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4/07/2014 9:35 am  #11

Re: Saturday's ruckus

It is sad that they would say a lot of the community of wells are Alcoholics, drug addicts and people bound by addictions. This is so not true. The People of Wells are good people. I am sure there are a few that have problems, but what town or city doesn't? That's funny coming from a hypocrite that goes to Houston and wears pants and lives the good life but when coming back to Wells for a visit dresses back up and Welders garb. If you push people enough, they will push back. I beleive Wells was pushed far enough. Now it's time for the CoW to have a time out!


4/07/2014 10:38 am  #12

Re: Saturday's ruckus

I went to Wells Saturday. I left before the parade and ruckus but here is my observations. The townspeople were kind, smiling, happy and enjoying each other and their town. They did not know me but many that I came in contact with smiled and offered me a big East Texas hello/howdy. These are country folks. There was all ages enjoying the nice weather-cooking out, bbqing, jumping in the bouncy house, displaying their own art for sale, crafts, homemade jellies, etc. Hwy 69 was lined on both sides with tents, vendors, bake sales etc. I have never seen so many cars at once in Wells. It looked ALIVE! The set up went from the library all the way past the school where they had an antique car show. I did not see a town full of drug addicts and alcholics walking around. Since there is no current police force in Wells, I would think if the town is as Ashley and likely most COW members perceive then those issues would run rampant. It is sad this is their perception because this is what they tell their new recruits and plant this in their mind and I feel truly believe. Ironically if this is the case what are your women doing walking alone up and down Hey 69 with your children-as I saw Saturday-surely that is unsafe with drug addicts filling the town.

What I did not see was a single COW member participating in the events. I expected Corey should have had his art set up for sale. COW does not give anything back to the community. They do not help with any of the community events that I am aware of. They do not fellowship with their towns people. I walked around for about 2 hours and after visiting all the booths and saw nothing but happiness and peace I came to the conclusion COW must be leaving the good people of Wells alone today- how wrong I was. I pulled out of town and decided I would pop into the R&R and see if they were all there. Many were. I don't know them well so I could not pick out who was who except for the ones they called by name and as I left I saw Sean Morris emerge from the back. I did see Henry running around the store and I know it was Henry because his father called him Henry. Corey, Henry and a woman who resembled Ashley left together and got into a red Ford Explorer type car. The woman with them wore the same clothing of COW women, no make-up, hair not necessarily fixed. Ironically since I have seen Ashleys pictures of her sporting around wearing pants, hair fixed etc. I am sure she is trying to figure out a peaceful balance for her and Corey and Henry but as posted above- it surely looks hypocritical to me to come to town and "act like a COW" and then leave and not embrace their beliefs.

Thanks admin for opening this up- I surely wish registration would open up-and new people could join and post. I just recently came across all this information when I moved in the area.


4/07/2014 4:40 pm  #13

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Hey thanks for opening this up. I have been following the story behind this Church for sometime now.

Ashleigh and Cory have divorced ? 

This is a bit of a slur on this perfect Church is it not ?

What were the circumstances behind that, does anyone know ?


4/07/2014 5:27 pm  #14

Re: Saturday's ruckus

I've been following along with COW happenings since I heard about Baby Faith some time ago.  (You were perfect on Nightline, Mrs Dean and Mrs Grove).

Someone in this thread mentioned "what was done to Ashley"..what was it?  I understand she and Cory are separated now?  (Good for her, escaping the grips of the "church"!)


4/07/2014 8:29 pm  #15

Re: Saturday's ruckus

What has been reported is that Ashley left COW and I suppose Corey and moved back to Houston. Her personal facebook and instagram have pictures posted where she is no longer dressing in the style as expected of COW woman, plus there are comments from her in regards to watching television, etc- all terrible sins according to COW and evidence of idoltry. She has been seen in Wells many times since the split and brings Henry to see Corey. My observation was simply that if she has left COW and Corey why would she not come to town wearing jeans, hair fixed etc representative of how she is living now. While I am not able to make a + ID, I observed a woman in the RR with Corey and Henry who resembled Ashley and she left the RR with them. By Ashley's own post on social media she was in town Saturday and was present at the parade and altercation. I believe she is still very tortured and as long as Corey is in COW this will be a challenge for her.


4/08/2014 8:37 am  #16

Re: Saturday's ruckus

One of the media reports quoted Morris as saying he doesn't target children, but, "if they are four or five years old," he will preach to them.

In what alternate reality are four or five year olds not children?


4/08/2014 8:40 am  #17

Re: Saturday's ruckus
This Saturday is a march from old Dairy Queen to the R & R  1:30    4/12


4/08/2014 2:22 pm  #18

Re: Saturday's ruckus

Not to mention Jacob was arrested for Preaching on a highschool campus just not long ago


4/08/2014 9:20 pm  #19

Re: Saturday's ruckus

So, has anyone seen Ryan lately?


4/08/2014 9:51 pm  #20

Re: Saturday's ruckus

And why does Jordan Fraker's facebook page say he lives in Dallas?


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