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The Fugates - What the Bible says about Child Training

Child Training for God's Servants and "first-time obedience" (FTO)

Mat Training

By the time your child is 1, your mat training should have been in your schedule for about six months. The purpose of mat training is to teach your child to play alone quietly so that when you come to the meetings together he can be awake yet quiet for a while. The mat time should be a daily scheduled time that is a priority in your day, especially when your child is very young. You can begin this around six months or when you see your child is developing some capacity to play and entertain himself.

Start with 15 or 20 minutes a day for this age. Use the mat or blanket you use at the meetings and have your child play on it, keeping all his body parts within the perimeter of the mat. Let him have only one toy at a time to play with rather than many. This helps to develop his power of concentration.

In order to teach him to play quietly, you must give him a verbal command when you set him on the mat. A simple phrase such as, "Play quietly" or "No talking" is fine. At first when he makes noise, put your hand over his mouth and repeat your command. After a period of time however, you will need to use correction. It's fine to leave him on the mat when you correct him rather than removing him and making a big ordeal of it. Then when he stops crying, you can get him right back into the play situation and again tell him to play quietly. Be sure to praise him when he does well and obeys you.

"Correction" = hit

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Re: The Fugates - What the Bible says about Child Training



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Re: The Fugates - What the Bible says about Child Training

Does the Church of Wells practice this?


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