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12/02/2013 9:51 pm  #31

Re: What they are now

Aegonis3 wrote:

I understand that angle of it. I was reference Anonymous' desire to not have CoW receive Medicare because he/she doens't want cults receiving benefits that he/she helps pay for. We pay for others' benefits, but we can't choose who to include or exclude.

While I understand and sympathize with these feeling, I don't want children (the CoW children, or anyone else's children) to go hungry because of their parents' failings.

I do feel that the adults are scamming the system (like FLDS "bleeds the beast").


12/03/2013 1:55 pm  #32

Re: What they are now

havent i read that once saved, their version of truly being saved.. you live sinless lives?
cheating and scamming must not count..... hmmmm


12/03/2013 9:41 pm  #33

Re: What they are now

Aegonis3 wrote:

I was reference Anonymous' desire to not have CoW receive Medicare

No "desire" involved, one way or the other.

It's the whole structure and philosophy.  A twisted contradiction that doesn't resolve:
• all else are doomed to hell; they must be separate; they must condemn and scorn family and friends; they disrespect their neighbors harshly; condemn the American way, its churches and institutions.

Buuut, we'll take that public assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid. They'll engage in commerce. Of course. Because they want the money.

No, Aegonis, I couldn't be the one to get something in motion. Unfortunately. Else I already would have. But this forum could.


1/18/2014 4:26 pm  #34

Re: What they are now

Ryan Ringnald:

I will be posting some testimonies below of witnesses against TSC/CC. One of these men is a dear brother from our church, Henok, who was falsely converted and a part of TSC's bible-school for three years without even being asked if he was saved one time. How terrible! He wrote his testimony out for me to give to you all. The others are short recent testimonials of people from TSC whose names I don’t have liberty to mention. Jake has many more firsthand testimonies and facts of the evil that is going on in this adulterous church and is willing to share them in the Lord's good time to hearts that are not partial. Sincerely your friend, servant, and a well-intentioned saint of God desirous for the glory of the King, Jesus Christ. 

-Ryan Ringnald

This is very long; excerpted to include the shortest amount of verbiage for the most basic understanding. He never says how and when he hooked up with the Texas Boys. Educated guess that it was New York.

The Testimony of Henok Bekele Against Times Square Church

My name is Henok Bekele. I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I believe I was about 11 years old when my father sent us to live with my mother in England. Mother was in false Christianity and for this reason I spent years alone at home while my mother would spend, at times, almost every night of the week in a ‘Prosperity’ meeting. 

The power that Satan had over our lives caused me to became withdrawn and crippled socially. we had no father to care for us. My father did not even want to talk over the phone. He had moved to America at this point. I spent the rest of my teenage years in my room and glued to the television and computer. I was defiled by the things I saw growing up. I became chronically depressed. I had almost no social interaction with people apart from in school. My father would always promise that he would come to live with us and after five years passed began to realize that he was not telling the truth. I started to admit that whatever hope I had built about my father was false.

Years passed and while I was at university I started to suffer from serious and chronic migraines. I tried to commit suicide many times because I believed I had no other hope. 

However, at this point or at any other point in the future that I tried to commit suicide I was overwhelmed with the idea that God loved me and he wanted to save me. I knew that it was God that stopped me. When I came out of hospital I tried to get my father to help me and told him that I was sick. He ridiculed and mocked me and said I was making it up. I stayed with him in New York while I was in America. He was very angry that I was not able to finish my degree. 

Times Square Church
In early 2007 I woke up from sleep while in New York, I was very sick at this point, and thought, “What if the Bible is really true and that all the ‘Christians’ I met were false.” I had hated God passionately because of false Christians. Now I began to inquire about true Christianity at this point. It was soon after this that I met a ‘pastor’ in Maryland while I was visiting a family member. He was not as wicked as the men I had met all my life and for this reason I decided to pay attention to him. While in a church meeting I recall being asked to put my hand up if I wanted to be a Christian. I did as he told me and in return gave me Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book and basically lead me to believe that I was a Christian. When I asked about which Church I should go to in New York when I got back there, he told me to go to Times Square Church. (For he was a pentecostal and that David Wilkerson was highly esteemed by pentecostals.)
I started to attend Times Square Church and I was truly shocked to see that they were really pentecostals who called themselves “Non-Denominational.” They had altar calls every time they preached and hundreds of people would go forward. Everyone who prayed a prayer was basically told they were Christians. Well they were invited to go to “New Believer” classes. Which I attended weekly for 5 or 10 weeks and was awarded a certificate at the end of it. I have never seen anybody at any point being examined if they were truly converted. Your obedience in attending the classes and the certificate you received for attending was all that you needed. (I wanted to add that one of the classes in the ‘New Believer’ classes was on the importance of tithing. They felt that it was one of the most important lesson you can learn as a new christian.) 

