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Re: What they said...

I found the information on Twitter.  I searched "Church of Wells" on Twitter and the tweet by BenZ@Acts1042 is listed there, posted on Oct 6th.  I can only imagine the disturbance the CoW tried to cause at that event. 


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Re: What they said...

man.. i wanted to go to the greg laurie event... now i wish i had.


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Re: What they said...

Twitter #ChurchofWells


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Re: What they said...

got it!


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Re: What they said...

Guys, it's okay to post links. All we ask is that you have something to say about it and a reason you want readers to look at it.

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Re: What they said...

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Re: What they said...

Cross-post from Open Thread

Aegonis3 wrote:

I have an hour to kill and an entire rant by Jake to dissect. For those who don't know, he posted a long diatribe on Facebook last night. It's long, so I can only address parts of it... I'll post it in its entirety someplace else. Jake and crew, I hope you're reading...

(We) have been pursued and hounded by treacherous, blood-thirsty, cut-throat reporters on every side

No, you haven't. Reporters are after the truth; after information. Information you are witholding or unwilling to provide. Remember that clip of Nightline asking Rick a question while he just stared blankly off into space? I do!

We have been beaten, smitten and afflicted; we have been hunted by murderers in the night and harassed and tormented by bloody men 

To our knowledge, you've been in one physical altercation: for screaming at kids. What other physical beatings have you suffered? And being hunted by murderers in the night? That's a new one... 

We have been slanderously libeled and defamed up and down this country as the most sinister, depraved, perverted people...

Look up the definitions of these words; I can assure you neither one is true. Truthful or passionate posts on a public message board do not count as slander or libel. If you truly feel misrepresented, why haven't you taken up the MANY reporters offers to tell your side of the story?  

...though all the while maintaining the harmlessness of a dove

Yes, because tresspassing on to high school and youth rallies are harmless; because ignoring warnings from law enforcement is harmless; because a deacon verbally harassing his ex is harmless; because screaming at kids that they're going to hell is harmless. 

We have had boycotts strip us of our businesses

No, bad business practices and customer service caused you to close. Regular servicing a town of 800 won't sustain a business - it's the travelers coming through town that keep you afloat. Scaring them away with aggressive preaching and keeping expired food on the shelves ruined your business. A town of the size of Wells can't cripple a business. Regarding your other businesses, have you seen your Yelp and Craiglist reviews? Remember the bathroom tile you attempted to lay? Are you workers experienced or licensed? Probably not. It was bad business and service that stripped you of your business - not some cosmic holy war.

...and cause us to know, more than most Americans, true poverty

This is an insulting claim. Son, you're not in poverty. Your members have rooves over their heads. The women can stay home with the children. If you think you are living in poverty, think again. Go spend time in Central LA, Downtown Detroit, the gang-ridden neighborhoods in Chicago, or the projects in New York. You have NO idea what true poverty is. You're not forced to live out of the trunk of a car with only one change of clothes. Your members aren't on the street corner begging for change or picking up cans and bottles to recycle. You're not being evicted by collections and given a box and one-hour to gather your belongings. Your kids are clothed and fed. You OWN your homes. For goodness sake, your OWN acres of land! The fact that you posted this from either a computer or SmartPhone shows me that you are not living in poverty! I am offended by your claim that you "know more than most" what poverty is.  Wake up and get some perspective. Come visit me in the poverty-stricken areas of Southern California - then we'll talk. Until then, you have ZERO right to make this claim you arrogant, ignorant child.

We have suffered the shame and mockery and public denial of some of the most prominent Christian figures in our land 

It looks like you denied them first... I guess you forgot about those public lambastings you enjoy putting on your website?

we've had riots, marches, town meetings

Yes, where you and your peacible and loving demeanor was caught on camera telling the crowd that they were going to burn in hell? Or the march where you screamed at kids? Were those the ones you were talking about?

we have had our meeting house sold out from under us (forcing a family of five to find shelter in a couple of weeks when their fourth child was due in a few days)

Did you own the house? No. You offended the person who did and he/she had every right to sell the home. To say that he/she was wrong in doing so reeks of entitlement. "I know you don't agree with us, or like us, or want anything to do with us, but you should let us keep the house!" No son. That's what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

we have been shamefully labeled child abusers, kidnappers, polygamists, human-traffickers, etc. etc.

