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3/27/2014 4:31 pm  #41

Re: What they are now

"The feeling you get after 18 holes (of disc golf) is comparable to
watching someone you love succeed in life."
              -- Ryan Ringnald, September 2005

Yes, the gaunt suffering unhealthy version of this young man is far superior to the sporty one. Sure. If you say so.


4/10/2014 4:23 pm  #42

Re: What they are now

Worship and services -


8/16/2014 4:26 pm  #43

Re: What they are now

65 adults. 25 couples. Counting the Bookers, the only local Wells recruits so far.
46 children and babies. Mostly infants. Two adolescent girls; one of whom is upgraded to "sister" status and seems to be considered an adult.

29 women. 4 single women. One is elderly, one is Down Syndrome. Many of the women are visibly pregnant or have recently given birth.

36 men. 11 single men, two have absent wives and children.


11/05/2014 3:20 pm  #44

Re: What they are now

Okey-dokey. Voting Day has come and gone. 

What happened in Wells and Cherokee County? Not much. County Attorney Dana Young is still there..."unexpired term," incumbent, unopposed. This is the prosecutorial office that worked with district attorney Rachel Patton, that did not forward either misdemeanor or felony charges in Faith Pursley's death or charge with any other means of accountability. Why? Nobody knows. They don't have to justify decisions. And who do they work for? Well, the county government. The People

From Cherokee County government: "Typically, the county attorney represents the state in misdemeanor criminal cases and the district attorney represents the state in felony cases. These public prosecutors determine whether prosecution in any given case should be instituted and, if instituted, pushed to a successful conclusion."

But it stirred thoughts of how many of the group are registered voters, if they "believe" in exercising a citizen's precious right (and civic duty) to vote, and what they would base voting decisions on.
Are the women encouraged or allowed to vote? Or are they subtly influenced not to vote? Would that be taking on authority they're not allowed to have? Are the women subject to condemnation by the group if they vote?
[Because, of course, to actually discourage or restrict them from voting by any sort of implied threat, emotional duress, or anything that causes fear of retribution or punishment, is an illegal seditious act. Prosecutable.]

Assuming that they believe in voting, there's a question of voter registration. Where would they vote? Would it be absentee status from members' home states? Are they Texas residents? Do they have driver's licenses? Are the vehicles from other states registered in Texas? They seem to be divided between Wells, Dallas/Arlington and the new place, Alto. Alto is ten miles north of Wells. Rick Trudeau bought property in May 2014 and the business Custom Cut Lumber moved there simultaneous with the closing of R&R Mercantile.

Interesting numbers from county election data: 
Cherokee County has a population of almost 51,000. Voter turnout: 9,540 souls. Umm, not good. Only 81 Wells citizens voted (1%), while slightly less than a third of Alto residents cast ballots (354) in the Primary. If all 65 adults in the group voted, they would comprise nearly 45% of the Wells vote. The 'Church of Wells' would represent .7% of the county.



11/10/2014 2:34 pm  #45

Re: What they are now

"Our Church Family (with two missing)"

Which two members are missing?


11/29/2014 3:21 am  #46

Re: What they are now

From the beginning there's been a collection of supporters and hangers-on and and/or half-way-there recruitees. And the ones that got away. Let's talk about Carmen and Bianca. Carmen Kuehlborn and Bianca Schneider are German nationals. They were there in Wells, Texas when Baby Faith died. Playing at being Church of Wells recruits seeking the True Church.

Both trickled away for one reason or another. Best bet is that travel visas expired and they had to go back to Germany. Bianca was never credited with being an actual "sister" but more described as seeking the Lord. She's still Facebook friends with all of the various CoW members.

Carmen, on the other hand, is very active, at least electronically. She is routinely seen high-fiving her CoW friends on Facebook and YouTube. She registered on this forum. She's with them now, for a visit.

In emails, she denies being Church of Wells. She lies pretends to want to ally with family and friends. But it sure seems like she's one of them...

Mid-40s, an "Orthoptist" (a person trained in non-medical treatment modalities for eye conditions like strabismus), speaks good English, travels. What are these middle-aged women's excuses for participating in a baby's death? In a country and culture not their own. Is there some reason they didn't call for help? They didn't want to offend their hosts? Is the U.S. State Department aware they were involved with this? Did the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department make any sort of briefing to the federal authorities?

Was sind das für frauen mittleren alters die ausreden für die teilnahme an den tod eines babys? In einem land und die kultur nicht ihre eigenen. Gibt es einen grund, warum sie nicht um hilfe rufen? Sie wollten nicht auf ihre gastgeber zu beleidigen? Ist das US-Außenministerium bewusst, dass sie mit dieser beteiligt waren? Haben abteilung der Cherokee County Sheriffs Machen Sie einen Bericht zu den Bundesbehörden?

Haben diese frauen haben einen grund, für die vermietung ein kind sterben? Was haben diese frauen tun? Sie liegt über ihre absichten. Sie hat nicht die wahrheit über die Kirche erzählen. In Deutschland haben sie über ihre aktionen schon?


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