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2/04/2014 3:37 pm  #1

Leaving Wells? Hmm...

Earlier this week, the following was posted in another thread:

anonymousfriend wrote:

I am not a part of any discussion and please forgive me for jumping in.  I don't know if this is new information, but I recently visited with a extremely reliable source connected to the Wells church that at least some or maybe several, I'm not sure, but there are some in the church discussing and considering a move for missionary purposes and it will not be a local move. Third world kind of country being considered.  I don't know if it is a direct result of increasing scrutiny or a convenient time to run, but I am fearful that it may involve a permanent move with families with children.  Who all it involves, I do not know.  I am praying for the families.

I am pretty fired up about this right now. So much so that I am putting off grading my students' papers. Whoops.

Anyway, I am calling this bluff.


-First, it is not built into their theology or their ideology. In short, they view the American Church as the enemy of the true gospel. America is the proverbial "dark place" and they are commanded to be the "light." That's why their core membership are kids that were brought up in large, contemporary churches. Additionally, those of us who have followed this group since its formation have NEVER heard a darn thing about "the world (other countries)." It's always been about American Christianity.
Shoot, over the past year or so, I have read more CoW literature and doctrine than my own contemporary literature. All of it oozes with phrases like "bring to the American/Christian church."

-Most of their heros and their ideology are based on "reformation." To have a reformation ideology means to want to "change" something; not to spread. They want to go after the broken (bad Christians) not the blind (non-Christians). This oozes out of all of their street preaching, sermons, letters, etc. 

-They would never leave because of persecution. They love it! Being persecuted validates their gospel and their identity. Picking up and leaving town would be counter-productive in their quest for holiness.

-It's not built into their organizational structure. The cult models they are following all have basecamps and emphasize staying together. I have been using the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormonism as key examples. Both of them have a "safe" base camp they call home.  There are other groups that do, in fact, pick up and leave to escape and/or evangelize: Amish and the Pentacostal movement of the early 1900's. For example, when the Pentecostal movement was in full swing, they split up and went to multiple countries. It was a "divide and conquer" kind of thing. But, CoW does not show any of their key traits. In fact, they are starkly different. (The Amish are non-confrontational with regard to the outside world; Pentecostals hold open church services). If, in fact, they did want to "divide and conquer" - why do they bring everyone to Wells instead of encouraging a church plant elsewhere? 

-To build off my last point; they have assets here. They have investments, corporate structure, contracts, leases, web domains, and multiple businesses. Sure, we can boycot them, but they still have positive cash flow. They have also hinted at expanding/improving their current properties. Remember when they were going to build a public art studio for Cory? CoW is a group of settlers establishing camp - not gypsies with traveling tents.

-Their emphasis on family and having as many kids as possible also hints at staying. If they wanted to be mobile, they would emphasize Paul when he exhorts those spreading the gospel to stay single. They love the domestic life: male headship while women tend to the home. Have you ever been to a third world country? Women will need to be pretty independent to survive. 

-Original poster mentioned dwindling finances as a possible motive. First, if their finances were low, they would be selling off their assets. They are not. The one thing they lost was not owned by them in the first place. Second, it would cost MORE to move. If they were hard financially, it would be easy to spot. Also, there would be easier ways to fix it. Their theology and practices may be silly, but they are still smart businessmen. There are also plenty of family members who are in "good favor" willing to help them stay.

-Original poster also mentioned that legal troubles would motivate them to move. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but if there are legal charges pending on an individual, they cannot leave the country.

So, now I wonder, where is this information coming from?

-Well, we have no idea who OP is. It's very clear on this forum who those "in the know" are. It's very clear who the "information gatherers" are. If he/she is a reliable source, I would have guessed that one of the concerned, veteran members would have been contacted directly. OP has not provided any credentials. I think this is just a hand-grenade of speculation; perhaps from CoW directly or a supporter.

But, maybe there are some small grains of truth...

Maybe there's some partial truth here... While I don't believe that the entire group will just pick up and go, there are a few signs that they could be moving a small contingent. What do we know so far?

-Well, first is Preethi. She has foreign roots. Maybe she has had an influence on their groupthink? Then again, she's a woman, and not allowed to have an independent thought.

-Sean grew up traveling other countries and such.

-They have supporters in Australia.

-They have a few men in the group that have been single for a while...

-I often cite Mormonism and JW as their model. Though they both have basecamps, they do have small groups that travel the world. 

-So, if they were to leave, here's my best guess: I think the single guys and one elder, or soon-to-be-appointed Deacon, end up traveling somewhere to be with a group of supporters and start CoW 2.0. I do not, for one moment, believe it would be a third-world country. Australia would be a likely guess because of their support there. Or, perhaps they would head home to their Mecca - Scotland?


So, to all the loved ones concerned that they move even farther away - don't fret. To all the Wells residents hoping they leave - don't get your hopes up.

They say where there's smoke, there's fire. Well, I don't see any smoke. In fact, I don't even see firewood being gathered. The storm rages on. The battle continues. This is either misinformation or a deliberate red herring.

If the OP really is a concerned friend, prove yourself. Come out and say it. Present us your evidence or message me privately.

If the OP is really CoW, I've called your bluff. You're move. Try harder next time.


Your favorite proud, unrepentent, Level 5,

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2/04/2014 3:47 pm  #2

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

Passport, passport, passport. For every single teeny tiny newborn. All of 'em.


2/04/2014 11:36 pm  #3

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

I feel somewhat better..but I read that ymbba is worldwide...I pray u r right..the great thing about our God and prayer is that they both work long distance......just don't want it to even remotely come to that......


2/05/2014 2:45 am  #4

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

And I don't know if is still the same with passports..but..when we were missionaries to Haiti in early 90s..our 5 almost 6 year old required. A passport...our one year old did not...


2/05/2014 3:50 am  #5

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

secondmama wrote:

I read that ymbba is worldwide

No. It isn't. It's just them.



2/05/2014 8:19 am  #6

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

CoW = megalomania.


2/05/2014 6:59 pm  #7

Re: Leaving Wells? Hmm...

I'm curious to know if any people on this forum have noticed a decrease in activity at R & R Mercantile (other that obvious members of CoW)  We drove through the other day and stopped at the other gas station...people were parking on the street to go in there.  No much activity at R & R in comparison - in that moment of time.


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