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12/22/2013 7:32 pm  #11

Re: Members who left

Chris Faulkner. Maybe. It's very difficult to tell. He seems to still be connected and says nothing. I hope he's out. He seems like a genuinely nice young man.

Class of 2005's top graduates want to leave mark on world
Chris Faulkner, the Huntington valedictorian, is headed to Texas A&M University. He plans to attend school on a pre-med track and go into orthopedics because it will allow him to continue to work around sports. Faulkner, 18, was president of the Huntington High School branch of NHS, treasurer for the Student Council and a member of the KYSSED and Christians in Action Clubs. He played on the basketball, football and golf teams, and ran track and cross country. 
-- Lufkin Daily News, May 27, 2005.

Faulkner is an original founding member. Street preacher under Shawn Holes, Tom Kiser, et. al.

About us - Chris was a competitive high school athlete, a young entrepreneur, graduated Valedictorian from Huntington High School and completed a bachelor’s degree in Finance (Magna Cum Laude) from Texas A&M University in May 2009. Being raised in a single parent home, key father figures provided a platform in the construction industry to acquire a package of business and trade skills from a young age.
Prior to forming Chris Faulkner Construction, he co-founded 3Fold Construction in August 2011 and was primarily engaged in residential investment property acquisitions. Prior to his tenure with 3Fold Construction, he served as a valuation and business modeling analyst in the Transaction Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP.

• Founder of 3Fold Construction, a Charity Enterprises, Inc. business in Wells that engages in "residential investment property acquistions."
• "Deacon" of Church of Arlington/Church of Wells.
• Hails from Lufkin.
• The impetus for the move to Wells.
• Directly connected to Preethi Moses' family - probably the introduction to Church of Wells.

Brother Chris Open Air Preaching - "Shawn The Baptist"/Luke 10:2 Ministries

The various street-preaching groups around the country are all interconnected with one another, as well as the Puritan Reformation "house churches" across the U.S. The Texas Boys - Chris, Sean Morris, Jake Gardner, Ryan Ringnald - have relationships with pastors and ministries in Minnesota, New York, Indiana, etc. Pastor Tom Kiser (father-in-law of Wells "deacon" Rick Trudeau) knows Chris and preached with him.


12/28/2013 5:29 pm  #12

Re: Members who left

Moved here. Repost. Discussion Part I, #351

Kjdean49 wrote:

Found this amongst all my stuff I have been collecting about the group. It was written by a young lady who "escaped"

"As a concerned former member of the Church of Arlington, I would like to give all of you a little insight on my experience while I was there: After talking to my friend that was already a part of the church and listening to some of the elders sermons, I believed that I wasn't really saved, and I felt that I needed to move to Arlington with the church to seek the Lord to be saved. When I arrived, everyone there was very hospitable, and loved sharing the gospel with me. The men there would preach to me for hours, and I would pray and read the Bible all day long. This lasted for about 2 months until I went before the elders of the church and they determined that I was saved. When I was there, I was convinced that anything and everything that they said was from the Lord. I was so joyful when i thought that i had finally been saved, but that lasted a couple of days. I always felt so condemned after that, like I wasn't doing the right things. I would have to pray about doing so many things, like calling or talking to my family or just going somewhere to see if it was the Lords will. But i had no idea, i didn't get it. If I spoke to my family, i just preached to them, and going home without someone else with me was out of the question. I was convinced that none of my family were really saved. (However,there are some church members that do have parents and other family members that they believe to be saved. They also say that they know other true Christians that are not a part of their church. So they don't automatically think that they are the only ones.) They said that I needed to submit to the elders and the men of the church because women are more easily deceived. The women of that church really don't have a say in anything that they do, and we had to go to the elders to see if it was the Lords will for a lot of the things that we did. Some church members and people seeking the Lord had urges to leave the church, but after much preaching from the elders they were convinced to stay. While I was there, they also made predictions that didn't come true. One of the elders claimed he had a dream that God told him his child would be a turned out to be a girl. There was also a homeless man that they claimed was saved after preaching to him, but he turned out to just be using them for a place to stay.
The last few weeks that i was there, i knew that i wanted to leave. I felt so closed in, and controlled by them. I was afraid to go anywhere by myself. I was miserable. I didn't know what to do with myself. Everything that i did was wrong to them. They knew that i wanted to go, and they preached to me constantly that i shouldn't. One of the elders told me that there was no hope for me, and that was what the Lord thinks about me, because he has the heart of the Lord. Other members told me that I was going to take the mark of the beast, that i was Esau and sold my birthright for a morsel of bread, i would be like Judas betraying Jesus, and that God could make me go crazy or He was going to kill me. Another elder told me that if I didn't repent of my sins, then i would be excommunicated from the Church of Arlington (which would be the same thing as leaving Jesus Christ himself) and God would probably kill me and send me to hell for all eternity, and then proceeded to show me examples of how God killed people who disobeyed and sinned in the Old Testament. The day before I left, another member of the church left, after the elders advised him not to. I finally got a plane ticket and also left. On the way to the airport i was preached to the whole way that this was a mistake and i was going to go to hell for this... and in a way, I believed them. I was terrified to leave there, every moment, i thought 'well this is it, God is mad at me and going to kill me, and i am going to hell for all of eternity'. I was doing horrible and was emotionally and mentally scarred for months after that because in a way i did believe them.
After spending time with my family, I realize that the things that they told me before I left are untrue. They make up things in their head, and say its from the Lord. I am happy to say that I am doing better now. Two other people have left the Church since I've been gone.
I do believe that their intentions are good. They are kind and gentle people, they wouldn't hurt a fly. But they really think that they believe that by saying these things to people, that they are aiding in saving their souls. They believe they are protecting the souls of that church by being so controlling and secluded from the rest of the world and their families that they think are unsaved. But the church just became too extreme and controlled right before I left. After hearing what they said to the other members that left the church, and about what happened to Faith, I pray that others in the church will see the reality of the situation, and will come back to their families. Don't give up, there is hope for your loved ones that are still there."


