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10/07/2013 12:02 pm  #21

Re: New Recruit


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Re: New Recruit


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10/07/2013 1:18 pm  #23

Re: New Recruit

oh. my. heavens. I KNEW he was still involved!! Preying on the young, confused and elderly. What a jewel!

As for them going to Minnesota to retrieve this young woman, it fits the norm. They went to Pennsylvania to pick up Kelly. Wonder where they get the funds to travel so extensively?


10/07/2013 1:24 pm  #24

Re: New Recruit

badriyah's testimony talks of them coming to get her from NY


10/07/2013 1:53 pm  #25

Re: New Recruit

Kjdean49 wrote:

oh. my. heavens. I KNEW he was still involved!! Preying on the young, confused and elderly. What a jewel!

As for them going to Minnesota to retrieve this young woman, it fits the norm. They went to Pennsylvania to pick up Kelly. Wonder where they get the funds to travel so extensively?

We don't know, right? But we do have a firm grasp of the obvious, to borrow a Stephen Colbert phrase. Of course, if he'd like to explain - along with the Courvilles, Shawn Holes' family, etc. - how it is that they have no relationship, when they do, then great!  
I'd like to hear it. I don't need any agenda of my own fulfilled; any answer they'd care to give would suit me just fine. 

See, they can't have it both ways. The Church of Wells doctrine and the rules for its congregation set by Sean Morris, Ryan Ringnald and Jake Gardner, are very black and white. I don't see any shades of gray. 
Why do they cut off family? Because God told them to be separate and not yoke themselves to unbelievers and people who are not saved according to their criteria and rules of salvation and discretion.
Why can't Catherine Grove call her parents? Because she needs to be separate.
Kristin, Miranda, Nicole, Suzy, Holly, William Pearce, Daniel Scofield, Anna Kiser - why can't they have a relationship with their families? Because they need to be separate.

But funny, more of these kids' parents are preachers and devout Christians, than not...


10/07/2013 2:04 pm  #26

Re: New Recruit

Separate from the ones who know the deception they are being fed...


10/07/2013 2:43 pm  #27

Re: New Recruit

Concerning Chris, it is important to apply the levels of judgment here. At this point, Chris has been unwilling/able to speak out concerning the group. Since he is not speaking out/persecuting the CoW then there is no need to completely cut off ties from them. I imagine Chris' theology still reflects much of what the elders teach and since he is not speaking out then he would not need to be cut off. 

Obviously Chris was the link between the CoW and this young woman. Yet, that does not necessarily mean that Chris sent her to them. They work through Facebook, Skype and texting in order to recruit and all it takes is a common Facebook friend and a little bit of curiosity. 



10/07/2013 2:55 pm  #28

Re: New Recruit

Or several common friends.

   13 This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. (2 Corinthians 13:1)

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10/07/2013 3:05 pm  #29

Re: New Recruit


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10/07/2013 3:32 pm  #30

Re: New Recruit

The levels of judgement. The judgement scale. The rubric for grading relationships and how to appropriately know who you can talk to and who you can't. The No-Family/Friend-Left-Behind Benchmark.
Look! I made a matrix! Oh, this is AWESOME; it's gonna work really well! Okay, we're gonna print this out on cardstock and tape it to every phone and laptop.

Sean Morris slapped that together after the Grove controversy started. There's nothing even remotely similar or even a teeny tiny mention of a judgement scale application, in hundreds of hours of sermons, thousands of written words, massive discourse and ridiculously-complicated thorough treatment of their theology or conversation. Nothing. 
In their moments of real conflict and adversity - when the baby died and everything that came after - not a one of them applied a judgement scale. When you imagine they would. When it would make sense to.
It's worth pointing out that it doesn't appear that any of their Scottish Reformation preachers have any such thing like that. Which is where they source the volumnous writings and speeches. 
Either way, it's a nonsensical constructed instrument of their own creation and design. And everyone seriously considers it and tries to make sense of it. Apply it to what's happening. Why? Because the people on the outside are rational and sound, dealing with them fairly (some really trying hard to be kind and neutral) and trying very hard to make sense of all the dissonance. Brilliant!


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