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3/06/2013 6:44 pm  #1

The beginning - Arlington


                        Ryan Ringnald                 Sean Morris                  Jake Gardner

                            CHURCH OF WELLS ELDERS

2006    Student preacher loses horn, volume due to noise complaint

Sean Morris said the Lord convicted him and gave him a picture in his mind about where to preach. Morris,
a Houston sophomore, spoke on the slope in front of Tidwell Bible Building amid complaints and cheers until
Baylor Department of Public Safety officers came to the scene. The police said Morris could continue his preaching
ut not on the bullhorn. "There is nothing wrong [with his preaching]," Lt. Kevin Helpert said. "We got noise complaints from classes."
Liz Webb, Student Activities administrative assistant, said normally students need to be sponsored by a department or
student organization. "If individuals wanted to do their own thing on campus it would be bombarded," she said.
Morris said he asked organizations to sponsor him, but all the groups he contacted refused. 
Morris plans to continue his preaching next week. He said he has vision for unified Christians meeting together on
campus to worship and pray to God. Morris will call it the "Kingdom of Heaven" meeting.

Feb. 3, 2006  by JUSTIN WOODS      'Godcasts' takes place of church

2008     BU student practices his preaching

“When you look at Scripture, you think, ‘Well gee, I wonder what I’m supposed to do here.
I can't say everything in six seconds." 

This is not the first semester Morris has preached to the Baylor campus. In years past, he has preached 
to students one or two times a semester. Morris said he does not limit himself to the Baylor campus.
He has previously preached outside of movie theaters, and on 6th Street in Austin one Halloween. 
In addition, Morris and three friends meet on top of the Baylor Sciences Building parking garage at 4 a.m.
Monday through Friday to pray that God will move people to be saved. 

After graduation, Morris said he hopes to stay at Baylor for about a year to continue to work for the revival
movement on Baylor campus. He explained his preaching method with an analogy he had heard: if someone’s
house was on fire, you wouldn’t knock gently on the window to let them know. You would yell and try to get
them out and save them.

Brother Jesse was a research associate at a prestigous Texas hospital until last spring. 
Cool. Mad skills...

Update - awww, Jesse removed his photo. I guess he's not all that into being a Church of Wells preacher, after all.

Cousin Cory studied art at Southwestern University and was a working artist. He did commission work, and then somewhere along the way decided to go to seminary. But didn't.

They all traveled. Went on vacations to the Bahamas and other tropical places. Enjoyed the luxuries that American life has to offer. Such a mystery and sadness that they grew up to counsel others to lead lives of sadness and deprivation. That poverty and lack of resources is more godly. 

But no mystery that people who have what they need, often don't understand less fortunate people's fantasies about financial stability and being comfortable. To be able to fully meet essential needs without sacrifice. The desire to not go hungry and to pay the bills and be happy about it.

Jesus never advised gloom, despair and a solemn submissive demeanor, suppressing all gaiety, laughter and lightness. Jesus never counseled that children should be physically and emotionally deprived. That children should be made to carry burdens of guilty shame and remorse at an early age and trained to feel fear at happiness.

This is not a Christian teaching.



8/06/2013 3:27 am  #2

Re: The beginning - Arlington

So, then what?

After vacation and family time, the three cousins gathered up a group - Ryan Ringnald (a compadre from the boys' upper-crust Houston high-society circle), Jake Gardner and later, Maseo Gonthier from Calvary Baptist Bible College in California, and some college buddies, and off they went. 

In 2010, they set up shop in a Dallas-area house, calling themselves "Church of Arlington." They all came and went, affiliating themselves with various traveling street preaching ministries, like Shawn Holes' Luke 10:2 Ministries, aka "Shawn the Baptist," traveling across through the US, mostly college campuses and developing relationships with small local churches in the midwest and the east coast.

"Sean and I have recently been given a tremendous burden to see the Lord build his church in the Dallas area, that the “gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Mt.16:18). By the glorious providence and plan of God, the Lord has been commanding saints (or, “called out ones”), to join us and other brethren in Arlington, Tx., from around this country. The Lord has even given us a church “covering” from our dear brethren at Maranatha Baptist church in Springfield, Mo., under their godly pastor, Don Courville."

The goal: "...our primary goal in this church is to maintain a state of perfect holiness and obedience before the Lord, in utter submission to Jesus and the Holy Ghost even unto death."
YMBBA Ministries, July, 2010 


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8/06/2013 10:17 am  #3

Re: The beginning - Arlington

And of course, you understand Don Courville's 'church covering' no longer covers CofW.


