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1/18/2014 5:01 am  #21

Re: Members who left

anonymous wrote:

People read her instagram and facebook and make assumptions. Interesting how she wants the general public to see her daily activities.

Truthfully, it looks like she just decided to "go home." Most of her IG stuff is with her family. Her family has money, and they are probably making up for lost time with their recently returned daughter and grandson. I don't see anything unusual about that - she's just being a typical 19-21 year old girl. She was thrust into adult-hood way too fast with Cory, and is now just taking a step back. 

At least, that is my assumption. 


1/18/2014 10:00 am  #22

Re: Members who left

concerndcitz wrote:

Yes, very interesting. 
I found Tom Kiser on FB. He is a friend on Chris Faulkner's FB and Tom has many of the COW as friends.  Is he Anna Trudeau's father?  

i would assume since this website contains both the wedding announcement of rick and anna.. as well as tom's bio


1/18/2014 10:08 am  #23

Re: Members who left

Wow! Thanks - I didn't see that.  This thread is unending.


1/28/2014 3:13 pm  #24

Re: Members who left

The newest Roth link explains that both of the CoW deacons described themselves as "traveling missionaries"

"On January 1, 2012, Luellen was standing near the front doors of his church, greeting members of his congregation as they filed in for ten o’clock services, when two young men approached him. They introduced themselves as Chris Faulkner and Rick Trudeau and politely explained that they were traveling missionaries."

This indicates that perhaps being promoted to deacon means that they are trusted enough to not run away and they can also be trusted as "traveling missionaries" (traveling recruiters).



1/28/2014 4:24 pm  #25

Re: Members who left

They were "Church of Arlington" and hadn't yet established "Church of Wells." In other words, at the time of this visit, they were visiting Wells.


1/28/2014 4:46 pm  #26

Re: Members who left

Something else I came across- so if you are unsaved and not born again and not in the process of being converted- they will not associate with you- hence why so many are cut off from their families....correct? 

With that said I came across the testimony of the 11 yr old girl, as I have seen discussed on here before, I assume the children who were born to them before they were saved must also go through the process based on how she writes her testimony. So it seems there are unsaved children living amongst them that still sin and are not re-born as she speaks of her siblings being full of sin, ? Wonder how they justify that since you are supposed to seperate from all family not saved and currently sinners- hence casting out mothers, brothers, fathers, grandmothers....but not their own children.

I am not implying one should cast out a child- just that this selective process of which sinners are ok is interesting to me. That would make a good question to watch them cherry pick a scripture to justify it.


1/28/2014 5:33 pm  #27

Re: Members who left

Yes, it seems that the children living with them are not saved until they reach a certain ability to understand their sin and appreciate what salvation actually is.

Salvation appears to also be closely timed with their CoW baptism, which happens after the Elders have approved their salvation.

You can see part of their view about children from Preethi's blog where she shares how impressed she was when she asked if the children loved Jesus, the children would all answer that they are not saved yet.

In the Doctrine of Judgement, there are 5 scenarios of familial circumstance (1st most peaceful to 5th most peaceful).  This seems based on how supportive the family members are with hearing the CoW teachings.  They can associate with 1, 2, 3, may not be able to associate with 4, and definatly not able to associate with 5.

Associate also means being preached to with only the CoW truths.  Once a family is not willing to be preached to, then those family members get moved to 4th most peaceful or 5th most peaceful.

They claim the family members are the ones doing the cutting off, because the family members are no longer willing to be preached to.

As long as the children are willing to be preached to they they are in the 1, 2, 3, category, so they can associate with them.  Because children really don't have anywhere else to go, they cannot escape being preached to.


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1/28/2014 6:07 pm  #28

Re: Members who left

Ah, thanks Micah. I had seen that and just didn't connect it. All very numbing. Poor kids.


1/30/2014 7:34 pm  #29

Re: Members who left

Since my name has appeared in this thread I thought I would let you know that I am Anna Trudeau's father and Rick Trudeau's father-in-law.  I am not interested in being a part of any miss information about the Church of Wells but please know that I have been cut off from talking to my daughter or her family. I hope to make a trip to Wells soon and discuss with the elders my concerns. I have not been allowed to speak to my daughter for over 2 years.

God bless, 
Keep praying for these dear young people.

Yours for Christ,  Tom Kiser


1/30/2014 7:51 pm  #30

Re: Members who left

Welcome Tom! Speaking for myself, and just as a person who lives in the area with no family involved I am happy to offer any assistance you may need in your travels to the area. I have found the forum has a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more. As with any social media forum you have to be the judge of what is valuable to you and what is not. I am sure you have researched the group at length and know of the concerns. I wish you good luck in connecting with your daughter. I know there are many parents and loved ones on this forum that you could connect with who share your same fate of being shut out.


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