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7/10/2013 12:48 am  #1

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Homicide Conviction for Faith-Healing

Christianity Today Gleanings

" failing to call for medical assistance when (their daughter Kara) was seriously ill and in a coma-like condition…the parents were creating an unreasonable and substantial risk of Kara's death, were subjectively aware of that risk, and caused her death." 
Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson 

The court's 6-1 decision to uphold a lower court's charge of second-degree reckless homicide comes four years after parents Dale and Leilani Neumann were convicted for their daughter's 2008 death from lack of insulin. The Neumanns argued that the charges violated their exercise of religious freedom protected under the First Amendment.

Judge Vincent Howard:  "the free exercise of the First Amendment protects religious belief, but not necessarily conduct." 

Wisconsin state attorneys argued:  "Parents [may be] are immune from child abuse charges but not homicide counts. Once (parents) realize a child could die, their immunity ends."

Comments from the article:

July 06, 2013 - Responsibility (from the human perspective) is always the prerogative of the parent - and so is the responsibility for the parenting choices made. There is no 1st right to commit negligent homicide.

Dr. Norman L. Martin July 05, 2013  - Misuse of the First Amendment citing religious freedom to the point of denying medical care is indeed criminal. As a hospital chaplain in the 1970's, it was not uncommon to get a court order for treatment to a person who refused treatment. Many times the person simply was in no shape to realized the sufficient of their situation. I went to a number of "healing" meetings as a child and teen. I don't remember any of the preachers there telling people not to have medical care. Thing seem very different to day. God gave us the brains and the ability to learn about His wondrous creation. Included is all the medical science discoveries which come about from God's world. Medical science cannot discover or compound what was not all ready there. Parents who deny medical care but simply sit and do what they call praying but which if fact is trying to tempt God to do their will. Are really guilty of child abuse and even murder. Attempt to teach the parents and if they refuse, protect the child.



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