Maybe if you were more transparent and actually communicated with the outside world you wouldn't have to bear these labels? You're not exactly operating above reproach here...

... Come and see.

You got it. I'd love to. But will you have me? Will you have us? Has anyone reached out? No. So, I call that bluff. You ask us to come see but shut your doors to those who try to take you up on the offer.

I have been accused of believing and teaching DANGEROUS doctrine

Yep. Like doctrine that says you must have faith in God before having faith in doctors. Remind me, what happened there again? What does this have to with your marriage?

I protest to you that this is the fruit, and these the marks, of the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ.

No, it's the fruit of a misguided, ignorant, lost child; a boy trying to fill the shoes of a grown up. It's the fuit of someone who disregards all rational thought and ignores Godly logic. It's the fuit of a narcissist. It's the fruit of one who is out for his own glory. It is the fruit of a legalistic Pharisee. It is the fruit of one who suffers from a persecution complex.  It is the fruit of one who does not know the true grace of God and accepting nature of Christ. Remember, our Jesus ate with sinners, drunks, the unclean, and prostitutes - you won't even open the door for your own families. After all is said and done, it's the bitter taste of the hypocrite's fruit.

May God have mercy upon me and all of my comrades with me to be true to the last in this dismal scene of American Christianity.

May God have mercy on you indeed, Jake. I pray that you look at the log in your own eye before turning toward the specks in the eyes of others. May God reveal the true nature of His Spirit and Grace to you. 

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. We love him, because he first loved us.

Jake, I urge you to put your money where your mouth is. You know who I am, and you know how to reach me. I dare you to contact me and actually dialogue with me. Enough of your arrogant grandstanding - talk to me, or anyone else on this forum, like the man you claim to be.


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11/07/2014 12:34 pm  #18

Re: What they said...

About halfway down the page, there's a sound file - "Hate Your Family?" (Sean Morris). Worth listening. This is his explanation of why they do what they do. They do "real Christianity" while they rest of us have "imaginary" Christianity.

SLANDER = The Happy Lot of True Christians

                           We Are SLANDERED - "We Cut Off Our Families"

In the sight of God, I am compelled to inform you all of the truth concerning the aforementioned slander. Of those who are our (The Church of Wells) earthly families, there are more parents who are in good relationship with us than those who are against us. Approximately 6-10 families, primarily, have been the leaders of this slanderous revolt against the biblical Christ, and their greatest power is slander...only it is under the guise of religious zeal that we (their children), are not properly honoring our fathers and mothers. Nevertheless, it is they who are not honoring God and His gospel, and it is when men experience the miraculous, instantaneous, and sudden regeneration of God's saving grace, consequentially, a spiritual division is created (and whether or not a physical one comes, this is determined by how each parent responds to a gospel-salvation experience in their children. See The Doctrine of Judgment and The Absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ for more details). 

                                             Number of Parents in good relationship = 50
                                            Number of Parents who are "against us" = 35

There are more parents who are with us, in good relationship, than those who are against us. By "against us", I mean, they behave in unreasonable contention and anger which disrupts the sweetness of the familial bond. The source of this anger is their utter refusal to be reasoned with according to the scripture, and are rather bent to argue based upon what they feel, think, and rationalize (what the scriptures condemn to be "worldly wisdom"). This is a great dilemma for us to endure, but it is no "new thing" or "new experience" for this generation, which is, shockingly, on the eve of the Anti-Christ's rise to power.


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1/12/2015 5:42 pm  #19

Re: What they said...

On martyrdom.


1/26/2015 4:39 am  #20

Re: What they said...

See a little about Church of the FirstBorn here.


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