Everyone at the school, Mount Zion International School of Ministry (now renamed Summit Int. School of Ministry), was basically led to believe that they were Christians. While at Times Square Church and at David Wilkerson’s school I was mightily deceived by false spirits that truly oppressed me. At the school we were told in order to be holy we had to get up at 5:30am every morning, fast often, go to prayer meetings and so on. I obeyed all that David Wilkerson asked.

Also, while at the school I out prayed, I out fasted, and out performed everyone in the flesh. By this I mean when it came to obeying the guidelines, rules and regulations. I fasted three times a week, I prayed often, I read my Bible diligently. At times for many hours. Yet, for the space of three years no matter how much I tried I could not find the freedom and joy that I had sought for. I can truly ponder that if righteousness came through human effort I may have been the first in the line to get it. Everyone was impressed by how much I had changed through the knowledge of the truth. I was a Resident Advisor, a class monitor, a crew leader, an usher and it anything needed to be done I did it. I served the school with all my strength. But I was troubled by why they would cover up the rebellion and wickedness that took place in the church and the school. 

In my final year at the school I worked at Times Square Church as an intern. I was shocked to see how wicked people were that worked at the Church. The music and drama they had for the youth in order to draw the crowds was from the world. Also, we were basically taught to believe that pornography, sexual immorality and all manner of wickedness is something you get delivered from while a Christian [Note: as opposed to when you believe on the Lord to become a Christian and are supernaturally transformed by the power of the gospel instantaneously – i.e. the new birth]. Nevertheless, the scripture tells us that these are sins that lead to death. 

Many, perhaps most, of the ministries at TSC were run by the women. What wickedness. I remember one woman ‘pastor’ that ran a ministry how she used to lust after men even though she was married. Sure she ‘fed’ the poor, that I must say she did grudgingly. The problem is that she was able to maintain her position without accountability nor being found out in her sin with multiple people concerned who reported about her! I remember hearing about another woman ’pastor’ from the school rebuking an elder at a church. What pride and haughtiness. I remember another woman who was a ministry leader snatching her breakfast out of her husband's hands because he took too long

I started to listen to Leonard Ravenhill for hours and hours. Even though at first I was angered by the truth that I heard I could not stop listening to his preaching. Leonard Ravenhill was fearless in his preaching. He did not care about his reputation. He had the fear of the Lord I had never seen before. Maybe I listened to more than thirty sermons, I do not really know. It seemed like a lot. He was preaching the Gospel and true holiness I had never heard of before. He was preaching about Hebrews 11 and the Hall of Fame. I was shocked at what I heard. The early Christians were nothing like I had seen my whole life. They were willing to die for Christ. I could not contain myself. I used to walk around at night listening to Leonard Ravenhill and Keith Daniel rejoicing. I could not believe it. I remember breaking into tears over my sins. I started to sobbing over the death of Christ. It truly was my sins that nailed him to the tree. I felt absolutely worthless, yet it was then that I was saved! I was regenerated. I was born again! I was full of joy, I was no longer chronically depressed and hopeless as I was at TSC. 

Now I had victory over sin. I no longer had to be a hypocrite like I was along with a multitude in TSC. God used Leonard Ravenhill's preaching especially to turn me from sin. It was amazing. The Bible became alive. I had the power over sin. I was inwardly righteous. No more did people preach to me peace, peace when there was no peace to me in my unregenerate state. 
I tried to tell the true Gospel to my mother. She was incensed. My mother did not receive me, and I knew that I had to leave her house. I got on a plane and went looking for a Church to join in America. I started to travel a place that Leonard Ravenhill talked about. He used to pray that there would be a revival there. I hoped to find a Church but did not. I ended up going back to New York because my sister acted like she was repenting. 

