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7/10/2013 4:09 am  #1

Oregon Public Broadcasting - radio shows on faith healing

Worth listening to. Very balanced and fair, with rational debate from both sides.

The 'Followers of Christ' believe a doctrine that characterizes sickness as a temptation of the devil; the devil attempting to shake faith in God. Believers rely exclusively on faith-healing and that the result is God's Will. Seeking medical treatment is seen as a lack of faith.
Since 1955, more than 100 children and babies have died, mostly of treatable illness and conditions. A disproportionate number of women die of prenatal and birth complications.

Sadly, the Beagley family has suffered multiple deaths of children.  
1962 - Scott Beagley (2), unknown cause.
1990 - Jacqueline K. Beagley and her baby both died. She was in labor for four days. She died of a massive infection after rupture of the fetal membrane. 
1999-2001 - As many as three stillborn births, including "Baby boy Worthington."
March 2008 - Ava Worthington (15 months) died of pneumonia and a blood infection. A growth in her neck caused her to be unable to eat and drink properly. The medical examiner's report showed a malnourished underweight baby. 
June 2008 - Neal Beagley (16) died of uremic heart failure, due to an untreated urinary blockage, a congenital birth defect. The medical examiner's report found that Neal Beagley was born with a posterior urethral valve obstruction. The blockage forced urine into the boy's lungs and other body cavities, making it difficult for his lungs and heart to function. As fluid backed up into his body his heart grew as it worked harder to function. The autopsy showed his heart in a pool of urine. The condition, which affects only males, occurs once in 8,000 to 10,000 births. About 95 percent of the time it is detected by ultrasound before birth or by problems urinating after birth.
His parents were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and each sentenced to 16 months in prison.


How do you navigate the intersection of culture, faith, medicine, and law?
The case involves Carl Brent Worthington and Raylene Marie Worthington, whose 15-month-old daugther Ava died from bacterial pneumonia and a blood infection. A state medical examiner found that both conditions could have been treated with antibiotics. According to chief deputy district attorney Greg Horner, the grand jury has charged that the couple's "failure to provide medical care caused the death of their daughter."

Bruce Starr: State senator (R-Hillsboro), District 15
Lane Borg: Partner at Greenlick & Borg
Rita Swan: President of Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD, Inc.)

Listen to the broadcast here:

Worthington Trial: The Verdict Is In
After a week of deliberation, the jury in the trial of Carl Brent and Raylene Worthington returned with a verdict shortly before 2 pm today. In what some people might consider a surprising turn, Carl and Raylene received different verdicts. Neither was found guilty of manslaughter, but the jury found Carl Brent Worthington guilty of criminal mistreatment in the second degree. Raylene was found not guilty of manslaughter and criminal mistreatment.

Bruce Starr: Oregon state senator (R-Hillsboro) 
Stephen Kanter: Constitutional law scholar at Lewis & Clark College
Matthew Graham: News editor for the Clackamas Review
Lane Borg: Criminal defense attorney and executive director of Metropolitan Public Defender

Listen to the broadcast here:


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