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11/12/2014 9:30 pm  #1

2014 Washington bill

SB 6295 - 2013-14
Regarding the withholding of medical treatment in favor of faith-based or metaphysical healing efforts.  

Sponsors: Senators Mullet, Tom, Kohl-Welles, Darneille  

Jan 20   First reading, referred to Human Services & Corrections. (View Original Bill)
Feb 6    Public hearing and executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Human Services & Corrections at 10:00 AM.   
Feb 7    HSC - Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass. (View 1st Substitute) (Majority Report)                     Passed to Rules Committee for second reading.   
Feb 14  Placed on second reading by Rules Committee.   
Feb 25  Senate Rules "X" file. 

Feb 6, 2014 Senate Human Services & Corrections at 10:00 AM 

Links are clipped to just the relevant part of the hearing. Excellent testimony and information. Worth the watch.

*As an internal housekeeping practice, bills that appear unlikely for floor consideration are sometimes placed on a separate list called the "X" file. The most common (but not only) reason for placing a bill in the "X" file is a determination that it's ineligible for consideration under the deadlines established in a cut-off resolution. The act of placing a bill in the "X" file does not, in itself, have any legal or parliamentary effect. A determination can still be made later that it is appropriate to run the bill, and, once such a determination is made, the bill can still be 
pulled to the floor. 



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