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11/22/2013 9:30 pm  #1

The Book of Wells - yep, another one...

This time by Cory. Wow, they're all great authors and documentists. Bra-vo!

Not very flattering to the historic community of Wells, Texas. If I lived there, I'd be flabbergasted at the arrogance of a questionable carpetbagger.

"Fallen, Considering, Hope, Considering, Judgment, Reconsidering, Faith, Consider the Answer"
And then of course, "The End." "The only hope and answer for the town of Wells."

Brilliant. Of course. Where do these guys get the money for their equipment, computers, cameras, software...? When do Cory, Sean, Jake, Daniel, work? And what do they do? Just this? Jake? What do you do? 

Um, somebody's gotta be shopping at R&R Mercantile, buying wood from Custom Cut Lumber, in order to house, clothe and feed 90 people, plus pay for all the electronic gadgetry, SmartPhones, internet access, vehicles and trips across the country to go save people from themselves.

90 people. Really? How many of those on Public Assistance?



11/22/2013 10:06 pm  #2

Re: The Book of Wells - yep, another one...

I had heard that Cory was schmoozing Texas Monthly magazine, attempting to have them publish it. Wonder if he realizes he is the story? Not his book. Him. His cousins. This church. How they descended on Wells.


11/26/2013 2:25 pm  #3

Re: The Book of Wells - yep, another one...

Let eternity be stamped upon your heart;
For we are not promised tomorrow.

 <gasp, choking, snortle, I'm choking>

Jet Li's favorite poem from an Islamic message board. And Jonathan Edwards. young men are Eclectic?

I get it. It's a joke, right, Corey? Seriously, right?!

These guys are putting everyone on. They just made up their own religion. I think they're seeing how far it will go.

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11/26/2013 8:32 pm  #4

Re: The Book of Wells - yep, another one...

I want a copy of this sure-to-be pulitzer. If I ask nicely enough, will ShaRyJa sign it for me? If that makes me an idolizer, fine. I'll go straight to hell with this book firmly clenched in my hands. 


11/26/2013 8:36 pm  #5

Re: The Book of Wells - yep, another one...

No, I'm sorry. Cory wrote it. Um, photographed it and photoshopped it. Oh heck, I don't know.

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