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4/08/2014 11:20 pm  #21

Re: Saturday's ruckus

From my eye's view..  we were the first ride in the parade, Our class caught with the end of the Parade and once we did, the member of the "church" were standing on the side of the road yelling at kids, women and men.. directly and indirectly. Once my class got to them, the driver of our Ride turned on the horn to drown them out. By the time we got to the Methodist Church and had time to get back to the Gym by foot; the Firetrucks had caught up with the "church" members. They were standing on the street at this time with C.C.S.O. present and were still chanting or "street preaching" as some might say.
With Bible in hand, (what is with that anyway? is it their weapon?) they continued to on, Until the owner of the houses they rent arrived and was a little upset that he was held up in the parade himself because of the chaos. He was red faced telling the "members" to go back in their yard and not past his garage. He told them this several times. Then, Sean Morris came out and joined in, not sure what all was said but that's when it took a turn for the worse. One of the "members" was challenged to step out into the street......... and as you see.. it didn't go so well.

Now, is it clear that people are sick and tired of all of this. All we want is for you all, to go back where your families are and give us back our hometown. Yes, things escalated on Saturday. People are tired of it. It's not funny, or interesting and we're not curious. Actually, we don't care until you speak to children not even to, but in front of. We have these things called Children's Church for our kids. We don't need a smart-mouth on the side of the Road on the day of the Parade to tell us we are going to Hell. You know what?? Maybe, we are.. but I am sure we will see the "members" there.. they JUDGE. They don't know if me or you are going anywhere. Their a bunch of young people who need to wake up and move on.  

What's weird - is how they walk the streets at night, I mean 1:30a.m. singing!!!! People don't do that here. It's the country, we like country. It's suppose to be quiet. No walking the roads making dogs bark in the middle of the night. Go watch tv or go to bed.



4/09/2014 8:50 am  #22

Re: Saturday's ruckus

If you are in Wells - it is vital to avoid violence at all cost. The tragedy of Saturday is going to grow because they have used this as their 'silence breaker.' Sean will recruit off of this - showing the violence as further proof of 'persecution.'

Did they provoke?

Did they cross the line?
They did that years ago. 

They have been seeking this out. They have been inviting violence for a very long time and I promise you were excited when that first punch was thrown. I guarantee they were praising God that they were being 'persecuted' by the 'wrath of man.' I know the situation is tense. I know that it is unjust. I know that what they are doing is horribly wrong but violence will ONLY serve THEIR needs and not the needs of the community. They will use Saturday's events as even further proof. The interview Sean did proves this. They were enjoying Sean's use of crutches and Taylor's split lip. They will milk this for all they can because it is physcial proof of their 'teaching.' 

I'm praying daily. 

(Though I am not in Wells, I have met with the elders face to face and have spoken with them numerous times. I have been following closely the events. I serve as a Pastor in Arkansas) 


4/09/2014 9:00 am  #23

Re: Saturday's ruckus

smalltowngirl wrote:

What's weird - is how they walk the streets at night, I mean 1:30a.m. singing!!!! People don't do that here. It's the country, we like country. It's suppose to be quiet.

What's that about? Playing mind games?


4/09/2014 9:11 am  #24

Re: Saturday's ruckus

What are the odds that the "elders" perform a miracle on Sean's leg and he'll miraculously have no need for those crutches?


4/09/2014 10:15 am  #25

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Concerned, I agree 100%!

When you react, you basically give them complete control!


4/09/2014 12:45 pm  #26

Re: Saturday's ruckus

What really pisses me off is the stitches and crutches. If they were the special Elect, the Remnant, the "Chosen" handful, capable of prophecy and healing and performing miracles, they wouldn't need medical care. The lacerated lip would have repaired itself and Sean wouldn't need crutches. But they appear on camera looking pathetic and wounded, showing the world their righteous battle scars. Playing to public sympathy. 

They denied a baby medical care so they could practice their miracles skills. Making a critical judgement that this infant wouldn't live. Devaluing life. They played God. 

Walk the Talk, preachers.

"We’ve seen many miracles as a church and as individuals: demons cast out, healings...we wanted God to be glorified.
What we’re against is putting any of those things [hospitals and medical care] supremely over Christ, not giving him his place as God to heal, or to submit to the leadership of the Holy Ghost. ...Christ says that it is his will for his people to heal to his glory.” -- Sean Morris

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4/09/2014 12:47 pm  #27

Re: Saturday's ruckus

smalltowngirl - are you saying the Church of Wells' landlord was there and saw all this happen?

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4/09/2014 2:28 pm  #28

Re: Saturday's ruckus

As my husband keeps saying, this stuff needs to be filmed! Otherwise it is always our word against theirs with no substantial evidence.


4/09/2014 2:34 pm  #29

Re: Saturday's ruckus

I'm telling you...48 Hours. We are living an edition of 48 Hours. I am ready for it to be over already!!

Has anyone seen the petition being passed around to get the government involved?


4/09/2014 2:37 pm  #30

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Tom, I got pretty ticked off too when I saw the stitches and crutches. Do they get medical care because they can actually voice what is wrong with them? Faith never stood a chance, did she?


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