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9/20/2014 8:32 pm  #1

Original ideas? Or repackaging other preachers?

A post from Sean Morris's Facebook:

Okay, so what, he's reposting a good essay from A.W. Tozer. What's the big deal?!

Buuutt, it's actually not.

It is Tozer's words (edited), but what it really is, is a cut-and-paste of someone else's Facebook post, without giving credit. Lemme break it down: 
The Tozer essay is "The Old Cross and the New" taken from Man: The Dwelling Place of God, Chapter 10. Compiled by Annie M. Bailey, published 1966, Christian Publications.

The original Tozer writing is 14 paragraphs, 1,048 words. The edited version that Sean posted is 8 paragraphs, 521 words. They cut half the original essay. Boy, that's going to make a difference in what an author intends to communicate! And then Sean added in his own 242 words at the bottom, reinterpreting what Tozer must have really meant. Riiight?

If Sean didn't write it, who did? Hard to say who did the editing, but here's where it looks like it came from - a Facebook community page called "The remnant." A blog ,"A Call To The Remnant, Scottish Warriors For Christ," by Frank McEleny, a Scotsman who lives in Overland Park, Kansas. Partnered with pastor Brian Long, Cornerstone Church in Barnsdall, Oklahoma.

Bit of a surprise that they appear to have relationships with Ryan Ringnald's extended group - Courvilles, Troy Dannenberger, Linda Mann (Colorado). I guess it shouldn't be surprising. This must be a group that Sean Morris in his wisdom has decided might also be saved, the "remnant" along with Church of Wells. But they seem like a different ilk. They're worldly, have good jobs, recreate, do the same things everyone else does and don't appear to cut themselves off from other people. The Scotsman is a real estate agent. They actually seem like pretty cool people. Do they really support the Texas Boys? Do they really know who they are and what they believe? Do they really support those beliefs?

And of course, Church of Wells folk immediately shared their leader's prophetic sage wisdom. {rolling eyes}.

For those of you interested in what parts got left, here's the full edit of Tozer's work:


9/20/2014 10:05 pm  #2

Re: Original ideas? Or repackaging other preachers?

What is it with the cherry-picking?!

It's okay to use others' writings. But say so!  Doesn't cost a thing to give credit for inspiration!
Never ever edit what another wrote. That's plagiarism. 
Never enclose something that has been edited in quotes. If you changed it, it's not a quote. Even capitalization and punctuation. If it's changed from the original, it's not.a.quote.


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