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9/10/2013 8:36 pm  #11

Re: What they are now

My spelling OCD is rather itching to come out on Daniel Pursely. Didn't realize we were casually discussing weather here.. And who is going to take parenting advice from a man who didnt dial 911 when a baby was clearly in distress. Yeah she's 26 and can make decisions for herself, but CLEARLY a helpless baby who cannot help itself doesn't need medical attention when in need. How can he sleep at night?!  Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I cringe at the day they smarted off to me about giving a child in my care sugary fruit punch! A least if she was in danger I would help her! 


9/27/2013 7:05 pm  #12

Re: What they are now

More about current existence scattered around the threads. Really good stuff. We should try to collect it all here.

Charity Enterprises and subsidiaries


10/30/2013 11:56 pm  #13

Re: What they are now

Church of Wells seems to have an Australian franchise.

" wife and I do joyfully continue to bear the the beloved brethren in Australia. Christ in us loves you guys very much..."

"The saints in Wells do salute in Jesus Christ all the beloved saints in Adelaide and Victor Harbor."

"Though ten thousand's of people have set themselves against me round about with Catherine's parents camping out in an RV next to my house..."

Ten thousand's of people? Uh huh.

But I'm wondering if Masao knows who "David Jesusdisciple" is. I hope so. And I hope that Masao is demonstrating genuine Christian values by his acceptance and willingness to let a shemale be Church of Wells "Brethren" on the other side of the planet. That would be refreshing!

"I heard you and brother Ryan were gonna Skype soon Lord willing, praise, the Lord, I am believing and hoping all things..."

I can't help but wonder how this is gonna go over with His Holiness Cardinal Richelieu Sean Morris.

Male and Female He Made Them
Kathy Wallace

During puberty, David experienced an inexplicable intense desire to be female. There ensued an internal struggle for a number of years, yet so committed was David in this endeavour to be female and so certain was he that life would never be right for him if he remained a male, that he took the ultimate steps in attaining his goal of becoming ‘female’. Around the age of 30 years, after taking female hormones and living as a female for the requisite two years, he underwent a gender reassignment operation.

I first met David, who was Danniielle at that time, late one afternoon at the clinic where I work. He explained that he had been born a healthy male and had been through a ‘sex change’ operation at the age of 30 years, and had been living as a female for several years. This major surgery involved the permanent removal of his male sexual organs and the construction of some female ones. He lived as a female from then on, finding acceptance within the homosexual community, and living as a female in an intimate relationship with another man.
He still felt that he had something missing on the inside. This lifestyle continued for years, until Danniielle came into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
An encounter with God rarely leaves a person unchanged, and Danniielle was no exception. Feeling convicted of his sin, he repented and became sensitive and obedient to God’s will.

Now, he wanted to return to the gender that he felt God wanted him to be, his birth sex. He wished to resume being a man. He had come to see me in this regard, wanting my assistance in the process to returning to life as a man, as he felt deeply that the Lord’s Spirit was persuading him to do this. Thus, our journey together began, seeking the best way forward to regain his lost manhood. How were we going to achieve this?
Naturally, it was going to take a bit of research in order to facilitate the process of reversal of a gender reassignment. There are others who have been strongly committed to a transgender status and lifestyle, to the point of putting their money where their mouth is and enduring gender reassignment surgery, but who have changed their minds later on.
At present, Danniielle, now David, has accepted that which is lost. He sought and has gained his salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. He leans on the Lord and is willing to serve God as a single man. As this is written, he is undergoing surgery to remove his breast implants, and he will permanently be on a testosterone supplement to ensure he regains and maintains the male characteristics that he had previously worked hard at suppressing for so long. He is a street preacher in Adelaide and a valued member of his church community.

“Fresh and NEW to the web; A short film made by member of Adelaide Street Church, Stefan Kruszewki with his videography skills in July this year 2013. Here is David’s amazing story: Born a male he grew up desiring to become a woman. By the age of 30, David had a sex change operation and lived as a woman for nearly a decade until an amazing encounter with God changed everything…”

Beyond fascinating! 


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10/31/2013 12:52 pm  #14

Re: What they are now

VERY interesting testimony... i wonder how he would integrate into their community... having lived as a woman and containing female parts...


10/31/2013 1:39 pm  #15

Re: What they are now

I know, right? These are not open-minded liberal tolerant people. When a baby cries in church, it's the devil working through the child...
So how does this fit in?

I betcha once she discovered this brand of Christianity and how this culture treats women, she didn't want to be a woman anymore. 

According to Church of Wells 'doctrine', this guy can't street-preach. Has to cover her head and wear long skirts. Be submissive and obedient. Can't speak in church. Why? Because he's got female parts, top and bottom! Females usurp male authority. It's that simple. 

How convenient that she can decide to be male in order to better her position and participate as a man in a mysogynistic culture. And how interesting that she indulges her whims and choices about her body and sexuality while protesting other women's control over their bodies.

Where in all this is 'God's Will'? Shouldn't she just leave it in God's hands?  


11/05/2013 7:58 am  #16

Re: What they are now

But God did not create him as a female. That is something he took into his own hands. This guy chose to decide that God had made a mistake when he was created and formed in his mother's womb. I would love to hear him justify his decision to "play God" to the elders. Oh, wait. They did the same thing with Faith...still an interesting discussion.


11/05/2013 10:44 pm  #17

Re: What they are now

One dirty little secret of the "transgender" community is that they will never admit that if you were born a male or female, that's what you are. Period. You can take all the hormones you want, you can cut off all the body parts you want but you will NEVER change what God made you.

You can do all the DNA and blood testing you want males are still male and female is still female. God made you this way. That's what you are.


11/06/2013 10:24 pm  #18

Re: What they are now

4everfaithful wrote:

I concur with Erin's comments!


I agree.  And it is telling how Jacob seems to identify himself as God's annointed, and suggests that challengung him is the same as challenging God, therefore don't dare challenge.

The focal point of this group is to get christian youths (in particular) to doubt their salvation.  From that despair and guilt they become easy prey.  This is satan's subtle ways from the garden.  Create doubt in one's relationship to God, then establish the proper penance to restore that relationship.  Negates the gift of grace.  They are not fond of that subject.

Heb 4:12

12/01/2013 6:06 pm  #19

Re: What they are now

How many are there?

During the conversation, Gardner told us that there are roughly 90 members of the church now, including children.      Nov. 20, 2013 KLTV

There are 56 adult members.      Nov. 26, 2013 Texas Observer

The 57 member Evangelical church is run by three "elders"...      Sept. 5, 2013 KETK

In the second year of the church, 2011, elders said, "Twenty-six souls were saved."      Sept. 26, 2013 Jacksonville Daily Progress

The 57-member Evangelical church is run by three "elders,"      Sept. 9, 2013 Arkansas Matters


12/01/2013 6:21 pm  #20

Re: What they are now

90 members, including children.  57 adults. 33 children, then?  Over half are kids. How sad.


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