should do,” he said, adding that they tried everything to help the family and were met by resistance. “Their lives are dedicated to children. They are not the enemy. They are the heroes.”

Reach Kie Relyea at 360-715-2234 or

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Re: Bellingham,WA

"The couple said they live a holistic lifestyle based on their Christian belief. So when Carey became pregnant a second time and the midwife they wanted to work with didn’t have an opening, she decided to give birth at home unassisted. She said she believed that “was the direction God was showing us for the birth...”

Laurie Alexander, area administrator for Children’s Administration:
"No policy of the Children’s Administration would allow a child to be taken from his or her parents because he or she was born at home. Home birth is not in any way a child safety risk factor.”

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Re: Bellingham,WA

Couple fights for custody of children after home birth
Alison Morrow, KING 5 News

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Erica May Carey and Cleave Rengo haven't applied for a Washington state marriage license, but they said their vows before God.

"We just prayed and invited God to bless our relationship so we'd have a family built on a firm foundation," Rengo said. They'd only known each other a matter of hours before they decided to spend their lives together. Soon after, they conceived their first son. Almost immediately after his birth, Carey was pregnant again. This time, the couple's Christian beliefs influenced their decision to have an unassisted home birth.

"I've done a lot of research about other women who have done it and they said the spiritual experience was so much more wholesome," Carey said. "It was just us. We wanted to preserve that sanctity and sacredness in our birth."

To preserve the sacred space of her womb, Carey never even had an ultrasound. It wasn't until immediately after the birth of their second son that the couple realized a twin daughter was on the way.

"I said, 'Erica look!' and she looked at her belly. There was an outline of a small baby in her belly. That's when I discovered we were having twins," Cleave remembered.

The young couple now had three children, all under the age of one year. Erica breastfed all three. Soon after, however, paramedics showed up when someone reported the birth. According to Carey and Rengo, the paramedics suggested taking the newborns to the hospital for a check up, but they refused, worrying about the twins' health with fragile immune systems among patients fighting disease.

The next day, CPS showed up for the first of several visits. Officers noticed the 10-month-old's eczema, the couple says, which they treated with natural remedies like probiotics and coconut oil. They say CPS pushed them to switch to steroid creams, which the couple refused as well. "It's a very harsh treatment and can have very negative side effects. It can cause damage to bones, the muscular system and liver," Carey said. 

"They wanted the authority in my household. I told them, 'I'm a Christian and God gave me the authority in my household'," Rengo said.


Soon after, CPS took all 3 children. In a petition filed Tuesday, the couple's attorney calls the seizure "unlawful, unconscionable, and inexcusable." Though there were calls to the home about domestic issues prior to the children's birth, the petition claims no evidence of "clear and present danger," rather that CPS is trying to impose their standards of "proper parenting." Except now, as the petition continues, the couple's oldest son not only has eczema, he is also "suffering from pneumonia" while in state custody.
"That's our flesh and blood," Carey said. Rengo and Carey missed their son's first birthday last week, and they see their children only once a week. "Every time it's like torment to my soul when they pull them away from my breasts," Carey cried. "Those are my babies. They're our children. They have no right to them." 

DSHS sent the following statement to KING 5: 
"Due to confidentiality, we cannot discuss details, except to say that a court determined a child's safety required removal from the home. No policy of Children's Administration would allow a child to be taken due to a home birth. A home birth is not in any way a child safety risk factor in the view of Children's Administration."