In New York City, I spent a few months trying to talk to the Carter Conlon at Times Square Church about what was going on at his Church. I thought he would repent if he heard about all the wickedness in the church. But nobody wanted to hear me. I would regularly call the church, but you had to go through a number of very vile wicked people that needed to be exposed. This I had to do it in order to ask for a meeting with Carter Conlon. On June 19th 2011, when his wife took over the pulpit at Times Square Church on a Sunday morning the day came for me to walk out once and for all. I knew a true regenerate man I had to “run for my life.” I fled the church. I saw how Carter Conlon over the years had slowly given his wife more and more authority subtly, and now she took over the main pulpit gradually. He subtly used the title ‘Sister’ at first for her and he suddenly changed her title to ‘Pastor’. The Spirit of God was grieved and I spent months in prayer with one main burden on my heart: Times Square Church. I even lived on the streets and had nowhere to lay my head during some of that time. There was only one woman I knew for sure was saved and in right standing with God at that place. She had had the same experiences at the church. Even when she worked there. I remember how she told me how they turned on her when she reported about the wickedness of one man. 

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1/20/2014 8:55 pm  #35

Re: What they are now

Admin wrote:

Church of Wells is a Texas for-profit corporation, "Charity Enterprises Incorporated." June 2012.

Jake Gardner
Masao Gonthier
Cory McLaughlin
Jesse Morris II
Sean Morris
Daniel Pursley
Ryan Ringnald
Richard Trudeau
Tanner Trudeau


R&R Mercantile - grocery, Texaco gas station #351955 (Chevron), laundromat, Crafted Precious Metal Dealer (gold buyer). The headquarters of Church of Wells. 502 Rusk Ave / PO Box 861, Wells, TX 75976. 936-867-5300.

Green Texas Lawn and Landscape
3Fold Construction
Trudeau Tree Service
Charity Construction
Custom Cut Lumber
Cory James Art
MannaMedia - a website development company. Web hosting, website building and maintenance. The website is now dead and has not been renewed.


I have noticed that the FB page of Boycott Charity Enterprise Inc. Wells, Tx has quickly grown.  It has recently jumped to 849 "LIKES"  I would encourage you to keep passing the word around.

Have you / or anyone you know / hired one of these 'enterprises'?  We did and regret having done so.  Especially after reading endless articles and FB posts about the horrific things that have happened and the HURTING familes torn apart in the name of CHRIST!! 
We have seen and experienced some pretty unglodly situations in our days on this earth, but this one takes the cake.

Surely, we are not the only people have been ripped-off.  If what happened to us can be used to help bring healing to the hurting families, peace to the community of Wells, justice for those who cannot speak up, and more than what I can imagine...then I can say it was worth the 'HIT' ~ financially and emotionally.

We hired them to partially finish out a bathroom and run plumbing underground and into the building. Their work was unskilled and ended up becoming a complete travesty.  We were certainly lead to believe they could do the job and that "we would be very happy with it". We are now left with having to wet-vacum our shower because it wont drain. There are numerous leaks to fix and I do not think the tiles can be cleaned of the smeared grout that covers them!  They didn't even back-fill the trenches properly that were dug for the waterlines. They did a very poor job on everything they touched.


1/20/2014 8:59 pm  #36

Re: What they are now

Are they licensed? Can you file a complaint on something like that?


1/20/2014 9:30 pm  #37

Re: What they are now

Aegonis3 wrote:

Are they licensed? Can you file a complaint on something like that?

I sincerely doubt if they are licensed.

It's not over yet.  It takes time to figure out how to even write this down or where to turn or who to go to.
It is very true that there is much more going on behind the scenes. This is situation is really big ~ deep and getting wider all the time.


1/20/2014 9:46 pm  #38

Re: What they are now

Maybe the Better Business Bureau?


3/01/2014 10:32 pm  #39

Re: What they are now


3/27/2014 1:16 pm  #40

Re: What they are now

Jake Gardner damning locals and a pastor in Wells, Texas.


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