8/27/2013 7:45 pm  #4

Re: The beginning - Arlington

I saw all three of these "elders" last night, when appox 100 people showed up to peacefully protest and pray in front of Cory McLaughlin's house. Catherine Groves parents were attempting to make contact with their daughter. Either she didn't want to come out to see them, or the cult wouldn't let her. This cult has been in Wells for a little over a year and a half and I just realized that I have never seen one of them smile.  Does God not want us to be happy?  Is smiling a sin.  Ya'll should see the way these elders carry on.  What an arrogant, self-rightous group of kids.  I'm glad they are being exposed for who and what they truly are.  They are of the devil.


8/27/2013 7:51 pm  #5

Re: The beginning - Arlington

So all the "elders" were there at Cory's house? Interesting.

The Groves did not get to speak to their daughter. Hmm. How about the friend? Did she get to visit?


8/27/2013 8:31 pm  #6

Re: The beginning - Arlington

Hmm.....looks like Cory is sending his wife, Ashley, out of town with their son. Getting them out of harm's way??


8/27/2013 8:37 pm  #7

Re: The beginning - Arlington

wellstx wrote:

Does God not want us to be happy?  Is smiling a sin.

Yes, in fact. The doctrine directs them to be "solemn" and "downcast" (or something like that) and practice "sobriety." It's a sin of the flesh. I think.
The closed church service includes self-flagellation. They must recite off all their sins and what they've been guilty of. Happiness and lightness is one of the sins they must admit and be remorseful for, and that the group publicly chastises them for in front of the others. 

One of the testimonies describes one young guy's struggle to conquer his "lightness" and how he was able to overcome the "vanity" of studying engineering.

"The Bible speaks of a mortification of sin that must be done on a daily basis as I die to myself and walk in newness of life. Part of my “self”, or my old man, is a tendency to extreme lightness, especially with my words. When the Lord yoked me together with my closest brother in Christ shortly after my conversion, we both learned quickly that both of our tendencies in the flesh was lightness. When one of us was walking in our flesh it quickly spread to the other. Once the Lord showed us our struggle, we began to cry to God to purge us of this sin and to grant the sobriety that a man of God is called to. Truly it took the power of God to free us from this sin, but our faithful Lord came through and bestowed the grace necessary to walk in the Spirit so that we would not fulfill the lusts of our flesh.
Though it was one of my greatest weaknesses, this is now one of the most practically discernable workings of sanctification in my life by His Spirit. Looking back over the last year and a half, I notice that the closer I walk with God, the more burdened, sober, temperate, and heavy I am as the Lord gives me revelation of the reality of the fearful state of this world.

In my heart, before I was saved, I just wanted to be an engineer and make a lot of money to live a comfortable life. The Lord made me hate the vanities of this world! I’m willing, but it would be a cross to me now to be an engineer." 

Let's break that down:

  • ...we began to cry to God to purge us of this sin
  • ...Truly it took the power of God to free us from this sin
  • was one of my greatest weaknesses

                                                         What was that heinous sin, again?

                                                        LAUGHTER AND LIGHTNESS

He adds that this is the greatest proof he has of God's blessings and effectiveness for him: "this is now one of the most practically discernable workings of sanctification in my life by His Spirit."

Poor guy. It took a year and a half for the programming to work, desensitize him to logical rational thought, and to shut down his natural happiness. He arrives at the other side, convinced that unhappy burdens and feeling terrible means he's closer to God.
Looking back over the last year and a half, I notice that the closer I walk with God, the more burdened, sober, temperate, and heavy I am...



8/27/2013 8:40 pm  #8

Re: The beginning - Arlington

Cory's house did look quite vacant this evening.  If the wife had any sense she wouldn't come back to all of the chaos, these kiddos are creating.  Let's hope Wells keeps tightening the screws on these wackos, cause we don't wanna be the next Waco.


8/27/2013 8:45 pm  #9

Re: The beginning - Arlington

No, the Groves, nor did the friend get to make contact with Catherine. Maybe this was Catherine's choice.  Of course, the cult is telling people that, they were also telling people that Catherine had been mixed up in Satanic worship and other horrible things. I heard this myself.  The cult will say whatever is most convient for them at the time.


8/27/2013 8:50 pm  #10

Re: The beginning - Arlington

Anonymous wrote:

Getting them out of harm's way??

Naw. Not harm's way. That plays too much to their need for persecution. They MUST be persecuted to be Godly, according to their beliefs.

Getting his wife out of earshot of logic and reason. They can't allow the women to hear anything reasonable and rational from the outside world, or it would ruin their whole deal. 


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