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Re: Bellingham,WA

Bits and pieces

Interesting comments from the articles


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Re: Bellingham,WA

Artist Bio

I’m preparing to ascend. I am Lillith, the first and eternal companion of the Son Adam. Before I was brought to this planet I was first born into physical being on the planet Sirius A. I was born at a time of great war amongst the various worlds. The threat of galactic annihilation was as much a threat as it is today on planet Earth. As a desperate attempt to unify the Galaxy the first offspring from each world was taken from the various Gods and Goddesses, as directed by the Galactic Federation. 
My Mother Inanna had no choice in the matter, I was violently kidnapped from Her bedside. Her screams, even now after thousands of years still echo in my mind. My Father, by obligation to the Council under the threat of death, was likewise powerless in the matter.Twelve of us, six male, six female, were sent to planet Earth as a training and experimental site for the varied worlds to observe and learn from our interactions. 
Adam is the Son of the God and Goddess Nibiru of Sirius B, sister planet to my home planet Sirius A. From before conception Adam and I were betrothed. As a higher Universal law for conception, it is custom for every perspective Mother to arrange a union with an equal Mother in status and intelligence in order to simultaneously conceive. According to Universal Law it is the responsibility of the God and Goddess of every world to bring new spirits into the world, and all new spirits come from a bank of neutral spirit matter. This matter is then divided into a positive and negative source, otherwise known as Twin Flames. 
It is also custom on all evolved planets for the God and Goddess to live amongst their children, but due to the circumstances we were raised only with the guidance of Council, who had become “corrupted” by the Reptilians, a species from outside our Galaxy. The Reptilians were a much stronger matriarchal civilization than our own, which was governed by a Patriarchal Order. 
Just as all things micro within the Universe are reflected in the macro, so too were these macro imbalances of our Galaxy reflected in the relationships of the Divine here on Earth. 
Adam was the first materialized here on Earth. His home planet being known as the “Water World” the physical makeup of His body was altered and infused with the Sun energy of Pisces, and Moon energy of Aries. I came second. My body altered and infused with the Sun energy of the Taurus constellation, and the Moon energy of Aquarius. 
Left to our own accord within the Garden we played endlessly and effortlessly. Our love in union is so powerful that when observed by one with an open heart the healing affects are instant and vast. Yet just as there is a masculine principle for every feminine, so too must there exist an equal and opposite to every force within the Universe. So it was with our love. 
Ours was the purest love ever witnessed in our Galaxy. The Council, motivated by bewilderment and jealousy of our love, began interjecting in our relationship on the grounds of “experimental fluctuations in the dynamics of our union”. This included teaching us the Dogma and Morals of the Federation. One of these was the principal of the male being the primary councilor and head of the union, and the one responsible for reporting to Council. 
I being infused with the sufferings of my mother as an infant instinctively refuted this dogmatic principal full heartedly, becoming the Galaxy’s first feminist, and putting me Adam between Me and the Council of the Federation, His seat as the leader of the twelve original Earth inhabitants, and eons of Universal culture. 
Me, being from Sirius A -the home of the Feline race- was imprinted with the genetic history of a polygamous society (this maintaining a primal and easily controllable society). My primary rejection to Adam’s externally influenced authority over me was genuinely instinctual. 
At the same time I was proclaiming my own equality to my Twin Masculine Partner, trillions of females throughout the Galaxy were rebelling, causing what would eventually be a restructuring of the Universal Order. Yet, it would be thousands of years before any of this would produce balance in the Universe, be known to Me, and it would be just as long a time before Adam and I would be reconciled in our love. 
By refusing to follow the “Order”, I was forced to step down from my position as First Woman, (although they can never truly take that position from Me). This included my position as Adam’s wife and constant companion. Under this threat, the Council was sure they had secured a stronghold on Me to “keep Me in my place”, but their plan was thwarted by the Reptilians. 
It was from the assistance of these beings that I was able to escape the strongholds of the Council and Federation. They created a modulated reality that coincides as an alternative realm on planet Earth, and offered this realm as my own as a token of alliance between us for the sake of my cause: Female Equality. I agreed, knowing full well the responsibility I was granted. 
In that hour I became the Greatest Enemy to my Greatest Love, and everything He represented.....see the rest of the first chapter of the Herstory, The Epic Tales of Lillith at Lillith's Music page on Facebook! Stay tuned for the rest!... and the journey to Inner Earth Agartha! 

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