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RagBlog - Lamar Hankins Nov 2014

METRO | Lamar W. Hankins : Birthing book linked to death of Pursley baby in East Texas cult

The Texas Family Code states explicitly that parents have a duty to provide medical care to their child.

By Lamar W. Hankins | The Rag Blog | November 10, 2014 

When I first wrote about the May 2012 death in Wells, Texas, of the three-day-old baby Faith Shalom Pursley (The Rag Blog, August 11, 2014), two related and unanswered questions kept occurring to me: (1) Why would people who usually accept medical care fail to provide medical attention to their new-born baby? and (2) What made Daniel Pursley, who had no training in birthing, want to deliver his own child without medical or even midwife assistance? Since then, thanks to information from several sources, I may have an answer to those questions.

Four books and publications are connected to the death of Faith Pursley: the Texas Family Code, the Texas Penal Code, the Bible (as interpreted by the “elders” of the Church of Wells), and Born in Zion, a book written by a former nurse from Tampa, Florida, whose ideas are on the extreme fringe of evangelicalism, home birth, and midwifery.

I discussed the first three in my August 11 article about the negligent and reckless death of the three-day old infant, who was born with a routinely treatable birth defect, but received no medical care because her parents and the Church of Wells “elders” decided to deny the baby medical care in favor of praying that she would get well and, after she died, praying for her resurrection for up to 15 hours before reporting her death.

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