1/11/2014 11:04 pm  #13

Re: Members who left


wellstx wrote:

4everfaithful wrote:

wellstx wrote:

On a positive note, I heard that a young man who had been staying with COW for the last few weeks decided to leave the group yesterday.  From what I understand a local pastor gave the young man a ride back to his home three hours away. 

There was one boy who got out a few months ago-similar this a second one?

Yes. From what I understand this is a totally different boy.  He just left Wells in the last day or so. Thanks, to one of our local pastors.  The local pastors have been very willing to help any of the young folks, who find themselves mixed up with this cult.  There is hope for these cult members.  



1/14/2014 11:34 am  #14

Re: Members who left

This post is from my personal experience of having been in a 'cultic' type of a Reformed Baptist church MANY years ago.  We were members close to a year.
The only Leader/pastor constantly used the word "TRUTH" - by the time we left the church,.which was a VERY hard thing to do - I came to HATE that word.  But yet, I LOVED TRUTH.  Our family suffered for years from that experience,but God is faithful and He did get us out. The 'church' continued for more years until REAL TRUTH took it down.
We couldn't just walk out the door and move on as if it was of no consequence.  Until a person has ever been in a 'crazy' situation like that - you just cannot even begin to imagine how people - young or old - educated or not - can get sucked into it so deeply.


1/17/2014 3:59 pm  #15

Re: Members who left

Here is Chris Faulkner’s current business website (created September 14th to 20th, 2012)
And reviewing his Facebook page. (It is necessary to expand the comments on each post.)

1/2010 (FB - 9/18/2012) - Chris Faulkner realizes he is not a true believer after being preached at for 8 hours

3/2010 - Chris Faulkner becomes true believer and joins Church of Arlington

12/30/2011 (FB) - Chris Faulkner posts link to a Paul Washer Sermon that changed his life during the Winter of 2009/2010

1/7/2012 (FB) - Chris Faulkner comments to someone that he is living in Wells, TX, and preaching. (presumably as a deacon)

11/25/2012 (FB) - Chris Faulkner has debate on Facebook with friend about being overly negative and judgmental with his preaching style and is quick to claim that people are not true believers if they question him.

5/31/2013 (FB) - Chris Faulkner becomes friends with Moses/Preethi

7/1/2013 (FB) - Chris Faulkner preaches at Moses’s church on 6/30/2012

From another thread here, Chris Faulkner becomes an elder at Moses's church July/2013.

9/2013 - 11/2013 - Preethi considers becoming a CoW member and joins.

My theory is that there is a recruiting connection to Paul Washer.  I think CoW follows people who like Paul Washer and become friends with them.  Apparently on a different thread here, Paul Washer’s ministries claims that CoW is a cult and asked them to stop using Paul Washers name.

I wonder if Church of Wells commissioned Chris Faulkner as a missionary who follows the Paul Washer leads so they don’t have legal complications.



1/17/2014 4:37 pm  #16

Re: Members who left

Very interesting Micah68. Indeed.


1/17/2014 4:51 pm  #17

Re: Members who left

Yes, very interesting. 
I found Tom Kiser on FB. He is a friend on Chris Faulkner's FB and Tom has many of the COW as friends.  Is he Anna Trudeau's father?  


1/17/2014 5:02 pm  #18

Re: Members who left  This is Tim Kiser's testimony.  A paragraph jumps out to me about bible class and 3 young men and New York. I really believe there is some 'roots' to Arlington and Wells from this.  They may not be in 'touch' now . Some things rang a bell when I listened to Rick Trudeau's testimony.


1/17/2014 6:48 pm  #19

Re: Members who left

He's talking about when he was 15. The paragraph referred to says "a group of zealous young men from 3 different local churches." 

When I was 15 I was given a paper that said that every preacher should study the Sermons of John Wesley. I thought "well God has called me to be a preacher so I should purchase them and study them." I enrolled in the Schmul Wesleyan Book club and ordered John Wesley's 52 Standard Sermons. When they arrived and I began reading I was amazed.
Because these writings were such a blessing to me I took them over to a friends home and shared them with him. The truth of God's perfect salvation amazed him and we began getting together in his home studying together. We would read a paragraph, marvel at the greatness of God's salvation and exhort each other. Many times I would not return home until 2 or 3 am. The truth contained in these writings was so edifying. We discovered Wesley's method of holding accountability discipleship classes (they called them "class meetings," and we soon had a group of zealous young men from 3 different local churches meeting with us. We experienced the great help it was to mutually focus together on pleasing God and helping each other advance spiritually.

When he uses the word "local," does he mean geographic - in the town or area - or does he use it as in the "local church" movement? Three "local churches" which might be anywhere on the planet?



1/17/2014 7:43 pm  #20

Re: Members who left

Micah68 wrote:

My theory is that there is a recruiting connection to Paul Washer.  I think CoW follows people who like Paul Washer and become friends with them.  Apparently on a different thread here, Paul Washer’s ministries claims that CoW is a cult and asked them to stop using Paul Washers name.

From "What other spiritual leaders/pastors have to say":



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