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This forum is in flux. It was created to fill a vacuum and provide a place for discussion of Church of Wells, outside of religious agenda. This forum was created to intelligently discuss this phenomenon and serve as a validation to family members looking for information. To be a conduit of legitimate genuine real information and a place to hash out speculation and gossip. Above all - it was meant to be a means of keeping attention on Baby Faith's death, preventing it from being swept under the rug. Children are ultimately at greatest risk of harm. 

Is there still a need for continued information and a purpose served with this forum? Yes. 

Church of Wells is a cult. The Texas Boys are controlling a group of people. It is frighteningly close to the origins of Rev. James Jones and Wings of Deliverance/Peoples Temple Christian Church Full Gospel, in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

What's the difference? Not much. Same evangelical roots. Same doctrine. A similar network of established "covering" churches, relationships with the preacher families they married into, credibility in the evangelical community, and connections to wealth and families that will support them and further their mission.

What's different is that this is the telecommunications age. We can talk about it instantly. Shine a light on what they're doing. 


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